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Take back your Freedom - Simplifying common law to take life-changing, decisive action.

The talk that will change your life by exposing that nobody (including government) has authority over you and you are not obliged to comply or pay unless you choose to.

So much has happened with the world in the years since we arrived at the retreat and in the years leading up to our arrival here. In that time, our journey of self discovery and awakening has also revealed that there is a "real" world that is tangibly different to the one we have all accepted and been conditioned to accept since we were born.

It turns out that in the "real" world we are all totally free. Free of rules made up by other people and groups, free of onerous obligations to comply and free of what may seem like an unavoidable need to pay taxes, penalties and fines.

This talk will show the simplicity of how the system works and how you have been deceaved, mislead, coerced and threatened unlawfully as a matter of routine by self proclaimed authorities who have no power unless you knowingly hand it to them, which of course you haven't by the way.

In a chaotic world now rife with wars, corruption, the threat of ai taking almost all the jobs, a financial system on the brink of collapse and government spending way past out of control or representative of the will of most people, the question of are we taking instructions from and why is huge. Who is driving the global decisions and why is my hard earned money being used for purposes I would never choose.

This moment is historical and it is huge. It has made visible what was previously unseen and that visibility grows on a daily basis. This talk will help you to both see the truth and to understand the nature of the system that has been conditioned into global populations for generations.

It will uncover that you are free and it will enable you to make choices you didn't even know you had, and safely. This is the beginning of a process to take back your birthright and change your standard of living forever.

Space is limited to 10 people to allow for discussions. The talk will be around 2 hours to include discussions and will be repeated regularly, so if this date is not for you, check back soon.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Absolutely can’t wait for this!!! Registered 😍

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