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The way you book sessions, membership inclusions, schedule and prices have changed.

Great News!

We have now made finding and booking session much easier. We have also added way more value to the standard membership by offering up to 10 free sessions every single month including solo wild swimming, meditations, mindfulness and more.

Your 10 Free sessions are now added on your monthly renewal date and counted down as you use them automatically, so booking is made so much easier. Applicable sessions are listed as free with inner circle.

2 ways to view sessions

There are now two ways to view and explore sessions. The by session view allows you to reseach and understand each session and to try new things by picking them from the list. The "view by day" means you can select the day you want to visit, see all sessions that day and choose what you want to book.

Prices reduced and no more discount issues

Some of you will have experienced the issues with the previous system failing to deduct your member discounts. This has been changed and new discounted prices have been set for all activities, meaning there's no need for discounts.

The changeover

Some membershipsmay need restarting to get the new free sessions, so if your free sessions don't show just ask and we will reset you to the new, updated plans.

More sessions, another membership tier and session pacjkages will soon be added.

For those who are now regularly attending the retreat and who feel the accumulative benefit of the sessions, there will soon be an "All in" pricing plan that will essentially offer any and all sessions including breathwork, sound and nidra free for the whole month at a heavily discounted monthly rate. We will confirm the details soon.

Packages will soon make the purchase of blocks of sessions at a discounted rate easier too. These may be limited to one session or allow the purchase of a discounted block of mixed sessions.

The schedule is extending and will also cover more days and evenings soon. If you have suggestions for the best times that would suit your availability, please add them in the comments below. Id addition, if there are any session suggestions, please send add those to the comments too.

Your feedback is valuable.

As we are in the midst of bringing inner peace to a wider audience, it helps if our session and food reservations platforms don't bring frustration. So whilst we may experience a transitional moment in this change, we would also value your feedback on what you would like to see us do and how we can make visiting the retreat easier and add value to your time here. Please get in touch or use the comments.

You can visit the new session pages by clicking on the daily activities shown on the homepage or following this link.

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