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An 11 step, life changing journey of personal  transformation
Wisdom that works from masters old and new, made simple and coherent. It's the moment you realise that it is not your life situation that is taking your peace, it is your thoughts and ideas about it that do that. It's to to take back control.
Zen Jungle is a combination of knowledge, mindset training, yoga, psychology, leading edge science, emotional intelligence, law of attraction, spiritual awakening and more. All natural and the end of overthinking, worry, anxiety, confusion and suffering. A journey to truth, purpose, peace and happiness.

The Zen Jungle masterclass will leave you able to choose what you think, when you think and if you think at all.

Do you remember the last time that you chose what you were going to thinkink about when starting your day? No? So who is making that choice because clearly, most of us are lost in thought almost every moment of every day.

What is even more significant is the fact that the thoughts we have provide us with worry, anxiety, expectations to meet and more. They are involuntary but they are almost all taking your peace, and without your permission. How rude!

For just one moment, consider what a day without a single thought would look like, or an obedient mind that only creates thoughts when you ask it to, how would that feel?

This masterclass will take you on a journey to that exact place, bringing peace, freedom, fulfilment and total protection from the effects of the mad world outside.

Sat on the Rocks

An Overview - How it works?


It starts with a deep foundation of belief

Understanding and a strong foundation of belief, are critical to the process of change. The bottom line is that you have never been taught to understand yourself, your mind or the nature of who and what you really are. This means that there must be a period of deep self discovery, with thought provoking insights and a clear undeniable truth in which you can fully believe. This process will deepen your understanding of yourself and allow you to become deeply aware of why you think and behave the way you do. This is just the beginning.

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Traditional Library

This is wisdom that works revealed and made simple and actionable.

It is now time to find and understand the real reason why we have endless thoughts and that endless dialogue from the voice in our head. It is more simple than you think, and spoiler alert, YOU are voluntarily creating it.
We can then move toward finding the behaviours and changes to your thinking that will create peace and quiet from the mind noise. This is the culmination of many sources of ancient wisdom, brought together in a way that can be quickly actioned and that is incredibly effective. It is like being given the keys to your mind and taking control for the very first time.
The sources of the masterclass are both diverse and have sometimes been devine in origin. They bring together so much wisdom and both our team and our participants have already now experienced and lived it too. It works in life changing ways. Zen Jungle takes the hidden and incoherent, making it simple and easy to action.

Next, deep transformation begins. Exciting!

Equipped with the foundations, it's now time to create new habits and to remove the destructive patterns, unlearning a lifetime of things that do not serve you. Change starts immediately and will be incremental with practice, so the masterclass focusses on the repetition and reminders necessary to embed the change. By optining for the online course, the self discipline needed is managed for you too.

The 11 steps represent the journey of transformation. 

We like to think of the masterclass as more of a transformational journey than a course. It is the nature and sequence of the steps that provide a level of change that is not found in any other books or courses that we know of. There is a gentle path that embeds the changes and a beginning, middle and end. The aim is for you to "LOVE LIFE" completely and fully on completion and It's refreshing to know that you have that clear destination ahead. These incremental steps, in this order and detail, will almost certainly get there. Nothing else comes close.

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Meditation by the Beach

Next up, learn the key practices and methods to create a quiet mind

Unlike the many meditation apps that are in vogue at the moment, the Zen Jungle masterclass is holistic and touches every part of your life, all day, every day. You will with practice, develop a level of thoughtless, presence in each moment that requires no extra time or further practices.


That said, presence and thoughtless attention, which is the basis of meditation, is certainly one of our foundational concepts, though it is realised in a very different way.


You will soon learn to remain at peace and clear of intrusive thought in all situations and circumstances. It will  become your base state, with the ability to invoke it whenever and wherever you wish. A quiet mind whenever you need it.

Now, gain total freedom. From your mind and from the voice in your head

With practice, your perspectives will change fast and the amount of peace you incrementally experience will grow quickly. The masterclass will then progress you toward becoming the observer of your thoughts, rather than becoming them and identifying with the thinking mind as if it who you are. You will discover the basis of complete awakening.

This experience is quite profound and is the subject of many spiritual teachings. It is the process of realising yourself as consciousness itself, from where you can simply observe thought. You will become the experiencer not the thinker, and will be protected from participation in meaningless thought activity, even while trying to sleep.

Liberation is now not far away.

Time to learn the fundamentals of fear and remove it from your life.

At the heart of many thoughts and anxieties are both expectations and fears. These play a huge part in our lives and are accumulated both in family bloodlines and from the moment you are born.

At this point we have done inherent work on the expectations and why they are there, so the masterclass now focuses on the basis of all fear and starts removal of it.

It's at this point that you will feel an ever deepening connection to nature, life changing perspective and a growing sense of love for the whole of your life.

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What's left?Reprogramme your mind with thoughts that serve you better

Having reconsidered everything you think about from the ground up, it remains for you to now decide if you think at all. If you do, you will learn to choose and implant the thoughts that serve you moving forward. Having removed old patterns, you will now become the creator and manifestor of your new state of being. The law of attraction does exist and it truly works, and being free destructive thought is the fuel for something magical. The world is now becoming a very different place to you.

Preparing for the new you and renewed, deeper relationships

The way you see the world is now very different. It will start to bring deeper more meaningful personal relationships and will totally change the dynamic of existing ones.


The "new you" has less judgement, more acceptance and a deep love for all. This will be profound and the masterclass will help you to make the most of it. 


It will also help you to manage the significant change you are and have undergone with friends, loved ones and romantic partners.

Thinking Man

The masterclass works for everyone. Change is simple and happens fast.

If you are feeling confused, undecided about life, overthinking, anxious, struggling to sleep; or searching for purpose, fulfilment, awakening or enlightenment, then this masterclass is specifically made for you. Following the simple steps within it will create fundamental life change for the better, whatever your circumstances. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose?




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As the foundation of the masterclass, the book will become your "go-to" manual of wisdom that works in an 11 step, easily actionable journey, with life-changing results.


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The foundation of the masterclass made effortless, to learn in audio. It's wisdom that works in an 11 step, easily actionable journey, with life-changing results.


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8 weeks of visual, managed transformation, it partners with the book to bring lightbulb moment after lightbulb moment with full support.


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Transform your life at our 40 acre log cabin and lakes retreat in Devon, there's teaching, coaching, practices, workshops and amazing experiences. Free online course. access.


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From £9.99 - £20

Feel good, no matter what your mind or this crazy world throws at you.

The book or audiobook is the foundation of the masterclass. It will take you on a unique, life-changing, transformational journey. It is in 11, easy to follow steps, and makes the learnings both easy and actionable.


All formats come with FREE member content, online in the private members area. Infographics, explainers a forum and more are all included to make things more visual, offering support on your journey.

Sign up and buy your chosen book format here, to get started immediately. Optional additions such as the online course and retreats are shown below and can be added at any time, as you see the immense value of the masterclass, and to fuel understanding.

The masterclass is 330+ pages or almost 15 hours of audio, and you'll need to plan for several reads or listens. The course requires 2 complete reads over a period of 8 weeks, and we find that many people add the course either during or just after their first read.


The audiobook is the strongly recommended format, as it provides effortless learning, almost anywhere, at any time.


A new life starts today.

  1. The end of anxiety. 

  2. The start of better sleep.  

  3. A new level of focus, clarity and creativity. 

  4. The ultimate in self development.

  5. Help for addiction and depression

  6. A path to spiritual awakening. 

  7. Self realisation for the non spiritualist. 

  8. The return of confidence and self esteem. 

  9. The end of insecurity.

  10. The end of unhealthy attachments.

  11. The path to deeper, healthy relationships.

  12. A way to better connect with nature.

  13. The end of endlessly chasing happiness.

  14. The end of fear.

  15. The start of a better world, one person at a time.

Love life, conscious and connected.

Our mission is to help the whole of humanity to love life, free from overthinking, re-connected to the power and peace of nature.