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Butterfly Club




Includes mobile app access,

free community membership and

selectable coaching levels


  • Downloadable App for course and community
    Access the content anywhere and anytime


  • Online, mobile and desktop access to teachings
    The content is formatted for both large and small screens to be consumed how and when needed on any device.

  • Over 40 detailed video talks and teachings
    The teachings are extensive and while based on them, extend way past the retreat talks to ensure that your unsupported learning and transformation is assured.


  • Includes the 10 day awakening
    This is a path to awakening and it is proven to bring profound results. Within these teachings you will see life and existence in a totally new way, creating a deep connection and feeling of belonging without fear.


  • Includes the secrets of meditation
    As part of the transformation we use many forms of presence and meditation, explaining their benefits, specific impacts and the pitfalls that more mainstream teachings fail to mention.


  • Includes guided practices and activities
    As part of our regular practice throughout this transformation we will stay with you and do the practices with you, guiding you all the way.


  • Includes transformational breathwork
    As the process unfolds you will start to experience deeper intuition and learn about flow. Guided transformational breathwork will gently expose altered states and the reach of consciousness.

  • Includes beginner to advanced Zazen
    Zazen is a dedicated practice that will have a profound effect on many aspects of your triggers and compulsions such as addiction. It may also provide connection experiences. It's covered in-depth in the transformation.


  • Tailored exercises and workshops
    In order to make the content directly relevant and impactful within your own life, the workshops are designed to bring a new reality home.


  • Access to Jungle Butterflies graduate community.
    Meet like-minded people and new friends with lots to offer and a newly found awakened perspective. This will become a group where you feel belonging and can relate.


  • Community messaging and direct team access.
    The Zen Jungle coaching team is always on hand within the community. You can post and message freely. Depending on your selected level of coaching you may have always on coaching support too.


  • Selectable coaching levels.
    Choose the level of support you need and add coaching to your transformation. See below for the options that can be peer groups, the coaches community group with direct messaging right on up to weekly group coaching calls or even one-to-one ultimate life-coaching.


  • Discounted retreats and transformations
    Visit the retreat at any time. Save on a face to face 7 to 14 day transformation or simply stay and meet the team. Unlimited day passes are included for all Jungle Butterflies.



Jungle Butterflies


Graduates Community Support

Get help and advice from past graduates and limited access to coaches through messages and posts in the graduates community. Coaches will regularly respond to posts and messages and other retreat and course graduates will be there to help.

Already a community member?

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NOW £149

Coaching Community


Coach Community & Messages

In addition to the Jungle Butterflies community, you'll get direct access to the coaches, their questions and answers, posts and updates. You will also be able to directly message coaches for support to have private or grroup chats.

Already a community member?

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NOW £179

Weekly Group Calls


Group Coaching Video Calls

In addition to the Jungle butterflies and coaching community, this option gives access to the weekly group coaching call for both course participants and those who have completed a retreat. It's a zoom call so you can ask questions, interact with coaches and get shared answers, It's an incredibly valuable way to speed your transformation and to stay in touch with others and the coaches.

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NOW £249

Ultimate One-on-One


One-on-One Coaching Calls

This is the ultimate life-coaching resource. In addition to the group coaching calls, coaching community and Jungle Butterflies group, you'll have a series of coaching calls that will be arranged specifically for you. Calls are private and dedicated to you and are usually directly with Jason. You'll get all of the help and support you need

Already a community member?

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NOW £399

Hannah explains the course in depth

Course and coaching plans launch 10th March.


Learn to be completely happy in your life, find peace and feel totally fulfilled

Awaken to a whole new perspective on life and truly love it for the first time. Feel blissful peace, freedom, connection and belonging by learning to dissolve the cause of all overthinking and anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, triggers, addictions, low self opinion, insecurity, depression and many mental health conditions.

This transformational journey will bring an end to your search for purpose and happiness, and dissolve the feeling of being trapped or needing to escape.

Results are life-long and irreversible, and bring total independence from the world outside. That's the Zen Jungle. transformation.









Calls are a weekly event in our FREE to join community, where there's also free content, talks, events, like-minded people and member messaging.

The weekly zoom call is a great way to understand how Zen Jungle can help change your life fast, to hear others who may feel the same as you and get all your questions answered.


You'll find those simply looking to feel better, those needing to recover from trauma, addiction or mental illness and those who've been searching, wanting to awaken and connect or need to improve their relationships, self worth or confidence.


Use the find out if the online course or retreat is best for you and answer any other questions.

Can you relate to one or more?

Then this will be life-changing

  • Overthinking, Worry or Anxiety

  • Exhausted, tired of the "rat race"

  • Trapped, need to escape

  • Can't sleep, thinking all night

  • Addicted or compulsive

  • The world's gone mad, change it

  • Low self opinion, self hatred

  • Isolated or alone, want to belong

  • Voice in the head, depression

  • Looking for a way out, suicidal

  • Guilt, blame, a victim

  • Overcome by fear, fear of death

  • Grief, loss, deep sadness

  • Chronic pain, mental or physical

  • Terminal illness

  • Unable to overcome "Trauma"

  • Dependency in relationships

  • Need a soulmate or twin flame

  • Problem and failed relationships

  • “Toxic” or abusive relationships

  • Inability to trust, insecurity

  • Lack of self confidence

  • Anger, poor impulse control

  • Want to find peace, to relax

  • Want or need to be free

  • Want to find meaning or purpose

  • Unhappy, want to find happiness

  • Seeking to awaken, you or others

  • Want to find connection

  • Want to find flow and intuition

  • Seeking enlightenment

  • Wanting to transcend it all

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