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Open to members Saturday & Sunday. Try mulled wine with soup or hungarian goulash meditations and Shamanic breathwork on Sunday

We are opening the bar and bistro on Saturday and Sunday and will be adding mindfulness sessions and meditations to the Shamanic breathwork already scheduled for sunday 21st January.

We will be serving hot soup and beef goulash with mulled wine to warm you up after walking or meditating at the retreat. The bar is also open from lunchtime on both days.

As we have an organised retreat over the weekend and because we now have so many wanting to do the breathwork regularly, we have also added a breath work session on Sunday.

Breathwork is an exciting journey into the possibilities of consciousness itself and altered states. It also provides an amazing form of release, relaxation and presence too.

The process we follow at the retreat is simple and as the original form of breathwork it both the most effective and simple for beginners and experienced participants alike.

Each breathwork experiences is both personal and different, and the breath will take you on a unique journey each and every time you practice.

Hannah and I are both very experienced in the facilitation, with our primary function during the practice being to hold space for our guests and ensure that you get the best possible journey and experience.

As we increase the schedule at the retreat, breathwork has emerged as a clear favourite with all who attend and we are pleased to be seeing the same faces now on a weekly basis. That's why we are now running two sessions every week, so thank you for all of your support and for trying something new.

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HI , I'm coming along to breathwork on Sunday, do you need to book in for food or can you just tuen up if my family wanted to come ? 😊

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We will be serving food from lunch on both Saturday and Sunday, so no just come along and bring everyone with you.

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