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Mental health, depression


There is another way for those suffering from almost all mental health issues, including depression and or suicidal thoughts and feelings.
The way you feel today, can change much faster than you THINK.

Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression​ and feeling suicidal are best described as, and are actually part of a single pattern. The dysfunction between your true conscious self and that wonderful voice in your head, a.k.a the mind. We all have these two separate identities, which create two conflicting selves.


It is our ego or thought created identity that creates a constant state of internal conflict, anxiety and sometimes a profound battle. What is interesting, is that no matter what you have been told or come to believe about "mental health", for most this dysfunction is far easier to resolve than you may think. It is a conditioned response to the world humans have created. With deeper understanding, new conceptualisation and a fundamental change in habits, a whole new state of being, complete with peace, freedom, fulfilment and happiness can be yours.

The Zen Jungle masterclass works at the core of this dysfunction and conflict between the two selves, and although never specifically created for this purpose, it has profound impact and results for all mental illness. 

It's time to find


When was the last time your thoughts and the voice in your head actually stopped. That moment is coming very soon.


Feel hopeless or are questioning why? You are not alone. Finding true purpose is core to the masterclass and it really works.


This masterclass will answer the question, what is freedom? And in doing so, you will find it in your mind, not outside of you.


Does life fail to make you happy or give the satisfaction that you feel it should, the answer is just around the corner.


To feel love can be the most overwhelming urge but where is it really found? You have an internal fountain waiting for release. 

Anxiety can be totally debilitating and intrudes on the lives of so many people.

Whether you suffer from "clinical" anxiety or not, most people when asked will find it difficult to remember a time that they weren't overthinking, anxious or worried.

To varying degrees, anxiety affects all of us but for some, it has a much deeper, life changing impact.

Whilst the growth in psychology, counselling and anti-anxiety medication is there for all to see, we have seen that these solutions tend to mainly treat the symptoms, not the underlying root cause.

Anxiety is a thought related condition. It is the creation of thoughts that for the most part relate to multiple imagined futures, some that create worry or dread.

Anxiety also manifests as situational overwhelm. Thoughts are created in response to a situation or experience, and they take over your whole body, often making it difficult to function.

These patterns can be conscious or sub-conscious, and they can take effect both in the mind and with physical symptoms. Regardless, they all originate at a base level in the creation of involuntary thoughts. This is fuelled by the ego mind or as psychology may say, past experiences and ideas returning to change the perception of the present.

This is clearly an issue of the involuntary nature of thought. After all, why would you create thoughts and ideas, when they take your peace, worry or scare you? Nobody would choose that purposefully.

So where can the masterclass help? It will take you on a journey of deep understanding about that voice in your head, what creates your involuntary thoughts and how to take back control and remove the fuel for it.


This really works and with no counselling or medication, which we see elongate and intensify the issues time and time again.

Depression and the downward spiral to darkness, can be halted and reversed.

For those who find themselves in or falling into depression, it feels like a dark cloud is descending and can seem that there is nothing left to be positive about in life. Energy has gone and self management is difficult.

The key challenge here is to overcome the hopelessness and to take action through the fog of the thoughts and feelings that generate the condition. If you are here, you are not feeling so hopeless as to be helpless, which means you are looking for a solution and are capable of actioning it.

For most, the underlying causes can be triggered by chemical imbalance or by external events, which then go on to cause internal events and importantly, involuntary thoughts. For those who are post pregnancy it can also have particularly inconvenient high impact effects.

At its core, depression is manifested as involuntary thoughts and feelings, creating a dysfunctional battle between you and the voice in your head, also known as your thoughts. One of you would love to feel good and be free, but the other keeps reminding you of the darkness, hopelessness, and why life is such a problem.

For those who have searched out and found this page, you are in a great place to find a solution in the masterclass. You are actively seeking and committed to transforming your life. It is this commitment that will enable the masterclass to take you out of the darkness.

It will create a new relationship between you and your thoughts and provide techniques that are transformative in taking back control. One particularly effective area, is that you will learn how not to think at all. A great start for those in the midst of this battle.

More than that, and on a far deeper transformational level, the masterclass will fundamentally change the way you see the world. It will take you on a journey of self discovery, showing who you really are, dissolving that "thought identity" and providing a whole new reason to exist. The aim is to love life, and the masterclass really does live up to it's promise.

Love life, we believe everyone can...

Our mission is to help the whole of humanity to love life again, free from overthinking and re-connected to the power and peace of nature.

If you are having suicidal thoughts and the world seems to have lost meaning or purpose, there is another way.

Have you reached a stage where your mind is telling you that you simply don't fit, you can't resolve your problems or there simply is no point? Whilst you may not be taking any action on those thoughts, you are constantly considering if and how you can possibly continue....

There are usually multiple reasons for why you feel this way. Your life situation, your view on life itself, or an underlying lack of enjoyment of life or the version of life you are currently experiencing.

The great news is, for most, there is actually lots that can and will change when a process of deep unlearning and perspective shift is undertaken.

The masterclass will work on several levels to change how you see the world, take control of your thinking and create a whole new understanding of what you are and why you are here. In the process it will start teach you how to remove the fuel for these thoughts and simply not to have them.


It will bring peace and purpose together, making the outside world something that can no longer affect you internally. Moving forward, you will find freedom from your thoughts and have little or no need to fit in at all.

Your happiness and purpose is waiting inside, the masterclass will simply help you to bring it out with a step-by-step process.


A proven 11 step process

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A transformational journey based on the ultimate mental health masterclass

The Zen Jungle masterclass is is an 11 step process that will take you from whatever point in your life you may be, to a new state of being full of peace, freedom, fulfilment and purpose. It will also reveal what true love really is,  without the need for anything or anyone outside of you.

It is both a set of lessons and a journey. Consciously and sub consciously, you will take a journey that will allow you to see and conceptualise the world very differently, challenging how you have been living so far. It will then bring new levels of freedom and peace, no matter what may be happening in your outside world.

Simply by being here, you are committing to the idea that life can be amazing, or at least taking a leap of faith knowing that your other options seem to have been exhausted.

For those with addictions, depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts and those who feel hopeless or helpless, this process is the one that will bring an end to your suffering.



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From £9.99 - £20

Feel good, no matter what your mind or this crazy world throws at you.

The book or audiobook is the foundation of the masterclass. It will take you on a unique, life-changing, transformational journey. It is in 11, easy to follow steps, and makes the learnings both easy and actionable.


All formats come with FREE member content, online in the private members area. Infographics, explainers a forum and more are all included to make things more visual, offering support on your journey.

Sign up and buy your chosen book format here, to get started immediately. Optional additions such as the online course and retreats are shown below and can be added at any time, as you see the immense value of the masterclass, and to fuel understanding.

The masterclass is 330+ pages or almost 15 hours of audio, and you'll need to plan for several reads or listens. The course requires 2 complete reads over a period of 8 weeks, and we find that many people add the course either during or just after their first read.


The audiobook is the strongly recommended format, as it provides effortless learning, almost anywhere, at any time.





For those who like to learn visualy and for the best results, we strongly recommend adding the online course to partner with your chosen book format.


Add it before or after you buy the book, and at any time you wish. Most buy it during the first read or in time for the second, when the value and impact of the masterclass has become abundantly clear. It really does bring profoundly life-changing moments, again and again.

The course is a fully managed, visual learning process,.all with a flexible schedule, adding perfectly timed, rich,  learning experiences, reminders and explainers at just the right moment.

11 illuminator books, over 50 infographics, over 50 worksheets, practice reminders, forum support and more, make everything super actionable. It really does unlock the wisdom in the content and makes it crystal clear.

If you don't already have the book, you will be taken to amazon to buy your chosen format on completing this purchase. 



from +£650

A luxury stay, complete with teaching of the whole 11 step masterclass at "The Zen Jungle", our beautiful, purpose built retreat, is sure to be truly life-changing.

Once there, talks, practices, direct one-to-one coaching, questions and answers, and an amazing group dynamic will change everything. Direct support from the Zen Jungle team and other retreat participants, will embed learnings and make new actionable whole of life habits.

On booking a retreat you also gain immediate free access to the online course and members area, so you'll have time to familiarise yourself with the masterclass content well before arrival. This creates amazing results. 

Beautiful log cabins, lake cabins and tree houses are included and the retreat has 5 lakes, woodland and the peace needed to focus on you in peace. 

If you don't already own the book, don't worry, you will be taken to Amazon on completing this purchase. 

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This is a whole of life transformational process. It will create new perspective on almost everything...
The world is changing  fast but don't make that into your own, personal crisis.

World events, a pandemic, lockdowns, the inability to work, see family and operate as normal, has created a personal crisis for so many. This is not new however, for those already suffering from anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts, was already a real option.

The outside world can be intense and all consuming. It can appear to be what your life is about and happiness can seem to depend on how it behaves and what it and others around you do.

This is a mistake that has overtaken so many of us. It feels so real and inescapable, that we feel forced to consider options of exit, endlessly worry or get overtaken by the darkness. At this point, the only thing we see and hear is our imagination and that voice in our head.

At Zen Jungle, not only do we understand how you feel completely, we also see the world very differently than other organisations who offer support. The masterclass is a transformational journey that will slowly but fundamentally change everything, even for those in the darkest of places. It will show you that there really is light at the end of this tunnel.

If you need this support, you know who you are. Please take that small leap of faith. Even if you only buy the book and start there, do so in the belief that things really can and will get better.