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  • There's nothing wrong with me, I just want to feel better.
    Many who are considering the retreat simply want to feel better. It means that many don't label what they are feeling and this retreat will help remove the labels that others have adopted for the way they feel. If you are here and considering the transformational process, then it's right for you and you have found your way here for a reason. If you have further questions, please chat with us or call us at the retreat.
  • I've never done anything like this, do I need any experience?
    This retreat is for you. There are no skills or techniques and you will find that this content is not similar to other retreats. We will teach everything you need to know and then guide you in practices. All we need is your commitment to change.
  • How do I share a lodge?
    If you are visiting the retreat with friends it's as easy as selecting the correct occupancy on the booking system which will automatically offer the prices. If you wish to take advantage of the shared rate and need us to match you with another guest, chat with us to check availability for sharing. We will connect you with another guest who wants to share before arrival and allow you to get to know them. Cabins are large and have good amounts of private bedroom space and accomodation is large enough to mean that you will have space. Most of our sharing guests have commented that sharing the lodges was a highlight of their experience.
  • Can I do a retreat alone?
    It's actually common for people to do the retreat alone. Our personal journey is often a private one and one where we feel a little bit isolated, so many of our guests are alone too. You can book a cabin for one person and have the whole thing to yourself or by arrangement we can sometimes partner you with another person who also wants to do the retreat alone. In those cases we usually connect people well before the retreat so that you can get to know eachother.
  • Is the retreat religious or spiritual?
    Zen Jungle is not religious at all and whilst there are elements that some would relate to spiritual teachings, we are not a spiritual retreat either. The process will be very actionable, direct and coherent and is not about spiritual dogma or ceremonies. That said, the process will reveal deeper intuition and connection and will bring a sense of belonging. This feeling gives comfort, helps remove the fear of death and changes perspectives.
  • How do I book a 7 day preview?
    Previews are currently set for limited dates and run up until the end of 2022. In order to book these simply go to the retreat availability page, refer to the preview dates in the list and then select the starting Friday. Set your stay length to 7 days and continue through to booking and selecting occupancy for pricing and to choose a lodge.
  • Will I be required to speak or talk about my life or past?
    This is not psychology and require no discussion of your past. In fact, it's one of our basic rules. There is nothing you need to share or divulge and all coaching sessions will be private, so you can say as much or as little as you want to. Our process is about understanding consciousness itself and dissolving limiting ideas and beliefs. That means that there is little or nothing to be brought back from the past at all.
  • I feel like life has lost meaning or am suicidal
    You are not alone. This process is perfect for you. It will allow you to lose the limiting beliefs that you have been conditioned to have about life and will open up a whole new world and life, one you can start to love.
  • I want to come but I'm nervous. Help.
    Lots of people feel the same way as you before arrival. That fear disappears by the end of the welcome meeting on the first night, when you'll realise that you hyave found people just like you. Everyone who comes here is searching for similar thiongs and wants their lives to feel better. This is actually the very place that you will feel most at home. We will guide you every step of the way and by the end of the retreat you will feel completely different. There's nothing to fear and everything to gain.
  • Are their no transformations that are less than 7 days?
    The transformational process that we follow is quite intensive and requires your journey to be supported through to integration, where we prepare you to live the change back in your normal life. This means that 7 days is the very shortest period it can be actioned within. It should also be noted that the 7 day retreats are quite high intensity and require your full commitment throughout. It's fun but quite a full itinerary.
  • I have depression, anxiety or another "mental illness"
    The retreat is holistic and will teach you that mental illness of almost all kinds is simply a label for a pattern Most patterns are rooted in the same cause and this retreat will be transformative on the cause. Paranoia, OCD, insecurity, trust issues, addiction and depression will be profoundly affected and their causes exposed. Our results for people just like you have been transformative and with no medication or stigma attached.
  • I'm apprehensive and not sure if the retreat is for me
    This process is something that for most is wrapped in lots of confusion and doubt. It's hard to decide whether this is for you and also can be daunting to make a decision on coming. In reality the retreat is life-changing for almost everyone. Most of us are in a similar position, it's just some of us who realise it and take the steps to make a change. If any of the follwoing things relate to you then this retreat will be profound : Overthinking, Worry or Anxiety Exhausted, tired of the "rat race" Trapped, need to escape Can't sleep, thinking all night Addicted or compulsive The world's gone mad, change it Low self opinion, self hatred Isolated or alone, want to belong Voice in the head, depression Looking for a way out, suicidal Guilt, blame, a victim Overcome by fear, fear of death Grief, loss, deep sadness Chronic pain, mental or physical Terminal illness Unable to overcome "Trauma" Dependency in relationships Need a soulmate or twin flame Problem and failed relationships “Toxic” or abusive relationships Inability to trust, insecurity Lack of self confidence Anger, poor impulse control Want to find peace, to relax Want or need to be free Want to find meaning or purpose Unhappy, want to find happiness Seeking to awaken, you or others Want to find connection Want to find flow and intuition Seeking enlightenment Wanting to transcend it all If any or several of the above apply to you then you will leave this retreat with a whole new perspective on your life and an ability to control both your thoughts and your state of being. Meaning you will find peace and life-long happiness.
  • What is the process and qualifications of the team?
    The retreat follows the Zen Jungle holistic masterclass in how to truly love life. The retreat format is a highly effective 6 stage process that has amazing results for our guests. It is proprietary and whilst it uses wisdom from many sources, the nature and sequencing is unique. It is a process that quiets the mind through raising consciousness and dissolving limiting ideas and beliefs completely. It has been called self realisation, awakening and a mental health boot camp by our guests. Our team are all graduates of both life and the masterclass, most having been through personal crisis and emerged peaceful and happy through this process. What we teach works profoundly as can be seen in our whole team. We are happy, peaceful, fulfilled and unconflicted and will be here for you on every step of your journey.
  • Am I too old or too young
    Many people ask if they are too old to learn, or too young to understand. This process is mainly one of unlearning and will be transformative for almost everyone. If you are able to understand simple explanations and instructions you will find the retreat actionable and understandable. Don't worry about your age, it's really not a thing.
  • I have deep sadness or grief, will it work for me?
    Yes. The transformations will allow you to let go and see a whole new perspective on death. They will free you and help your independence and change what fuels your sadness or grief at the deepest level.
  • Do I need to attend all talks and teachings?
    The 10 day transformation is scheduled experience and follows a set journey for each participant. Our process requires full commitment both in the group sessions and in the time set aside for practice. That said, nothing is compulsory and you are at liberty to attend all or just some of the talks and teachings. It should be noted however that your result will depend not only on your understanding of the content but on the unfolding of the journey and your ability to both integrate and live the process. We strongly recommend attendence at all group activities, even the firepits and cookouts where questions and learning arises often.
  • Does the retreat accept children as guests?
    Not at the trransformational retreats The Zen Jungle Retreat is a relaxing haven of peace and tranquillity and as a result is designed to be adults over 18 only. However, we do have future plans to work on a children's masterclass and run a specialised ‘Kids week’ here at the retreat so that your little ones can benefit from the same teachings as you. Look out for childrens transformations At Zen jungle we believe that by catching children very early and teaching them to become conscious and not to create the idea based world that most adults live in, we can change lives profoundly. With that in mind, we are building a retreat format just for kids. This format will be less focussed on the unlearning that is so transformative for adults and more about creating conscious and present children who are in a permanently peaceful and happy state. Check the dates and availability page for Zen Jungle kids, dates are limited.
  • Can I bring friends who don’t want to do the retreat?
    Our retreat location was specifically chosen due to its secluded nature. The depth of teaching at the retreat is incomparable and designed to totally transform your life. We play our part but it’s up to you to put it into practice. All guests are encouraged to dedicate their 10 days here to their own personal transformation. While attendance to all talks and workshops is optional, being here for the purpose of transformation is not. Those who wish to visit Zen Jungle but are not interested in the retreat are welcome to do so during our ‘accommodation only’ stays, which will be advertised when available.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We take a 50% non-refundable deposit upon booking and full payment 4 weeks before arrival. If you need to reschedule, we are happy to oblige with a minimum of 4 weeks notice prior to your retreat date.
  • What’s included in my 10 Day Transformation?
    Prior to arriving at the retreat, you will gain access to our online course which is a personalised accompaniment to the Masterclass. This forms a great basis upon which to start your journey at the retreat. When you arrive, your 10 Day Transformation includes access to all teaching talks, coaching, workshops, guided practice and activities as well as your accommodation which you’ll choose when booking.
  • Do I need to stay for the full 10 days?
    Your personal transformation has been expertly designed around our 10 day program. This is the amount of time it takes to totally change your life forever. The structure is specifically tailored for high efficiency and therefore we recommend completion from start to finish to experience the full results. While you are at liberty to leave at any time, all retreats are sold as a 10 day stay and we recommend remaining for the full duration.
  • Can I arrive by public transport, trains or buses?
    Our location is in a valley on the boarder of Devon and Cornwall. It's idyllic for personal transformation but can limit public transport options or make journey times longer. For most retreats we arrange collection of multiple guests from Exeter train station, free of charge, which is around 1hr 15minutes from us. It’s also possible to pre-book taxis from Exeter or Okehampton station. If you require collection from Exeter, please contact us on the chat to confirm availability and be aware that we usually collect later in the afternoon on the friday of arrival. We will of course return you to the station at the end of the retreat.
  • What are the accommodation options?
    We currently have available 7 luxury, oak cabins that will be your home away from home during your transformation. Each is elegantly decorated with a unique fusion of alpine chalet and bohemian chic. 5 of our cabins are 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom. 2 have 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. All cabins have a fully equipped kitchen area with oven, microwave, induction hob, fridge, freezer, toaster, kettle, dishwasher, washing machine and all utensils and crockery. They also have beautiful, cosy lounge areas with private deckings looking over the valley.
  • I haven’t read the Masterclass, can I still come to the retreat?
    Our retreat is open to everyone interested in experiencing life changing results. Our program has an excellent success rate regardless of whether you have read the Masterclass prior to your visit. That said, we strongly recommend reading the Masterclass before your stay as it provides a strong basis of understanding which will accelerate your progress here at the retreat. Upon purchase of the transformation, you receive access to the online course that accompanies the Masterclass.
  • Can I bring my four-legged friend?
    While we are dog lovers ourselves, we unfortunately cannot facilitate guest dogs at the retreat. Your 10 day transformation is an epic, immersive experience with lots of time for presence and personal practice. Therefore, we minimise distractions so that you can get the most out of your stay. However, we do have on-site dogs that enjoy cuddles if you’re ever in need.
  • I have dietary requirements. What food is supplied at the retreat?
    The retreat is a self sufficient haven. It has permaculture gardens and growing with livestock onsite too. This means that during the cookouts and at the bistro we use all our own, home grown produce to create food for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans alike.
  • What facilities do you have at the retreat?
    All cabins are fully self catered with everything you need to live as if it were your own home. Across the site there are 5 firepit areas for you to use at your leisure for cosy evenings or cookouts. Our Sunset Beach Bar is open on 3 nights during your 10 day stay. The luxurious Satellite Yurt can be used as a cinema lounge and we have acres of land with bespoke areas for presence and relaxation. There are some ancient woodlands, perfect for sensory walks, and access to the Bude aqueduct path which takes you to Tamar Lake.
  • Can I arrive in the dark?
    We are open all year round, so there will be many months when guests are arriving in the dark. This is not a problem, as the lodges are signposted and can be seen clearly with car headlights.
  • What do I need to pack?
    We always advise packing wellies, the countryside can get pretty muddy and we love to be outdoors! They’re not always necessary in the summer months, but you won’t survive a winter retreat without them. Suitable outdoor clothes are also recommended. Every cabin is complete with a washing machine, so there’s no need to go overboard. However, a range of clothing for various activities (e.g. loungewear, loose clothing for free movement, waterproofs and warm jumpers for the evening) is useful. Our accommodation is self catered so please bring any food or drinks you wish to have during your stay. There are local shops 6 miles from the site if you need to top up your supplies. We provide all bed linen and towels.
  • How do I get there and where do I park?
    Google maps will navigate straight to the site if you type in Zen Jungle Retreat. Signal can be patchy as you get closer to our location, so it might be worth downloading the route before you leave. When you get here, you’ll see a sign for the retreat outside. Once inside, you’ll see directional signage to your cabin, so have the name handy to locate your accommodation. You can park right next to your lodge, so there’s no need to carry your luggage far.
  • How much free time will I have?
    Your tailored retreat itinerary is experience based, so there is lots going on while you are here. Although all aspects are optional, we encourage attendance to the whole schedule as it accelerates your journey. There is free time allocated every day so that you can do what you need as well as plenty of dedicated, solo practice time for stillness and quiet.
  • Is there any wifi?
    Phone signal is patchy and unpredictable for many people on our site. We do have wifi that you can connect to and use in your cabin. However, we encourage you to switch off for as long as possible while you are here. Limiting internet or social media time is useful for getting the most out of your 10 Day Transformation.
  • What time is check in/out?
    We operate a self check in process between 3pm and 6pm. The details of your cabin will be given to you before arrival, including the code to get in. Every retreat begins with a welcome meeting at 7pm on the day of arrival. We provide food and set the scene for your 10 Day Transformation as well as giving important information for your stay. Please ensure you allow plenty of time for check in so that you can make it to the talk.
  • Can I buy any food on site?
    We have The Eye Bistro that serves our fresh produce from the garden on site. Meals will be available to buy here daily between certain hours. We also host a number of cookouts in our magnificent firepit areas throughout each retreat. You have the option of paying for catering at these cookouts.
  • How do I self check in?
    Make sure you have the name of your cabin to hand before you arrive. Use the directional signage on site to find your lodge and park in the space provided next to it. Most of our cabins have key codes for entry. Your code will be emailed to you prior to arrival with instructions of how to get in. A couple of our cabins have keys. These will be left in the door for you upon arrival. When you arrive in your cabin, there will be instructions on how to get to The Eye Yurt for the welcome meeting at 7pm.
  • Where can I find local facilities?
    We are 6 miles from the nearest village of Holsworthy where you can find an M&S petrol station, a co-op and a Waitrose. 7 miles in the opposite direction is Bude, the nearby surfing town with stunning views and coastal walks. Bude has a number of supermarkets, shops and cafes/restaurants so you can get everything you need there.
  • How do I get help during my stay?
    Our team are available on site every day at talks, workshops and activities. You are welcome to speak to any of us for help at these points. For urgent matters, please contact us using the online chat box on our website ( and we will respond as soon as possible.
  • Will I get fast internet?
    Yes, although remote the retreat is served by Starlink high spedd internet. Each cabin has a 5Mb connection, which is ample for streaming.
  • Is the retreat adults only?
    We do accept older children over 12 years old but as the retreat is a place for guests to find inner peace with no distraction, we ask that you determine if that will suit your children. The activities are great for more mindful children but may not occupy the more intense.
  • Is it possible to simply book a cabin and stay at the retreat?
    Yes of course. The cabins are available between retreats for accomodation only bookings. As the retreat is a conscious wellness centre, you'll also have access to the activities and experiences from retreat club.
  • Do you serve food at the retreat?
    The cabins are self-catered and have beautiful kitchens and appliances. We will soon be open for food at the bistro nightly and currently the bar is open on request. We also do outdoor cookouts regularly, so once booked see the retreat club schedule for more information.
  • Can I bring my pet?
    Cabins are newly refurbished and so only well behaved pets are accepted. Whilst there is outdoor decking space, it doesn't offer confinement for dogs. We have our own dogs at the retreat and there is a huge amount of walks and space for them to enjoy.
  • Are towels and linen provided?
    The cabins are fully equipped and all have bedding and towels.
  • Can the king size rooms be converted to twin rooms?
    In most cabins we have the option to convert the large king into twin beds, giving two people per room in separate beds. Star cabins are large double beds and do not split into two singles.
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