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It's time to peel back the conditioned ideas that are ruling your life.

As we embark on the journey to find some inner peace, we start to realise what is driving us to lose our peace in the first place.

Invariably, it's a collection of ideas that for most, have become the centre points of human existence. Ideas that have been systematically programmed into us all.

The modern human is born into a world and societal framework where they are bombarded with what is important and true seemingly for ALL humans from a very young age. Ideas like money, aesthetics, success and competition, relationships, family and health and diet are all presented to us and described as if they are the key things that will make us happy when done well.

The idea of being a successful human and achieving some goal or another during this limited lifetime is also an inferrerence that we buy into on a super deep level, as is the human concept of life and death. Death must be avoided and life must be lived.

We follow what we are told to be, do or have like it's an unchangeable human computer program

These concepts that are present from our parents, in our schools, on TV and from social media become embedded like a computer program and they create an intense feeling of both a need to do and have as well as a constant feeling of underlying anxiety.

The truth of being a human in this societal framework is that you are always chasing or avoiding something in the hope that you can have or retain some level of happiness. It's intense and non-stop, and it is what with deeper analysis, is driviong almost everyone you know. Their thoughts, words and actions in life originate in this small set of programmed, conditioned ideas. Not surprising when they are bombarded with them to saturation point.

Most people we know are either chasing money, success of one form or another, a relationship, health and diet, a career or they are working to avoid dying or a list of other things that they believe they need to stay away from in order to be happy. Modern life for humans has lost any form of peace and there';s always something to do, someone to be, something to have, somewhere you need to go, someone you need to be with or someone you need to get away from.

Have you noticed it's all conditioned ideas?

As we start our journey toward peace, a moment comes where we start to notice that our peace is actually being lost in all of the effort it takes to chase and avoid the ideas we have decided ironically will bring us peace. The cruel paradox is that our search for peace and happiness in these ideas is the very thing that takes all our peace and happiness.

As soon as we realise none of the ideas are actually our own, we see that we have been unconsciously conditioned to chase and avoid everything by systematic submersion in a closed set of beliefs and ideas. Interestingly though, we are so busy running the program and thinking it all out then doing it all that until we find a magical moment when we stop, we just can't see it for what it is.

Peace is not about attaching to more and chasing or avoiding it, it's about letting go of it all until there's nowhere to be, nothing to do, and no part to be played just to fit in.

It is only when we change perspective by 180 degrees and start to peel back the layers of conditioning that we see that all it was, was conditioning. A set of ideas that almost every individual in a whole species has been taken over by and now runs as a program they can't see and so don't know how to escape.

This paradoxical journey of life has us need to find some peace in order to reveal where inner peace actually lives and what is taking it away. In a world where there's always something to be, chase or avoid there is no rest at all. But in the truth of human existence, in the place where there is a gift of being and nothing at all to be, do or have, we are always at peace and always free. Gone are the ideas that were driving every word and action, gone is the need for endless strategy and thought.

Peeling back everything simply reveals what was always there before it became obscurred by the ideas we were falsely told were important; as if they were the truth of human existence. In truth they were just a subjective set of things that someone decided for us, probably for their own benefit.

When these ideas are seen for what they are and not as truth or importance, they become just another aspect of existence to be observed in peaceful being. They will not make you happy or bring you peace because the route to that is simply to leave them all alone and cease making peace or joy something you hope to find in a person, place or thing.

Peace and joy is the state of being that reveals itself as the conditioned thoughts of all the places and things to be, do or have melt away.

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