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Take back your inner peace

Mindfulness is the ultimate source of peace in life. Life for most has become a mess of overthinking, stress, anxiety and often an endless feeling of a need to escape. Mindfulness will reveal a whole new world, one with silence and peace, happiness and a feeling of freedom and fullfilment. A mindfulness weekend will help you to relax and unlearn a lifetime of conditioned habits. Join us for 3 or 4 days and change your whole life.




Zen Jungle Retreat, Devon UK


Mindfulness is the ultimate source of peace in life. This retreat will combine teaching with space and the ultimate natural setting to let go and reset your mind.

It's perfect, a peaceful combination

Peaceful spaces

40 acres of natural, tranquil heaven with 5 beautiful lakes, ancient woodland, endless walks and beautiful seating spaces to find peace and spend time thoughtlessly.

Luxury Cabins

Our newly refurbished 1 or 2 bedroom cabins sleep up to 4 people and are fully equipped and beautifully furnished in a rustic boho style for the perfect self catered stay.


Every minfulness weekend is packed with teaching, practices and time to find space and peace. There are meditations, sound ceremonies, altered states and walks 

Food and Drinks

We love a good fire pit, so when weather permits we cook outside, when it's raining we have a cookout at the bistro and bar. Food is included on 1 of 4 nights

Mindfulness retreat itinerary

3 or 4 nights luxury cabin accomodation

Priced per person. First guest gets full cabin

Price reduces for up to 3 addtional guests.


Introduction to presence

Thoughtless meditation & Breathwork

Introduction to Zazen

Cookout / Fire pit dinner

Progressive Zazen

Sound ceremony & Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic breathing session

Silent Walk Mindfulness walk

Yoga Nidra

Connected meditation

Bar night including drinks


Access to all spaces, facilities and walks


Your mindfulness weekend will be an amazing combination of effortlessly learning what mindfulness is, how it will change your life, the practices and techniques that will transform you to a quiet mind. It all takes place in a breathtaking, natural setting with abundant wild life and you'll be in a super comfy, boho cabin with every amenity you can imagine. There's also great food and drinks served at the cookouts and throughout the retreat.


We hold mindfulness retreats regularly throughout the year. Select a date below and choose a room option to see pricing and to reserve your space.






Our beautiful elevated bar and banquet hall is now open, followed soon by the bistro kitchen. Have a drink, try the buffet or sit for dinner...

Home grown produce

The retreat is becoming self-sufficient and will soon grow all fruit and vegetables served, using fresh borehole water and no pesticides.

The lakeside bar and grill cookout

Once complete, our lakeside bar and grill will play host to regular firepit cookouts and make your own wood fired pizza evenings.

Join an organised cookout

We regularly hold retreat cookouts, parties and firepit evenings. Check the schedule and make a booking to join.

Book a firepit for you and your friends

As a retreat club member of cabin guest you can book a fire pit space for your own private cookout with friends. We supply wood and food boxes.

Mad Hatters Woodland Banquet

Although this is a little way off, we're excited to announce the mad hatters banquetting table in the woods. What an awesome space to eat.

Bring a picnic

The retreat is the perfect place for picnics. We have so many group dining areas complete with tables and chairs as well as lakeside benches.

A place to enjoy food and drinks, with friends

A place for adventure, peace and fun exploration

Walk, Talk & Chill

The retreat brings those who seek peace and escape from drama together. Endless walks and spaces provide amazing peace and relaxation.

Learn Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness is a foundation of the retreat. Join regular thoughless meditations and learn presence in beautiful spaces across the retreat.

Bistro and bars

Our bistro bar is now open and the kitchen will open soon. It's a magical space to meet, have a drink and find like-minded people.

Yoga, Nidra & Kriya

Yoga is the science of the mind and a path to profound self realisation. We offer classes for holistic wellbeing, connection and a quiet mind.

Sound Healing & Ceremony

Experience the power of sound to bring peace and connection with sound meditations. This will bring a lasting sense of peace and belonging.

Shamanic Breathwork and Journeys

Experience deep presence and altered states. Breathwork is a journey into other realms and is offers different, unique experiences each time. 


This form of movement meditation includes body postures, breathing and thoughtlessness and offers peace through slow. flowing rythmic movement.

Ecstatic dance

Lose yourself in the music with deep presence and connection. Our ecstatic dance experiences will allow you to let go, relax and feel free. 

Fire, Cacao and Drumming

An amazing combination. Fire ceremonies combined with cacao and shamanic drumming create the ultimate cookout experience.

Newly refurbished, luxury oak cabins

Cabins are ndividually boho styled with everything you could need for the most comfortable, self-catered stay. Central heating and super insulation bring winter warmth and summer cool. Views of the devon countryside and stars are amazing. Private carparking is standard too.

King size bedrooms (Double or twin)

All bedrooms are super comfortable and king size. Most convert to twin beds too so offer amazing comfort even with up to 4 sharing. All have high threadcount linens and peaceful silence for a perfect nights sleep.

Open plan living space, indoor, outdoor dining

The living spaces are large and sumptuous with comfortable chairs, bean bags and boho styling. Most open up onto the large deck bringing the outdoors in. There fast internet but no TV, to allow you to unplug and find your peace.

Fully fitted kitchens with every appliance

Kitchens are brand new with every appliances. Hob, oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge and freezer are all included together with a washing machine. The 4 seater breakfast bar makes a cosy home from home.

Watch the stars, sit and relax or even a bath

The retreat is incredibly peaceful with no light polution at all and amazing views. It means that sitting on your sheltered deck is blissful and there's ample space to relax or entertain. Star gaze and see the milky way, even while taking a bath.

It's a 40 acre paradise designed for peace.

Every cabin is within this natural haven, some on the lakes, some on the hilsides above. There's 5 lakes, woodland, endless walks, beautiful seating and firepit spaces, bistro, bars and and a whole calendar of welnness experiences to be joined.

Luxury cabin stays, 

with everything you need


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