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We've changed the schedule for this week.

As we have a transformational retreat starting on friday evening, we have added in a few special extra sessions and re-arranged some of the regular ones.

A few highlights of what's on this week and next include :

  • Guided cold water swimming is back, starting 9am Thursday

  • Brain. sync meditation has been added and there are several sessions to be joined. This will be a new favourite.

  • We have a sound bath at 5:30pm on Sunday

  • There's only one session of Shamanic breathwork this weekend on Friday but we have two more during the following week as part of the retreat

  • Several Nidra sessions have been added.

  • Transformational mindfulness has been added on Saturday.

  • We've added daily Zazen every day including next week except for this saturday

  • Our feasting dinner is still open to all members and is still only £19 for members

As most of you will know, the transformational retreat is a deep and intense process for the participants so we try to give them as much space and time as possible. For this retreat however we have opened the above sessions for everyone to join with limited spaces.

If you'd like to join us on anything above or the other sessions in the schedule, please use this link

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