Change your perspective on life forever, starting to truly love it for the first time. That heavy cloud of effort, worry ,overthinking and discomfort that hangs over almost all of us, will be replaced with peace, freedom, connection, purpose, love and happiness; as you awaken to find true enlightenment. 

A life-changing, transformational journey in 11, easy to follow steps. It's time to transcend the world as you know it..

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Learn to love life . . .
  • Find Peace - Almost all of us search for it all of our lives,  few actually find it. Most it will come when everything else finally stops. The mind stops, peave arrives.

  • Purpose & Fulfilment - What is it all for? Do you want your life to truly mean something, or at least to know the meaning? New perspective will be revealed.

  • Freedom - Are you hoping to finally feel freedom? True freedom is found in escaping the prison of the mind and your thoughts. It's closer than you think.

  • Feel Deep Love - We all want to feel love and to be loved but most of us search for it in all the wrong places. It's time to find the magic recipe.

  • Be Truly Happy - Everyone wants to be happy, and no matter what your life situation. Turns out, you can make joy and happiness your default state.

  • Confidence & Independence - We are all limited by the voice in our head, self critical and almost abused. This changes that relationship.

  • Better relationships, Forgiveness - As humans we blame and judge constantly, often struggling with personal responsibility, breaking those patterns removes resistance and improves all relationships.

Heal body & mind...
  • Overthinking and the voice in your head - End the noise, expectations and involuntary thought. Learn to become the watcher and remove what fuels it.

  • Chasing happiness - Does it feel like you're always looking for happiness, that never finally arrives? Chasing is a habit you will now learn to finally stop.

  • Anxiety & Worry - Do you have way too much to think about, with so many things that could go wrong? Anxiety ends as you learn to choose your thoughts.

  • Addictions & Urges - Have you been powerless to stop compulsive behaviour? Drinking, drugs, phone use, in fact anything? Take back control, right now.

  • Depression & Mental health - If you are in a dark place or battling with your mind, that dysfunction between you and it will end faster than you think.

  • Sadness and Grief - If you are experiencing uncontrollable sadness or grief, the solution is here, learn to control what, when and if you think at all.

  • Guilt and Blame - Experiencing deep guilt or taken over by blame? The masterclass changes everything. Blame will no longer make you victim.

  • Pain and illness - As your consciousness is redirected away from thought, your healing energy is maximised, pain can be re-contexted and healing begins.

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Sleep &

As the voice in your head finally becomes quiet and under your control, sleep will improve, stress will reduce. and a better life will emerge.

Connection &

By first changing your relationship between you and your true self, every relationship, with others and the world, will also improve.

Focus &

As your mind clears and you are no longer bombarded by relentless thought, clarity and focus will dramatically change for the better. 

Intuition & Creativity

As involuntary thoughts reduce, intuition and instinct become louder, bringing creativity, wisdom, deep certainty and knowing.

Become resilient and untouchable by the crazy world outside

As the world outside becomes increasingly crazy, bombarding us with more and more to think and worry about, you'll learn to totally quiet your mind and stop overthinking, ultimately gaining the superpower to choose what you think, when you think and if you think at all. It's a whole new world where you are almost permanently happy and untouchable by the world outside, no matter what it throws at you.

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Awaken & See. . .


  • Lose your shadow and ego - The ego is our false identity built from a lifetime of judgement and ideas, dissolve it and peace, freedom and happiness follow.

  • Find the true self- On loosing the ego we find who  we really are, the self before thought and the one who experiences. This is self realisation.

  • Escape the illusion - As our own ideas and false identity falls away, we discover and see the idea based world around us, finding freedom for the first time.

  • Integrate and belong - Without ego and the illusion, there is a need to re-integrate and live outside of both, this is integration and brings new belonging.

Connect & Find deep Enlightenment

  • Find your deeper intuition - When the mind noise reduces, intuition becomes stronger, connecting you to truth and instinct like never before.

  • Learn to use knowing not thinking - Learn to rely on your new found intuitive knowing, stop using thought and feel the flow of life effortlessly succeeding..

  • Unleash deep creativity - Genius is not found in genetics or intelligence, it's found in connection and flow. As you connect your genius will be exposed.

  • Attract a better life - With your new found inner peace, all good things will come to you. Learn to attract what you want with clarity and focus.

  • Move from a 3D to 5D reality - By discovering  who you are at a consciousness level and using your connection, you will change your reality.

  • Prepare for outer body experience - As your connection and awareness grows, you will open up new explorations and find the truth of astral travel.

  • Source energy experience - Many of our students go on to experience source energy first hand, removing all fear, including that of death. 

No, this is not religious, at all!

If what you have read stirs questions like "is this religious?", then be assured it is not. Zen Jungle is the perfect marriage of quantum physics, psychology, emotional intelligence, yogic teachings, self realisation and more. It will uncover the questions of "who and what am I?" in ways that you never thought possible and it will teach the lessons of the mind you were never taught in school.


The human mind is the most powerful entity on the planet but we were never taught how to use it. This masterclass changes that on so many levels and will open up a whole new world. 


Learn the ability to choose when, what and if you think at all, on a journey of life changing transformation.
The masterclass is an eleven step transformation. It will reveal deep and actionable wisdom that you were simply never taught in school or since. It's all new.

You will gain a deep understanding of what and who you are, and your mind. It will demonstrate what thought is and how it actually works at the base level. It will then show how the root of all human unhappiness, including yours, is in a dysfunctional relationship between the true self and the voice in your head.

You will then learn how to take full control of the thinking process, learning firstly how the disfunction was created and what habits fuel it. You will then learn simple steps to make fundamental change, first by unlearning a lifetime of habitual ,self defeating patterns,  then by replacing them with a whole new state of being, one that serves you well and changes literally everything.

It really is a journey though, so along the way you will learn about the universe, consciousness, thought, a tiny amount of quantum physics and more than a small measure of zen and yogic wisdom. Everything then comes together as wisdom that truly works, is easy to action, to become a new happier way to live and become.

This is not content you have seen, heard or experienced before. If you have been reading and searching for a while, looking for answers and something more, this is certainly not more of the same. Whilst some concepts will be familiar, this is new and coherent, comprehensive and transformative learning. See the reviews and trust the fact that you will not be left looking for any more answers.
What actually is . . .
" the journey "
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Below are a sample of the reviews directly from Amazon for both the book audio book and course. Visit Amazon now to see what others say.

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Coherent, Actionable, Life-changing
What makes the Zen Jungle masterclass unique, in addition to the coverage and wisdom, is the coherence with which it is delivered. Where other courses and teaching leave questions, the masterclass provides clear, truly actionable answers. You will be taken on a journey of understanding first, through the removal of old habits, to embedding new practices and understanding. What you must do becomes clear, and life-changing results then follow.


A truly magical place

Situated on the border of Devon and Cornwall in the southwest of England, our 40 acre retreat is like no other. There you will experience teachings and coaching directly from the Zen Jungle team, immersed a group of like-minded people for life-changing experiences. There are talks, practices, coaching and workshops over the whole 10 days with access to the most amazing spaces and activities. It's the perfect place for personal transformation.




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As the foundation of the masterclass, the book will become your "go-to" manual of wisdom that works in an 11 step, easily actionable journey, with life-changing results.


Zen Jungle AudioBook Cover (1).png



The foundation of the masterclass made effortless, to learn in audio. It's wisdom that works in an 11 step, easily actionable journey, with life-changing results.


Zen Jungle AudioBook Cover (1).png



8 weeks of visual, managed transformation, it partners with the book to bring lightbulb moment after lightbulb moment with full support.


Zen Jungle AudioBook Cover (1).png



Transform your life at our 40 acre log cabin and lakes retreat in Devon, there's teaching, coaching, practices, workshops and amazing experiences. Free online course. access.

What does it really mean, to "love life" . . . 

The promise of the masterclass is that it will take you to a place where you finally "love life" but what does that actually mean and how far reaching can a course actually be?

By following this journey, you will find a place of true peace in your life, gaining a feeling of freedom and eventually become untouchable by whatever the world outside throws at you.

You will learn to inhabit a new state of being, where deep love and happiness are permanently available, and from where you will have immediate access to them, no matter what your life situation is.

In the process, you will also deepen your connection with nature, by finding out who and what you are at the deepest level, quite probably understanding why you are here for the first time. A new level of fulfilment and purpose is almost unavoidable.

This content and the learnings within change everything. Your perspectives will never be the same again and your ultimate state will become one where you not only "love life" but you also love almost everyone and everything.

This brings a siesmic shift in your perspective on everything.

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Forest Road
How the masterclass was created?

Our story of the creation of the masterclass has been truly amazing and we certainly didn't ever intend or set out to create this amazing journey.

I am Jason the author of the book, and we are a small team including Dan and Saskia. On experiencing this masterclass please realise that previous to making it, we were also searching and on the same journey as you are, looking for personal transformation, and reading almost every teaching and text along the way.

At some point and after many hundreds of hours of learning, we realised that there was no single coherent text or teaching that was actionable and could be said to be truly transformative. Whilst there are elements of genius in a few, it takes great will and lots of time to piece the information that works together, and that's if you can find it at all.

At that point we started on a journey that would become our own, deep, personal transformation, and that would with surrender and lots of intuitive connection, result in this totally unique book and course.

It has been an amazing journey, and continues to be so with the opening of our purpose built retreat centre. The reviews are incredible and we are yet to find a participant who has not had life-changing results.

Who is the masterclass made for and why?

Together with how the masterclass was created, the question of who is it really for and why should also be understood and made clear.

As humans we are born into a world that is now almost solely created from human ideas. This world is outside of the natural world, where we would simply be considered a creature born free onto a planet with other animals and plants. This ideas based world lives alongside nature and not within it, with human concepts such as ownership, money, working to live, education, laws, government and much, much more...

One of the strongest conditioned behaviours that it creates is one of competition and comparison, survival of the fittest and the feeling of a fight to survive. This and so many other labels and roles, bring endless expectations and endless anxiety and stress through what are the purely conceptual ideas we live. There is now so much to think and worry about in our everyday lives.

This masterclass then is for everyone. Every human on the planet who feels the weight and pressure of living life this way, the ones who are trying to find a better way and the ones feeling the difficulties that living like this brings.

Zen Jungle is a magical journey for the whole of humanity that shows that there is another, better way to live happy.



Zen Jungle AudioBook Cover (2).png



Feel great, no matter what the world throws at you.

About the book :

  • It's an 11 step, life-changing journey.

  • Coherent, comprehensive & actionable.

  • Nothing is left unanswered.

  • A new understanding of mind and ego.

  • The end of anxiety and overthinking.

  • Escape from urges and addictions.

  • Find purpose, freedom and peace.

  • End limiting beliefs & build confidence.

  • Understand who you are and life itself.

  • This is wisdom that really works.

  • Free online resources, forum & support.

  • Online course & retreats also available.

£9.99 - £20

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Free online "unlocking the wisdom" online resources and support

Zen jungle is fully committed to the complete personal transformation of every single participant in the masterclass, whether reading or listening to the book, taking the course or spending time with us on a retreat.

That's why there are online resources for all, as you buy the book you will have the choice to become a member,  gaining immediate access to explainers, infographics, a forum and direct access to the Zen Jungle team. From there you can also easily add the course, which most people now do during their first read.

We are here to help no matter at what level you have chosen, and are available in all of our channels, on the forum, web chat and instagram when you need our help or answers. We continue to enjoy the amazing transformations, in which we are playing a small part.

@zen_jungle on Instagram

Love life, we believe everyone can...

Our mission is to help the whole of humanity to love life, free from overthinking and re-connected to the power and peace of nature.

Our Vision : An awakened, unpolluted world at peace, free of mind and ego.