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Final Spaces for our 10 Day Transformational Retreat coming up: 3rd - 13th May

A 10 night retreat that will totally change your whole life, forever.

​This is your invitation to :

  • Learn to free yourself of mind chaos, anxiety and overthinking.

  • Learn to feel good about yourself and the world, finally enjoy your life.

  • Let go of limiting beliefs, past trauma and find independence

  • Dissolve triggers, depression, anger and addiction for good.

  • Connect and realise the power of your true self, raise your consciousness.

  • Dissolve conditioning and awaken to a whole new perspective on life.

  • Find a blissflul inner peace, joy, freedom and belonging.

  • Reveal the deep intuition, flow and purpose within.

The retreat is an intense program of talks, pointings, workshops, practices, fun activities and experiences. It's a paradoxical journey of learning-to-unlearn and empowers you to let go of a life-time of conditioning, trauma, limiting beliefs and resistance to life. It will reveal the true, authentic you, who is free and peaceful inside and feels the joy and purpose of living. It's deep liberation from your mind and thoughts.

If you long for change in how you feel about yourself, life and others, this 10 night retreat will provide the deepest level of personal transformation possible, with other guests who feel just like you. What it is not is predictable. This is not all about sharing circles or baring your soul to strangers, and it's not all about woo woo or mystical magic (although there is plenty of magic that follows the transformation).


It is about releasing what holds you back, seeing the mechanism of the mind and using it to drop a lifetime of conditioning that has never served you in a safe space, together. The teachings and practices will allow you to completely let go of the old, trapped you to reveal a new, happy, peaceful you. full of freedom, intuition and purpose.

Outside your comfort zone is where you will finally realise that it is what you have come to believe in most that now limits you.

This process of self interrogation and understanding will reveal that you are not who you "thought" you were.


As you strip back the learned, superficial ideas that have been binding you, you will realise you are so much more than this body and mind full of beliefs and opinions that you have identified with. You are infinite and connected.


This is neither religious or spiritual, it is an awakening to the truth of your reality that will change the deepest foundations of who and what you believe you are, providing you with a new level of belonging, removing separation and replacing chaos with a blissful level of inner peace, happiness and freedom.

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