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Retreat Club

Retreat club is peace and transformation in a gated paradise full of truly magical spaces and experiences. Take walks by the lakes or through amazing woodland, Sit and talk or relax in magical spaces with like-minded people. Experience sessions, classes, talks and events blend with nature, two bars, a bistro and bookable outdoor firepit spaces for meeting and dining. Visit for the day, stay in a luxury cabin or book a life-changing transformational retreat. Inner peace is waiting no matter what.

Take back your peace, find your tribe


Open to club members, cabin stay and retreat guests


The retreat is all about experiences in consciousness and rediscovering your inner peace, freedom and independence to become untouchable by the chaos in the world outside. As a member you can book a range of classes, talks and experiences to help you realise your true self, free of the overthinking mind and at peace with life and the world. Remove limiting beliefs and no longer feel bound by your physical body.



Join free today to sample everything the retreat has to offer for at least 4 weeks. If you enjoy it pay the monthly subscriptiion if not you can cancel any time, there's no minimum membership period, so signing up is risk free!

On holiday for a few weeks?

Join, visit for free and cancel later.



The bar is open and the bistro launches very soon, followed by the lakeside bar and grill. Natural, self sufficient independence is central to the retreat, so soon all water, produce and power will be produced here, meaning the freshest ingredients served naturally with love. Have a drink or eat at the bistro, lakeside bar or at any of the bookable firepits, with regular organised cookouts too. Great food, drinks and people combine.

Just some of the regular activities, sessions and classes

Talks & Transformations

Introduction to presence (free)

Conscious communication

Introduction to transformation (free)


Zazen on the lake (free)

Sound & Gong ceremonies

Guided group meditations

Walking Zazen Processions

Movement meditation


Yoga and Somatics

Yoga Nidra



Altered state Breathwork

Ecstatic dance

Art workshops

Firepit cookouts

Fire ceremonies

Yurt Cinema


Choose your membership

  • 28 DAYS FREE

    Retreat Club Membership

    Every month
    Unlimited retreat day visitor membership with access to all the retreat has to offer in Bude Devon.
     28 day free trial
    • Private Gate Access Code (When fitted)
    • Member community & Bookings App
    • Free Day Passes & Reservations
    • Up to 3 non-member guests
    • Access to lakes, woodlands and walks
    • Access to gardens and seating spaces
    • FREE activities and meditations
    • Access to member sessions & classes
    • Member only reservations at the bistro
    • Access to member bars and grill
    • Free group firepit reservations
    • Access to Farm shop and store
    • Access to farm & permaculture gardens
    • Event and festival tickets and discounts
    • Bookable event and meeting spaces
    • Discounted cabin stays & retreats
    • Free Parking (1 car per guest group)
  • 14 Day Free Retreat Club. Guests / Trial

    Free access to all retreat club features from date of check-in
    Valid for 14 days
    • Member community & Bookings app
    • Access to lakes woodlands and walk
    • Free activities and meditations
    • Access to bookable member sessions & classes
    • Member reservations at the bistro

Our beautiful elevated bar and banquet hall is now open, followed soon by the bistro kitchen. Have a drink, try the buffet or sit for dinner...

Home grown produce

The retreat is becoming self-sufficient and will soon grow all fruit and vegetables served, using fresh borehole water and no pesticides.

The lakeside bar and grill cookout

Once complete, our lakeside bar and grill will play host to regular firepit cookouts and make your own wood fired pizza evenings.

Join an organised cookout

We regularly hold retreat cookouts, parties and firepit evenings. Check the schedule and make a booking to join.

Book a firepit for you and your friends

As a retreat club member of cabin guest you can book a fire pit space for your own private cookout with friends. We supply wood and food boxes.

Mad Hatters Woodland Banquet

Although this is a little way off, we're excited to announce the mad hatters banquetting table in the woods. What an awesome space to eat.

Bring a picnic

The retreat is the perfect place for picnics. We have so many group dining areas complete with tables and chairs as well as lakeside benches.

A place to enjoy food and drinks, with friends

A place for adventure, peace and fun exploration

Walk, Talk & Chill

The retreat brings those who seek peace and escape from drama together. Endless walks and spaces provide amazing peace and relaxation.

Learn Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness is a foundation of the retreat. Join regular thoughless meditations and learn presence in beautiful spaces across the retreat.

Bistro and bars

Our bistro bar is now open and the kitchen will open soon. It's a magical space to meet, have a drink and find like-minded people.

Yoga, Nidra & Kriya

Yoga is the science of the mind and a path to profound self realisation. We offer classes for holistic wellbeing, connection and a quiet mind.

Sound Healing & Ceremony

Experience the power of sound to bring peace and connection with sound meditations. This will bring a lasting sense of peace and belonging.

Shamanic Breathwork and Journeys

Experience deep presence and altered states. Breathwork is a journey into other realms and is offers different, unique experiences each time. 


This form of movement meditation includes body postures, breathing and thoughtlessness and offers peace through slow. flowing rythmic movement.

Ecstatic dance

Lose yourself in the music with deep presence and connection. Our ecstatic dance experiences will allow you to let go, relax and feel free. 

Fire, Cacao and Drumming

An amazing combination. Fire ceremonies combined with cacao and shamanic drumming create the ultimate cookout experience.

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