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 Wild Women - Full Moon Solstice Skinny Dip with cacao, fire and optional sound bath and dinner


21 June 2024

Wild Women - Full Moon Solstice Skinny Dip with cacao, fire and optional sound bath and dinner


Release the wild woman in you with our full moon skinny dip and optional sound bath and dinner, a beautiful opportunity to gather and connect with like minded women, releasing anything that no longer serves us and warming our hearts and bodies with a post swim mug of ceremonial grade cacao.

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Our retreat club is for those in the local area who want to visit regularly and is free to cabin guests. It brings more classes, sessions and classes and has a host of free sessions and meditations. Members have access to all the retreat has to offer including the members only bistro and bars. Membership is free for the first 28 days and you can cancel anytime.

Zen Junge is conscious, holistic wellbeing through the realisation of inner peace. We help you to dissolve the mind conflicts that take so much health and healing energy. Our multi-day retreats, bespoke wellness stays, day sessions and online programs are all steps in a journey to letting go and creating fundamental change in how you feel about life and yourself, forever. It's time to feel the peace and connection you were born with but somehow lost.

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Learn and practice mindfulness and find your inner peace on a luxury 4 day weekend in Devon.

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