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Join us for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner this Friday & Saturday at the bistro

Updated: May 4

We're back again this week with some more spectacular dishes this Friday and Saturday at the bistro. Lunch will be available on both Friday and Saturday, and breakfast and dinner will be available on Saturday.

Come and discover our innovative 1, 2, 3 lunch concept and enjoy a hearty, healthy meal prior to our new Brainsync meditation experience on Friday. Choose your base from the days selection such as jacket potatoes, pasta, wraps or pizza. Add your toppings, fresh vegetables and / or meat with a variety of marinades. Have your lunch freshly cooked to order for a meal that will leave you warm and happy!

Breakfast is a new speciality of ours, having launched last week. It was received with great reviews and we can't wait to wow you again this Saturday. Andy will be offering a selection of delights so whether you're hungry for a full english or wanting a light snack, there's something for everyone.

As usual, our tribal feasting experience will be stealing the show, with spaces available this Saturday evening. A flowing feast of tasty street foods made from the day's freshest ingredients. A dynamic, set menu is lovingly created daily and served slowly in a single sitting for a shared, tribal feast where food becomes community.

Come and join us for some of these great experiences. You can come for a meal or tie it together with a selection of events and activities to create the perfect experience for you. With meditation, Shamanic Breathwork, wild swimming and transformational mindfulness to choose from, you'll be sure to find something that will broaden your horizons and offer you a peaceful break from life.

Just turn up on the day for breakfast and lunch, or book your tribal feast here:

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