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Have breakfast or a cooked to order Lunch this Friday & Saturday.

This weekend is a special one for us at the retreat as it's our Zen ceremony for Bodhi who is now 6 months old, and everyone is welcome. The ceremony is open to members on Saturday and we are starting our breakfast and lunch service too.

Start with Breakfast from 8:30am

It's only £9:50

Breakfast will be served for members and cabin guests from 8:30am this friday and saturday, and will become regular soon.

Choose from cooked breakfast food, sandwiches, cereals with coffee and orange juice. It's all made with fresh ingredients and the eggs are all freshly laid by our own Zen Hens. There are vegan and veggie options too.

No reservation necessary, just turn up.


Visit the retreat for the day and enjoy a tasty lunch cooked especially for you at the bistro, every friday and saturday. We take the days freshest ingredients and create your choice of pasta, pizza, wraps, fajitas, sandwiches, kebab skewers or .something magical from the chef just for you.

There's lots of ingredients to choose from including fresh produce, meat and or fish, and all can be turned into the meal of your choice.

Add the soup or stew of the day with crusty bread.

Visit just for lunch or hang out with us for the day, it's up to you. The retreat is open for exploring, sitting, meditating or the scheduled activities.

We're launching lunch for only £12.50.

Here's how it works....

Reservations are appreciated to help us plan the numbers but it's also fine to just turn up and dine with us.

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