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Astral travel - the next stage in exploration of the magic

Updated: Mar 28

As we let go of the conditioned reality and the limiting beliefs that are holding us back, we start to see the magic of this existence. Having been born into a body and place that remains a complete mystery, we start to notice, as we did when we were children, that there is magic everywhere.

Whether it be the magic of having a body that created itself and exited the womb to draw breath for the first time or the observation that we really don't have a clue what this reality actually is, how we got here or why things are as they are, we start to see that things are not as they appear or limited to what we have been told.

The magic of consciousness itself

One of the biggest mysteries that is here to be noticed is the mystery of consciousness itself. This is our inherent awareness of things through the senses of the body, the thought stream, the dream state and the extra sensory perceptions available through meditation and psychadelics.

It fundamentally defines our existence because without it we simply would not perceive our own existence and therefore would not technically exist at all. They say perception is 9 tenths of reality but in truth it is 100% of reality, as without it you would be aware of nothing including your own existence.

For most of us in the western world however, education, science and the endless conditioning through media and TV has left us all so busy with other very worldly and human concerns that we overlook or ignore the nature of our own existence.

Money, family, health, diet, success, relationships, religion and more take over our waking moments with endless thoughts and planning. They leave us endlessly worried and chasing what we want, creating all our fears and the need to avoid what we arbitrarily decide we don't want. It's exhausting and all consuming.

The journey back to becoming conscious of what we are and realising the true self however, reveals that we have been missing so much while submerged in all that thought chaos. The power and extent of consciousness itself being one of the major surprises.

Your awareness can travel to places you have never been

For those who have experienced mushrooms or other psychadelics this is no surprise. Many have visited complex realms either within the world we are experiencing right now or totally outside of it where we see new realities and things previously unimaginable and unseen.

As our journey and commitment to our own peace deepens, we realise that there is no need of medecins to open up our perception to other realms of reality. Noticing that we can experience visions and beings, lands and concepts unknown to us just through changing breathing patterns and learning to meditate deeply.

As we do, we often start to become more and more lucid in our dream states. We find that we can take control of our dreams and explore or have adventures at will more and more often. Something in the dream alerts us to the fact that we are dreaming and hey presto we realise that we are dreaming, starting to project into locations of our choice, to fly at will and experience beings and wisdoms as just a few of the adventures available.

Exploring the magic is a natural progression

Hannah and I have been on a deep and life-changing journey. We have been sharing our path and the tools that took us away from the conditioned mind and into the magic for some time now and within that process our own journey deepens and continues.

As we find further peace and become more open, intuition grows and we are often exposed to more and more experiences outside of our previous understanding. It really is magical. We see others change, connect and become more and more open too, seeing it all as an evolution of previously hidden consciousness.

The natural progression from finding inner peace is towards exploring the magic of consciousness itself. As we see the power and life-changing potential, we also see that the limitations we previously believed in and thought of as the laws of this universe were merely subjective ideas shared, with no underlying basis of truth.

So now it's time to join us in explorations, today it may be astral travel, tomorrow it's remote viewing then who knows, it could be teleportation

We are open to the magic and hope you are too. That's why we have started to explore new ways to go deeper, to meditate and to mix our practices together to find new experiences.

Astral travel has been a fascination for us for so long. Astral travel, also known as astral projection, is a fascinating phenomenon where one's consciousness leaves the physical body and travels to different planes of existence. It is often described as a deeply spiritual experience that allows individuals to explore the astral realm beyond the constraints of the physical world.

In a kind of progression from lucid dreaming, to embark on an astral journey, we must first achieve a deep state of relaxation and meditation. This can be done through techniques such as breathwork and visualization, hemispheric sound synchronisation and placing ourselves deep into the space between being awake and consciously asleep. By quieting the mind and letting go of physical sensations, the ideal conditions for astral travel to occur.

This is hugely exciting and provides the rout to great adventures, and while not always easy or reliable, we are working to be able to teach it all as a process that we can do together at both retreat and online sessions.

What an amazing way to demonstrate the unlimited nature of this existence and to break the previously held beliefs that serve only to hold us back. Experience is always the best teacher and trying these things for yourself is always the best way forward.

We will soon be ready and equipped to run our first sessions, to explore in groups and to project into realms previously unknown, and as with the other activities we do at the retreat, to open minds and to reach new awareness of what is limitless human potential or magic by another name.

When the magic begins it will open up a whole new reality

The truth for most is that we are locked into a small fraction of the experiences available to a human and to pure consciousness itself.

These new practices and explorations will undoubtedly open up a gateway for deeper experiences and an openness to trying the next thing and the next after that. As we experience more and more of the unknown, the limitations that hold us in the know will simply disolve, allowing us to find more of what we currently can't even imagine.

Finding peace releases the nature of this adventure and exposes it to be seen in ways that you currently haven't even dreamed of. As the intuitional flow is accepted, it only brings the new and leaves the repetitive old behind.

It's astral travel today and who knows what after. Look out for the upcoming sessions and tell us your thoughts and suggestions for this and other adventures we can facilitate. This is really exciting!

Would you be up for astral travel?

  • Yes, count me in!

  • No, that's impossible!


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