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How a decision to live differently and feel good, created the Zen Jungle retreat

Zen Jungle Retreat has been in the making for over two years now. As with any project, we've had incredible successes and spectacular failures (although we wouldn't necessarily see them that way), and we've been doing our best to learn as we go.

Along the way we've connected with an abundance of beautiful souls. Whether it be the amazing team that work here and have helped us to create this magical space, unique characters that have stumbled across us by accident and stayed for a while to share their gifts or the dedicated guests that attend our retreats, we've really loved building connections that will last a lifetime.

The one thing we have been repeatedly asked along the way is "how's it going?". Last night, when we were asked yet again, it occurred to us that in fact, we never really share how it's going! We've always kept ourselves separate from the name 'Zen Jungle', believing that it's its own thing... a way of life. But the truth we've come to realise is that it's not just a way of life, it's OUR way of life.

So it's time we own it and say what Zen Jungle really is. It's us, the Jungle family. Hannah and Jason, our daughter Bodhi, three dogs, a cat and a large handful of chickens. It's our 40 acres of land tucked away in the middle of nowhere on the border of Devon and Cornwall.

It's our quirky little life, our choice to live differently by exiting the conditioned beliefs of the matrix. It's our dedication to joy, personal freedom and independence. It's our commitment above all else to our own inner and outer peace.

Zen Jungle is us sharing this with you if you want the same. It's us saying that you can change your life forever, just as we have, helping you to take that leap of faith and showing you a magical journey to get there. The same journey that we ourselves have taken.

So, here's to 2024 bringing a new era of Zen Jungle. This is the year that we start opening up and making it personal. We've got so much to share with you, covering what we've been up to the last two years as well as what's going on for us and the retreat moving forward.

Of course, we'll still be keeping up with our transformational and awakening content as always, but we'll also be giving you more of an insight into how we've integrated it and how it helps us every single day.

As well as that we'll be sharing other aspects of our lives and experiences including:

Parenting & Birth with topics such as wild pregnancy out of the system, unassisted freebirth, age appropriate independence, parenting without screens and unschooling/homeschooling.

Energy & Water with topics such as solar, wind and water power, alternative energy sources, water pollution and chemical free water sources, water filtration and bore holes.

Food Independence with topics such as outdoor and indoor growing, permaculture, compost, livestock, foraging and hunting.

Holistic Health with topics such as natural remedies, plant medicine, foods and conscious wellbeing.

Meanwhile in The Matrix with topics such as life outside the jungle, news stories and propaganda.

Natural Law & Freedom with topics such as false obligations, authority, consent and the global crime syndicate.

Financial Independence with topics such as money, banking, trade, barter, energy exchange, small town initiatives and alternative currencies.

Updates with all the ins and outs of daily life here at Zen Jungle such as retreat builds, creative projects, musings and reflections, behind the scenes during retreats and much more!

We are so excited to finally be welcoming you into our family, stay tuned for all the new content coming your way.

Jungle love xx

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

love what you have created 🥰


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful 😍


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Well done guys

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