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Take back your peace, find your tribe

The community is the hub for all things Zen Jungle. It combines all our social activity with information on transformations, the retreat club, the ever growing events list, our butterflies post transformation community and more



If you can't decide, just join us. You'll find that there's nothing to fear and everything to gain. Explore more about transformation and join people who are just like you.


At Zen Jungle we love events. We do them regularly online and at the retreat. There's day events and retreats, parties and life changing experiences. Why not join other community members and find your peace.

Posts & Articles

If you're looking to change your life, to awaken or to free yourself of anxiety, sadness, dependency, addiction, find happiness or simply find inner peace and a rest rom overthinking, the content you need is in the community..

Online Course

If you'd like to take the life-changing, zen jungle personal transformation you can do so from within the online community. It's an intensive course in both self realisation and the unlearning of life-long limiting beliefs.

Member Chat

Members of the community can find like-minded souls to make friends and to meet at the retreat. Create groups and communicate via instant messages and more. Soon you'll be able to download the app for push messages.


We are currently expanding our schedule of classes and experiences to be done at the retreat in devon and online at home. Choose the activities that suit you, join a free meditation or take a class, it's up to you. 

Like Minds

The transformational journey  or reaching a crisis point in your life can mean isolation, losing friends and a feeling of not belonging. That's why the community is awesome. It's a place to meet people who feel the same as you.

Video Talks

We are now creating regular and exclusive video content for the community members. It answers questions like how does the transformation work, who is it for and will it work for me. There's case studies and stories to help gain a better understanding of the process.

Zoom Calls

For those who still have question and want to understand if the transformation is going to work for them, we hold weekly zoom calls as a personal introduction and a way to get your questions answered. Join the community, book a call and ask away, it's all free!

Retreat & Club

Get access to the upcoming retreats schedule and booking as well as the full list of events, experiences and classes that the retreat offers. The retreat is a private members club for those wanting to find their peace, so there's lots to explore. The community is also the place to book your day visits to the retreat.


Our jungle butterflies is a private member group for the graduates of the transformational retreats and online course. This groups helps you to engage with like-minded people and to find new ways to discuss things when the drama of life makes way for you to feel personal peace.

Bistro & Bars

The community is the hub for our bars, bistro and fire pit spaces. You can book in and even order on the community platform and can also reserve the fire pit spaces for private use by you and your guests.




    Free community membership

    Free access to posts, articles and videos. Plus intro zoom calls and jungle drums group access.
    Valid for one year
    • Free posts and articles
    • Transformational Talks and Videos
    • Access to the online transformation
    • Meet and chat with the team
    • Meet and chat with other members.
    • Free event invites and schedules
    • Discounted Retreats, Stays & Events
    • Access to weekly transformation Zoom Call
  • Retreat Club Membership

    Every month
    Unlimited retreat day visitor membership with access to all the retreat has to offer in Bude Devon.
     28 day free trial
    • Private Gate Access Code (When fitted)
    • Member community & Bookings App
    • Free Day Passes & Reservations
    • Up to 3 non-member guests
    • Access to lakes, woodlands and walks
    • Access to gardens and seating spaces
    • FREE activities and meditations
    • Access to member sessions & classes
    • Member only reservations at the bistro
    • Access to member bars and grill
    • Free group firepit reservations
    • Access to Farm shop and store
    • Access to farm & permaculture gardens
    • Event and festival tickets and discounts
    • Bookable event and meeting spaces
    • Discounted cabin stays & retreats
    • Free Parking (1 car per guest group)
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