A path to profound Spiritual awakening

The most actionable and understandable route to deep spiritual awakening. What other teachings leave unanswered, this masterclass makes truly actionable.
The holistic masterclass in how to truly love life

Zen Jungle is a complete spiritual journey in an easy to follow, 11 step masterclass. It's perfect for those seeking to deeply awaken and to identify with who they really are at the core. The journey will unlock the knowledge and wisdom, together with providing the practices that will take you through the conceptual, on to the practical, until you have reached a full state of self-realisation. It will ultimately prepare you for, and open the door to complete spiritual enlightenment. 

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It's a complete path

Losing Mind, Identity & Ego

As you learn to awaken you will learn how to completely dissolve mind identity and the conceptual thoughts that create it.

Becoming the watcher

Seeing your thoughts at their root, watching them without participation and finding freedom from the mind.

Releasing Limitation

Until we awaken, we are a product of the ideas and thoughts that we have collected. They limit who we are and our state of being.

Removing Resistance

Resistance is the weight of managing your stored ideas, which is the basis of the ego. As resistance falls, love emerges.

Connection & Love

Once clear of mind noise, intuition becomes loud and can easily be heard and followed in surrender. Love then prevails.

What is spiritual awakening and how will it change my life for the better?

Spiritual awakening is the adventure of acknowledging that throughout all of your life, you have been creating a false identity made only from thoughts and ideas. Awakening is the conscious choice to release that identity and become the true self.


Also known as your ego or mind identity, this bundle of thoughts includes your concepts, ideas, preferences,  opinions, limiting beliefs and fears. As you awaken, you let go of all these limiting, conditioned patterns to reveal deep love, joy, peace, purpose and almost permanent happiness.

If you are reading and practicing spiritualism, Zen Jungle will carry some familiar themes but it is fundamentally different. Where other content leaves you trying to understand what action to take and how to make it work in your own life, the masterclass does so in a way that makes them everything truly understandable and personally actionable. 


It will unlock ancient yoga teachings as well as popular, modern teachings such as Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Alan Watts, Ram Dass and a course in miracles... to name just a few. The difference with Zen Jungle, is that where others may leave you with more questions than answers, Zen Jungle is specific and coherent, making what you need to DO totally clear. No need to take our word for it though, just read the reviews.

Importantly, the masterclass was also created from direct, personal experience in universal wisdom. In connected "flow" state and through explorations and adventures into plant medicine and psychedelics.


All of this has created uniquely valuable content that really stands out. 

"It's like seeing the Matrix code, life changing on so many levels"
Participant review

For most, Spiritual Awakening is a journey that requires lots of reading and leaves you "knowing" and wanting more but ultimately confused. It can entail endless research: seeking methods, practices and anecdotal help. It can also mean a period of alienation from the world and the people you once knew, until you finally reach stability.

The challenge tends to be in applying learned wisdom to your own personal life, especially when there is an overwhelming amount of information out there with much of it using a new vocabulary that you have to learn first in order to understand.


While spirituality is only partially about understanding and the rest to do with practise and experience, it is crucial that the conceptual foundation is there for change to take place. The Zen Jungle Masterclass is the whole journey, but starts by making what others generally complicate, very simple to understand and use.

That is exactly why we created the 11 step masterclass. We too went on the that same journey, reading book after book, trying to find freedom from the mind and the ego identity, and moving on to full self realisation. Then something profound happened. We were taken on an unintended journey of deep connection that lead us to opening up spiritual awakening to everyone in a clear and concise way. And so, the masterclass was born.


It assimilates all of the ancient, timeless and real “wisdom that works” and is structured in a key sequence that will walk you through the process with total support and clarity. With commitment, your journey throughout the masterclass will be your spiritual path.

Instead of just conceptually understanding the process of spiritual awakening, Zen Jungle will allow you to  experience it first hand and be forever transformed.

Why now is the time for awakening

The world right now is in a dramatic state of flux and change. As the old systems and ways of life crumble in front of our eyes, a new dawn and a new solution is slowly revealing itself. We are finding what and who we are en-masse, and rekindling our connection to consciousness.


It's exciting. No longer will we be trapped in the prison of the mind and the human illusion it has created. As we choose to awaken, one person at a time, we will liberate ourselves both internally from the mind and externally from the suffering of the world.

What's on the other side?
  • To become permanently present
    When you no longer need to spend almost every moment of every day and all of your energy managing the mind, you can finally be present and experience every precious moment. As you "become" that present experiencer, you will settle into a state of permanent love, losing your resistance to life.

  • Entering the flow state
    The flow state is your natural state of being when you are present and no thoughts are occupying your mind. Flow will connect you to the whole and with that connection comes great wisdom, creativity, effortless "doing" and decisive action. It will reveal your inner genius, finding out of the box solutions to any challenge. The Zen Jungle masterclass was created in this state.

  • Synchronicities will follow
    The spiritual awakening process also opens the door to beautiful, mind blowing synchronicities. Whether that’s finding the answer to a question in the most peculiar place, serendipitous interactions with strangers, turning up at exactly the right place at the right time or frequent uncanny “coincidences”.

  • Healing
    The connection between the mind and body is inextricable. Once you have learnt to control the mind, miracles can occur. It is possible to heal illness, chronic pain, disease and more..

  • The Law of Attraction
    The last steps of the masterclass reveal the fundamental principles of the law of attraction. Instead of “wanting” to experience the law of attraction, you will become effortless proof of it. Once you know the most simple science behind it, you can attract the experiences, opportunities and relationships of your dreams..

  • The ultimate Truth
    One of the final breakthroughs to unlock in the masterclass is the ultimate truth. That there is no separation or duality between any person, place or thing. We are all one consciousness experiencing different perceptions of life. Once you deeply understand this, you no longer need to blame, feel guilt, overthink, compare or compete. You are completely free. svsTh


A proven 11 step process

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From £9.99 - £20

Feel good, no matter what your mind or this crazy world throws at you.

The book or audiobook is the foundation of the masterclass. It will take you on a unique, life-changing, transformational journey. It is in 11, easy to follow steps, and makes the learnings both easy and actionable.


All formats come with FREE member content, online in the private members area. Infographics, explainers a forum and more are all included to make things more visual, offering support on your journey.

Sign up and buy your chosen book format here, to get started immediately. Optional additions such as the online course and retreats are shown below and can be added at any time, as you see the immense value of the masterclass, and to fuel understanding.

The masterclass is 330+ pages or almost 15 hours of audio, and you'll need to plan for several reads or listens. The course requires 2 complete reads over a period of 8 weeks, and we find that many people add the course either during or just after their first read.


The audiobook is the strongly recommended format, as it provides effortless learning, almost anywhere, at any time.





For those who like to learn visualy and for the best results, we strongly recommend adding the online course to partner with your chosen book format.


Add it before or after you buy the book, and at any time you wish. Most buy it during the first read or in time for the second, when the value and impact of the masterclass has become abundantly clear. It really does bring profoundly life-changing moments, again and again.

The course is a fully managed, visual learning process,.all with a flexible schedule, adding perfectly timed, rich,  learning experiences, reminders and explainers at just the right moment.

11 illuminator books, over 50 infographics, over 50 worksheets, practice reminders, forum support and more, make everything super actionable. It really does unlock the wisdom in the content and makes it crystal clear.

If you don't already have the book, you will be taken to amazon to buy your chosen format on completing this purchase. 



from +£650

A luxury stay, complete with teaching of the whole 11 step masterclass at "The Zen Jungle", our beautiful, purpose built retreat, is sure to be truly life-changing.

Once there, talks, practices, direct one-to-one coaching, questions and answers, and an amazing group dynamic will change everything. Direct support from the Zen Jungle team and other retreat participants, will embed learnings and make new actionable whole of life habits.

On booking a retreat you also gain immediate free access to the online course and members area, so you'll have time to familiarise yourself with the masterclass content well before arrival. This creates amazing results. 

Beautiful log cabins, lake cabins and tree houses are included and the retreat has 5 lakes, woodland and the peace needed to focus on you in peace. 

If you don't already own the book, don't worry, you will be taken to Amazon on completing this purchase.