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Dates & Availability

Get a taste of the retreat and elements of the masterclass with a 4 day mindfulness mini-break. There so much more than mindfulness included and it's a great way to find peace, start transformation and have lots of fun too.


A place to learn, experience,

practice and transcend

Each retreat is formatted for assured personal transformation. There's a combination of learning, time to practice and integrate, as well as unique, life-changing experiences. As you spend time in a community of like minded people, learning new ways to both be and think, you will slowly heal, connect and find the power of deeper consciousness. Freedom, peace and purpose will follow self realisation and the effects of mental and physical illness, overthinking and anxiety will fall away. Emerge connected with enhanced intuition, confidence and free from the false, ego identity that limits you. It's magical.


Mindfulness mini-breaks start on a Thusday and run until the following Monday and run most weeks throughout the year outside of transformational retreat dates. The booking calendar below currently shows dates for all retreat types including transformations, mindfulness mini-breaks and cabin only stays. To find prices and dates for mindfulness breaks please select a cabin and then a Thursdays start date where you will see the option of mindfulness if available. Further cabin details will be shown after you select the date.


4 days luxury cabin accomodation

Priced individually. First guest gets full cabin

Price per guest reduces with more guests.


Introduction to presence

Lessons on key practices / guided practice

Introduction to Zazen

Sound ceremony & Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic breathing session

Firepit & cookout including food

Lamplit procession

Bar night including drinks


Access to all spaces, facilities and walks



The retreat is a peaceful and private haven, complete with walks, lakes, woodland, many firepit areas, an amphitheatre, a bistro kitchen and bar and a lakeside bar and grill

By becoming a member you'll have unlimited access to all it has to offer and can visit and book spaces at any time between transformational retreats.

Explore, chill, walk and find peace.



Choose a 4 day mindfulness mini-break or simply book a luxury self catered cabin and experience everything the retreat has to offer.

Every cabin is newly refurbished and has every amenity, except for a TV that is. Many cabins have an outdoor bathtub and all have a large dining deck with a beautiful vieww. It's a home from home with amazing walks, lakes and so much to see and do. We look  forward to seeing you.



Whis is what the retreat was built for. 7 - 14 days of the ultimate in personal transformation and life-coaching. It's life-changing on every level.

Awaken to a whole new perspective on life and truly love it for the first time. Feel blissful peace and freedom by learning to dissolve the cause of all overthinking, relationship issues, trauma, triggers, addictions, low self opinion, insecurity and many mental health conditions.



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