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Soul Harmony Day Retreat: A day of meditation, conscious dance, sound ceremony, qi gong, breathwork and nourishing cuisine

After the huge success of our last day retreat and evening banquet, 17th February is playing host to our next extravaganza, the Soul Harmony Day Retreat! The perfect celebration of self love this valentines, the day retreat is centered around raising consciousness and bringing mindfulness to all aspects of your life, allowing you to experience inner peace and joy.

Beginning with a 10am meditation, we will set the scene for the day, helping you to drop into presence and truly immerse yourself in what's on offer. This session is all about grounding, landing in the space and showing up fully as your true and authentic self. Here, we invite you to bring joy to the day and to every activity you participate in.

After the meditation we will move into a qi gong class guided by our incredible practitioner Alessia. Qi gong is all about tuning into your inner self and surrendering to the energy of your surroundings. You will learn to flow with the movement of mother earth and harness this energy for yourself so that you can call upon it in times of need. Qi gong is a truly beautiful practice and while it includes gentle movement, no level of fitness or ability is required as the class is tailored for complete beginners.

Our morning will be complete with a Shamanic Breathwork session lead by Jason. Despite proving to be our most popular activity so far, many people are intrigued but nervous about trying the breathwork. Be assured that there is no need to fear the process as you will be held in a safe and loving space by experienced guides. The magic of breathwork is that while it can take you on a powerful journey and sometimes offers psychedelic experiences, you are in complete control because it is all done through breathing techniques.

Following the breathwork we have a light lunch to restore and rejuvinate down at the Jungle Club. This will be the first time the Jungle Club is open to the public having only been used for retreats so far. It's an incredible and secluded space, tucked away on the lakeside offering unbeatable views and a cosy, friendly vibe. You can expect juicy fruits and nourishing snacks to prepare your body for ecstatic dance.

Ecstatic dance is a form of free flowing movement that allows you to express yourself in ways that work for and feel right to you. Guided by Hannah and Kim, this session will allow you to explore movement in many forms and styles, reconnecting you with your inner child and encouraging fun and playfulness. With an epic playlist lined up, this session is sure to leave you high on life and laughter, deeply connected with yourself and those around you.

The activities will be complete with a sound bath from Alessia. Each sound bath is unique and individual and Alessia guides the journey encouraging curiosity and healing. A wonderful exploration in the magnificence of ceremonial instruments, allowing you to lay back and immerse yourself in relaxation. The perfect end to a day of conscious relaxation.

To end the experience on a high, Andy, creator of Plant Neesh, will be serving an exploration of the senses with a three course meal designed to leave you feeling totally nourished and refilled.

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