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Butterfly Club

Choose which best decribes you

I want to let go, heal

& find some peace

I have reached a moment in my life where I'm stuck or maybe it's a kind of crisis. Something really needs to change, I need to feel better and to stop going in circles. I want the mind noise and conflict inside and out to end.

I want to grow, evolve,

awaken & transcend

I'm on a transformational journey of self realisation, rediscovering who I am. I'm seeking deeper connection, intuitive flow and to discover and live my life's purpose. I want to let go of limiting beliefs and find true peace, freedom and fulfilment.

@zen_jungle on instagram

Health follows consciousness

Consider for a moment how much energy, effort and time the average human is using to think, strategise and worry about their own existence.

As we start to find peace, lose our ideas and stop the thoughts that have plagued us for a lifetime, we give that energy back to our body and mind.

It transpires that it was the absence of that energy that created every mental and physiological illness you ever had. It's also what will cure anything you have right now..

How many do you deeply relate to?

  • Overthinking, Worry or Anxiety

  • Exhausted, tired of the "rat race"

  • Trapped, need to escape

  • Can't sleep, thinking all night

  • Addicted or compulsive

  • The world's gone mad, change it

  • Low self opinion, self hatred

  • Isolated or alone, want to belong

  • Voice in the head, depression

  • Looking for a way out, suicidal

  • Guilt, blame, a victim

  • Overcome by fear, fear of death

  • Grief, loss, deep sadness

  • Chronic pain, mental or physical

  • Terminal illness

  • Unable to overcome "Trauma"

  • Dependency in relationships

  • Need a soulmate or twin flame

  • Problem and failed relationships

  • “Toxic” or abusive relationships

  • Inability to trust, insecurity

  • Lack of self confidence

  • Anger, poor impulse control

  • Want to find peace, to relax

  • Want or need to be free

  • Want to find meaning or purpose

  • Unhappy, want to find happiness

  • Seeking to awaken, you or others

  • Want to find connection

  • Want to find flow and intuition

  • Seeking enlightenment

  • Wanting to transcend it all

Then this will be life-changing

Life-long inner peace, healing and connection through self realisation.

This is a profound journey out of mind chaos and inner conflict to the peace, joy, connection and belonging that comes as we exit subjectivity and our conditioned, limiting beliefs, find freedom from the parts we play in life.

Self realisation is awakening to a totally new perspective and rediscovery of who you really are beneath the roles, labels, expectations, fears, wants and endless overthinking. A quiet mind will reveal creativity, deep intuition and your life's true purpose, and it works no matter how hopeless you may feel right now.

Not ready yet, try the book or audiobook

If you're not quite ready to join the butterfly program, the book and audiobook are available globally​. The masterclass has been life-changing for so many people just like you already. Whilst you'll need to set aside time and commit to a few reads, the masterclass is a really effective way to start your transformation. It works for those strongly self motivated and who need less support.

Unlike the butterfly program the masterclass is an 11 step process that will change your life forever. It's over 300 pages or 15 hours on audio. Set aside time to cover it 3 or more times for the best results. Join butterfly club free for more online content and wisdom with direct access to the Zen Jungle coaches.

Connection & Intuition

As your mind finally stops, you will begin to feel deep connection within the new found silence. There's nobody, nowhere and nothing to be, and nothing to be done.


You're happy just as you are. It's liberation from a life of worry, anxiety, resistance and the endless search for happiness in external metaphors such as people, places, things and life situations. The fear, self critic and negative self opinion have all dissolved, leaving you in peace.

An exciting, step by step, transformational journey

Originally based on the acclaimed Zen Jungle holistic masterclass in how to truly love life, the butterfly program is a unique journey of dissolving, awakening and deep self realisation. It is discovery of who you truly are and the true self, and brings deep consideration of life and existence itself. The talks, pointings, practices and facilitations will help you see yourself in ways you never thought possible

See life in a whole new way, everything changes

We accumulate a lifetime of subjective, limiting ideas and beliefs about ourselves and everything else in our lives, including life itself. They are conditioned into us by our parents, school, religion, media and everyone and everything around us.

They form how we see our life and everything we must do, be and have within it. They also create a blinkered view of the world and limit everything we see, do, think and experience.

Step one will fundamentally change those ideas and the perspective on life that they create. Also known as awakening, this part of the transformation will change everything, forever.



Learning the steps to inner peace

In step one, you will have seen experientially how your personal reality is created, making the decision to take action easy. 

The process of self-realisation starts in practice. Learning the stepping stones to peace, presence, unlearning and dissolving life-long habits. You'll learn to become aware of where you place your attention and how ideas and thoughts are created, giving you conscious choice of what you think and when.

You'll start to find your peace and drop your triggers, making your thoughts, reactions and behaviours your own and truly authentic for the first time. ​



Time to let go of it all and be happy and free

The transformation will become more intense and visible now. Letting go will be something you can see and feel but there's no sharing or empowering your past ideas, just release. 

Committed focus on practices, has you more and more conscious and aware of where you are placing your attention. You now see when it's in thoughts or your experience.

Your attachments and time spent in thoughts of the past and future is now reducing fast. You're learning to let go.

Soon the peace will descend upon you, triggers will completely subside and mind noise will all but stop.

Magical activites in consciousness. 



Life is effortless, no worry, planning or pressure

Possibly for the first time, you will experience the peace of a silent mind. Thoughts will stop and the gaps between them extend. You will see, hear and feel more than ever before.

You will learn to see true intuition and to live in flow. You'll be taught to trust and surrender, gaining an unspoken profound guidance in your life.

As your need to plan and control everything falls away, we will explore your deepening feeling of connection to people, places and things and a deeper sense of the whole.

You'll learn experientially the infinite  reach of consciousness in activities that take you beyond body and mind.




Traditional Yoga

Yoga is the science of the mind, the true self and a path to self realisation. Discovery of the awareness within and it's connected nature is used throughout the process. We do not use physical yoga in the program.

Presence & Mindfulness

Be here now. Thoughless presence is the fundamental state of sensory experience. The state before thought, judgement or idea. A state in balance without polarity and the need to chase or avoid.


You will be guided and learn many forms of focussed and unfocussed meditation, which will help you to find thoughless peace and allow you to explore and connect with your true self.


Zazen for the Zen Buddhist is a path to awakening and enlightenment. It's also a progressive and effective way to find thouhtless presence and to unlearn your passive triggers. We use 4 stages throught the process.

Karma butterfly, thoughtless presence in useful action

We are conditioned to differentiate almost everything, especially that which we call play from that which we call work, even though it is all simply activity. Karma butterfly is action in service while in thoughtless presence.

Shamanic Breathwork

The ancient shamanic practice of breathwork will help you take a journey into metaphysical realms and altered state experience. This is a powerful form of release and letting go that will change your perspectives on life.

Nidra. mind awake, body asleep

Nidra is a powerful facilitation which will not only bring deep peace and relaxation but will open the doors to the metaphysical realms and altered state experiences. Perfect for profoundly shifting perspective.

Hemispheric brain sync training & meditations

A powerful sound based meditation using private headphones and sophisticated binaural audio, which layers different sounds in the left and right ear, forcing left and right brain alignment. Giving progressive access to altered states.

Sound ceremony

Our awareness and alignment with sound and vibration has been used for many years to aid relaxation, calm and altered state. Our ceremonies bring peace, calm and rejuvenation.

Self realisation will help you let go of a lifetime of subjective ideas and beliefs that you will see, now only limit you. These beliefs become a cage and are the cause of all suffering and separation. As you practice, your awareness will explode revealing the magic of life for the first time. In the silence the once was mind noise there is joy in everything. This is a powerful combination of awakening, finding the tru self, exposure to the metaphysical and deeply letting go.

The journey to self realisation is a journey out of subjectivity and false truth.


Book a Discovery Call

If you'd like to discuss the butterfly program further before applying or to have a more personal discussion with Jason & Hannah, book a discovery call to see what's right for you. It's usually a group call, which helps expose more questions but private calls are available on request.

Hiking Path

Heal and find inner peace,
life-changing results for mental health

Addiction &

Impulse Control

Addiction is a symptom not a cause. It is a vehicle of escape for those who do not enjoy the way their lives feel when sober. Until life feels good, addiction remains.


This process changes how we feel about life at the deepest level, and with new perspective will create a life you don't need to escape from.

Overthinking, Sleep,
Stress & Wellbeing

Busy lives with so much to do, be and have, leave us thinking endlessly and in frustrating circles. This pattern intrudes on our sleep and almost every other waking moment.

The program reveals the cause, allowing you to learn to dissolve the fuel for overthinking at source.


& Anxiety

Our minds are ever active creating future consequence and catastrophic scenarios, most of which never end up happening.

It's a pattern of an unconscious mind that's never quiet and out of control. This process places you consciously in control of what you think, when you think and if you think at all. 


& Bipolar

Both depression and bipolar represent us giving undue importance and truth to the ideas that would otherwise pass us by.

Attachment is an unconscious habit that we are conditioned into. As the teachings will show, it can be easily unlearned and past attachements can be dissolved.



Trauma has become a common and subjective term for past experiences we hold onto tightly, believing they define us and are important, justifiably impacting our lives.

It's caused by deep, sub-conscious attachment, becoming a trigger to recall thoughts of the past event.


Unlearn the habit of attachment and let go of previous, attached beliefs for total freedom from trauma.

Loss, Grief, Death

& Sadness

Us humans have some very strong ideas about death and become very attached to and dependent on the the people around and close to us.

It is now a social norm and widespread expectation to embed in ideas of loss, grief and loneliness when death or terminal illness is encountered. Your conditioned responses will dissolve with presence to reveal acceptance in the face of once difficult situations.

Blame, Guilt

& Victim

Both blame and guilt can be debilitating. When we blame we also instantly take on the role of victim, holding a heavy role close.

This process will show the debilitating nature of blame, including that of the self in guilt, and will allow the release and dissolving of past ideas of blame, creating freedom from being the joy sucking victim.


& Suicidal thoughts

We build our lives from subjective ideas and limiting beliefs, accumulating them over a lifetime. They become heavy, like an ultimate resistance that we often cannot bare.

Hopelessness and the option of suicide is often the result, and we feel that nothing else will work. This process helps dissolve the ideas that cause that feeling of hopelessness.

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