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New Launch: Monthly Day Retreats!

Saturday played host to the Soul Harmony Day Retreat, our first full day event. With a mix of meditation, qi gong, shamanic breathwork, ecstatic dance and sound ceremony as well as nourishing, locally sourced food, it truly was a day we will never forget!

We wanted to offer our gratitude to everyone who came and filled the day with magic. There is something really beautiful that happens when like minded people get together and share vibes, energy, laughter and conscious experiences. Our whole team left feeling on top of the world and we hope you all did too.

Due to the huge success, we have decided to launch the day retreats as a monthly event. Each one will host a slightly different itinerary featuring a variety of guest facilitators to bring you the best experience every time.

The Third Eye Day Retreat is our next event, taking place on the 30th March. This retreat will focus on Third Eye experiences, allowing you to journey to other realms and connect with energy beyond what you perceive on this level of being, all through the power of consciousness.

To start the day, we will practice yoga nidra. This is a type of yoga valuing stillness, so think less exercise class and more soft mattresses, fluffy blankets and eye pillows. Together we will prepare ourselves for the day by bringing presence, awareness and relaxation to the body and sink into our third eye space, allowing visions to arise.

We will then move on to movement meditation. This is a form of free flowing movement that can be as energetic as ecstatic dance or as calm as gentle swaying depending on what you feel called to do on the day. At the last retreat, ecstatic dance was a huge hit and we're excited to incorporate this inclusive activity which offers the same release of endorphins.

With breathwork following, our two expert instructors Jason and Aydan will guide you through a journey that will leave you amazed. For those who have never tried breathwork with us before, it's the one activity that many people feel nervous of to begin with but also the one with the most incredible feedback. We're never short of people who are amazed by the power that breath alone can have on the body.

Lunch will follow, prepared by Andy who is a master in the art of both plant and meat based meals. Using fresh, local ingredients, we aim to provide nourishing, healthy and mind-blowingly tasty meals that will energise you and leave you feeling satisfied.

The afternoon will play host to a third eye meditation, encouraging you to deeply connect with the energy of your third eye and allowing you to witness anything that arises in your third eye vision. This will be guided so if you're new to meditation, there's no need to worry, it's the perfect start for both beginners and advanced meditators alike.

We will conclude the activities with a sound bath, guided by Hannah. Experience our magnificent range of sound healing instruments and surrender to the powerful vibrations as they travel through your body, providing healing and relaxation to any areas in need.

Finally, we'll be sitting down to a three course meal, with both meat and vegan options. The feedback from the previous day retreat evening meal was out of this world and we will be back with another incredible menu this time. We can't wait to see you!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

What a fantastic day we all had. The breathwork class was something I hadn't done before, but I felt safe and looked after. I enjoyed every bit of the day and even being on my own and quite shy, everyone was friendly and welcoming. The food was delicious and nutritious. Will definitely be coming again. 😁

Replying to

We're so happy you enjoyed it as much as we did and look forward to seeing you again!


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Saturday was such an enjoyable day on every level. I was one of those nervous/embarrassed about the ecstatic dancing, but encouraged myself to let go and loved the energy I both received and gave!! The food was divine! And our hosts Hannah and Jason were first class....thank you one and all!! Nic :)

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