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Meditate with us daily for free, great for beginners and regulars

Life can be loud and chaotic, or at least our thoughts about it can. That's why we encourage daily meditation for every guest and member.

Learning to meditate is easy and every session is accompanied by clear discussions and instructions to help you to exit your thoughts and find some peace. We vary our sessions to keep them interesting and fresh but include deep sensory meditations, kriya meditations, connected meditations and Zazen regularly.

Meditation is a redirection of your awareness and attention into your senses. It will allow you to immerse in your energetic sensations, conscious visual space, sound and awareness itself.

Whilst we hear many people discuss their difficulty in meditating on first arriving, it always disappears and is replaced by a deep peace and calm before they leave. Meditating together and with guidance makes for a connected, energetic experience that we can all share. There is nowhere to be, nothing to do and no one to be while in this deep state of blissful peace.

Almost all meditation is free for members and whilst advertised Thursday to Monday, we almost always meditate at 9:30am every day at the retreat, so turn up and meet us in the bistro to get involved and connect.

We meditate both in the lounge yurt and on the lakesdie Zenscape stage when the weather permits where you can also swim and sit peacefully watching the wildlife.

Prices shown on meditation are for non members and will be discounted (usually to £0 on booking) so there's no excuse not to get involved. See you soon.

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