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Jungle community is free. It's an online hub for all things Zen Jungle. 

Choose your membership

Online Sessions & Events

Can't visit the retreat? We hold regular life-changing online retreats and events for members.

Forum & Discussion

Join us on the forum for discussions on transformation, awakening, the evolving world and more . . 

Transformational Courses

If you are looking to awaken and transform, our online courses and teachings are made for you...


Meditation is a source of peace and connection, and is also a tool that can help you exit conditioning. Here we explore how and why to meditatate.

Zoom Calls

We are creating regular zoom calls to bring like-minds together and also to answer questions about awakening and transformation...

Like Minds

Isolation, losing friends and a feeling of not belonging come with awakening and transformation. Meet othere who feel just like you . . 

Member Chat

Members in the jungle community can create direct and group chats with other members.

Video Talks Library

Free access to our library of video talks and teachings is expanding as we create more content for members.

Life-changing Retreats

Find upcoming retreats and converse with others who have begun their transformation with us to see how this really is life-changing.


A private community for our online course and retreat graduates to get together and create a community.

Transformational teachings

Change your perspective on life, you and existence forever with profound, life-changing teachings from the Zen Jungle holistic masterclass.

Learn Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness is our foundation, so coaching for presence and thoughtless meditation is held regularly in beautiful spaces across the retreat.

Yoga, Nidra & Kriya

Yoga is the science of the mind and a path to profound self realisation. We offer classes for holistic wellbeing, connection and a quiet mind.

Shamanic Breathwork, Journeys and attachment release

Experience deep presence, altered states. and release. Breathwork is a journey to other realms and offers different, unique experiences each time. 

Sound Healing & Vibrational

Gong Ceremony

Experience the power of sound to bring peace and connection with sound and gong meditations. This will bring a lasting sense of peace and belonging.

Find space for stillness and to breathe, walk, talk & chill

The retreat brings together those who seek peace and escape from lifes drama. Peaceful spaces provide for thoughtless presence and relaxation.

Qi Gong

This form of movement meditation includes body postures, breathing and thoughtlessness, and offers peace through slow. flowing rythmic movement.

Ecstatic dance

Lose yourself in the music with deep presence and connection. Our ecstatic dance experiences will allow you to let go, relax and feel free. 

Fire, Cacao and Drumming

An amazing combination. Fire ceremonies combined with cacao and shamanic drumming create the ultimate cookout experience.

Retreat club is free for 90 days. Join for discounted retreat sessions, retreat access and access to retreat bars and bistro


If you can't decide, just join us. You'll find that there's nothing to fear and everything to gain. Explore more about transformation and join people who are just like you.



    Free community membership

    Free access to posts, articles and videos. Plus intro zoom calls and jungle drums group access.
    Valid for one year
    • Free posts and articles
    • Transformational Talks and Videos
    • Access to the online transformation
    • Meet and chat with the team
    • Meet and chat with other members.
    • Free event invites and schedules
    • Discounted Retreats, Stays & Events
    • Access to weekly transformation Zoom Call
  • Retreat Club Membership

    Every month
    Unlimited retreat day visitor membership with access to all the retreat has to offer in Bude Devon.
     90 day free trial
    • Private Gate Access Code (When fitted)
    • Member community & Bookings App
    • Free Day Passes & Reservations
    • Up to 3 non-member guests
    • Access to lakes, woodlands and walks
    • Access to gardens and seating spaces
    • FREE activities and meditations
    • Access to member sessions & classes
    • Member only reservations at the bistro
    • Access to member bars and grill
    • Free group firepit reservations
    • Access to Farm shop and store
    • Access to farm & permaculture gardens
    • Event and festival tickets and discounts
    • Bookable event and meeting spaces
    • Discounted cabin stays & retreats
    • Free Parking (1 car per guest group)


Take back your peace, find your tribe


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