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NEW Motherhood Circles starting this week!

This week we will be celebrating the launch of our new weekly session, Motherhood Circles! For those at any stage of their journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, this will be an open space to gather, connect, relax and inspire. Babies / toddlers are welcome to attend with mothers. Mothers of older children also welcome solo.

Circles will be a space for Mothers to connect in a supportive, uplifting environment. Our group is founded upon the belief that grounded and centred parents raise free, independent and happy children. We know that to achieve this, we have to provide non-judgmental support for each other throughout the wins and challenges of motherhood.

Each circle will vary depending on the needs of the group, but you can expect plenty of time for chatting, sharing and connecting as well as relaxation techniques, guided meditations, creative practices, focused topic conversation and guest speakers and facilitators.

Our discussion groups focus on a range of topics such as empowerment and self-authority in pregnancy, freebirth, co-sleeping, newborn potty training (EC), breastfeeding, health choices for you and your baby, mothering without screens, babywearing, homeschooling/unschooling and supporting age appropriate independence. We welcome topic suggestions each week to ensure we cover what matters most to our group.

Bodhi and I are so excited to connect and share this journey with you!


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