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Are you an addict or are you simply trying to feel better?

As we become addicted to escaping the life we feel trapped in, we are encouraged to mistake the symptom for the cause.

If your life is the cause, change it because a new label won’t help.

Feeling the need to escape the way you feel about life does not make you an addict, no matter who says it does.

Addiction is a symptom and not a cause.

If life felt good without your addiction, would you need the addiction?

It turns out that most of the way we feel about life is a self created perspective, meaning that we are constantly judging how things feel and creating our own idea based reality.

If those judgements become overwhelmingly negative then we become depressed and or feel a need to escape the way we feel.

Addiction is just one method we use to help with the negative thoughts and mind noise that comes from those judgements, ideas and thoughts about life.

Life has become an accumulation of things to do, a person to be, things to have, the right things to say, successful relationships and so much more.

All of those ideas exert a huge pressure on most of us and disconnect us from the nature of this magical adventure we have been given, giving an endless weight instead.

The labels create roles to be played and add even more pressure, including the label of addict.

What a paradox it is that we become addicted to escaping the pressure of the things we need to be, do and have, only to be given the pressure of managing a new role and label. That of an addict.

In this reality and human society, we are lost in and obsessed by symptoms and not cause, making us unable to see that it is the nature of a conditioned human life that creates our need to escape.

As we realise that we are bound into that life only by our own beliefs, we see that dealing with the cause is simply a matter of learning to let go of those beliefs and to reveal the freedom that was always there.

If addiction in the hope of feeling better is affecting you or those around you, it is time to see the cause not the symptom.

It is only our beliefs that imprison us in a life we become addicted to escaping from, so they are all that needs to change.

Zen Jungle is the holistic masterclass in how to truly love life.

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