You’re here because you noticed that being human is getting harder.

Almost everyone is lost in endless overthinking to strategise their lives and find ways to feel better, and if you're here, you' may well be too.. It's like there's a constant pressure to do something and be something, while all the while feeling that there has to be more to life.

If only the world was different, I had more money, a different partner, lived in a bigger house, had a better car, lived in a different country or had a different job. The list goes on. For most, the mental dialogue is non-stop, amplified by a perpetual need to compare and compete with everyone else.

​You have been conditioned to seek, need, want and chase something other than what you have, while precariously avoiding things you don't want, dislike or fear, and it's all truly exhausting.

In the chaos we fail to realise that what we chase and avoid are simply our own ideas, in a world made of other people’s ideas of life. That veil will now lift revealing the possibility of happiness.

Zen Jungle is letting go, unlearning and dissolving to find the blissful peace and freedom within that transcends it all.


Sleep &


As the voice in your head finally becomes quiet and under your control, sleep will improve, stress will reduce and a better life will emerge.

Connection &

By first changing your relationship between you and your true self, every relationship, with others and the world will also improve.

Focus &

As your mind clears and you are no longer bombarded by relentless thought, clarity and focus will dramatically change for the better. 

Intuition &


As involuntary thoughts reduce, intuition and instinct become louder, bringing creativity, wisdom, deep certainty and knowing.

Why we overthink

If almost everyone on the planet is overthinking their lives, then surely it's natural, isn't it? The answer to that question is "yes and no". A deeper understanding of what thought actually is and how it is created makes everything simple.

Thoughts are what happens when we hold conflicting ideas in our consciousness, ideas being any statement we believe to be true. Even the things we decide are false can be included here by understanding that for us to believe something is false, we must decide it's true that it is false.

Humans can and do create ideas about almost everything we see, hear and experience. We have all been conditioned to do it since we were born and so were our parents before us. Think of it as having an opinion on everything.

It means that we are full of conflicting ideas, which are in turn creating endless conflict inside, fuelling our thoughts which are there to try to resolve the differences. As we arbitrarily create ideas without curation, conflict is everywhere in a sea of millions, if not billions of ideas that we hold. Overthinking is the obvious result.

What is "free will"

Surely the answer to this is simple isn't it? For most the answer will be the ability to decide what you "want" to do, be, say or have....

Interestingly this is a mistake. As we create ideas about everything we experience in life, we arbitrarily decide on likes and dislikes. These tiny judgements then rule our whole lives.

It means that doing what you want is in effect doing what your past tells you you like, or put another way it means that you are both governed and limited by your past. Every idea you ever created is now a limiting belief, changing what you can and can't do or be.

As we lose our ideas, free will is exposed. It is choice without reason and the ability to do and be anything at all, absent of limiting ideas from our past. 

Change you, change everything

You have no doubt heard the term "you make you're own reality", well you really do. During the masterclass we expose that until now, you have only ever seen the ideas you have adopted as your truths, what's beyond them has been invisible.

You literally can't see past what you have decided is true. The rub here is that unfortunately for you, there is no truth at all, only the subjective ideas that humans have placed on top of a reality they really don't understand at all. We have been conditioned to consume them as facts but in reality they are just ideas.

This conditioned, false conceptual structure to the world limits your perspective and binds you into a framework of life that you didn't choose and that if you're like most, you're not really enjoying. In fact, that's probably why you're here.

It is this idea matrix that binds us into enacting someone elses idea of what being human is. It is their idea of money, relationships, success, looks, things to buy and what living a "good" human life is said to mean.

As we change the perception and remove the veil, a whole new world is exposed, one where there is freedom and lots to love and enjoy.


Below are a selection of reviews taken directly from instagram, the retreat and Amazon. The masterclass is having incredible results for those who take it and changing lives fundamentally.

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How will it change me?

  • No more overthinking and anxiety

  • Truly free and without limitation

  • Peaceful with a quiet mind 

  • Untouchable by a world in chaos

  • No more fear, only happiness remains

  • Present, with the past firmly behind you

  • Intuitive flow has replaced indecision

  • Searching is over, your purpose found

  • Connected and belonging, no isolation

  • Awakened to a magical world you love

  • Happily independent, relationship or not

Simple steps change everything . . .

Realise​ - It starts with the understanding that there are two realities. The one humans create with their subjective ideas and thoughts and the one that just is, before those ideas make every experience good or bad, right or wrong. This realisation opens us to the peace of just being, without a need to chase or avoid, and all the thought planning that takes.

Decide and practice - Once we see how our personal reality is made, it's easy to make the decision to change it. This is where committed practices will raise your consciousness and where we unlearn life-long, self-defeating habits. In this part of the process we learn to become aware of the space before thoughts and ideas, gaining a choice to create them or not.

Unlearn - Once truly conscious and living in the moment, we are then able to learn to dissolve the mass of ideas and limiting beliefs we have accumulated thoughout our lives. This redefines who we are in the present and lets the past go, first neutralising then stopping the overthinking those ideas create.

Connect - In the absence of thought and in the peace that remains, you'll learn to recognise true intuitive flow. A beautiful and effortless guidance that requires no decisions, debate or consideration in order to take your life forward. Purpose is revealed and the seeking stops.

Experience - As we open up to deeper connection finding deep peace and silence within, further experiences are now possible. These are profound and will be totally transformative, removing all fear, even that of death itself.

Transcend - You are now prepared for anything. The idea based structures of the world will now lose their hold on you and as you realise that they have no power over you. Complete transcendence follows, absent of the stress and strain of this contrived, modern human life and no matter what your life situation.


The part you play? 

To take action

The hardest part is already done. Somehow you found this just at the right time, as everyone does. This process started long ago and you are here now because the answers you are looking for are here.


It's now time to decide how, not if.

Health follows consciousness

Consider for a moment how much energy, effort and time the average human is using to think, strategise and worry about their own existence.

As we start to find peace, lose our ideas and stop the thoughts that have plagued us for a lifetime, we give that energy back to our body and mind.

It transpires that it was the absence of that energy that created every mental and physiological illness you ever had. It's also what will cure anything you have right now..



Commit to change

What follows will change everything and make no mistake, this process will also test almost everything you have come to believe at the deepest levels. Taking this journey will initially require every bit of commitment you can muster but as you begin to see the truth, nothing else will matter and all will become effortless and natural.

Profound & Actionable

The masterclass is both profound and easily actionable, that's what makes it different. Not only will this content change your life and perspective, the change will be embedded and permanent, effortless to maintain.

Be sure to join the free community for more content and support along the way, it's also a great place to meet others just like you. You're not alone.

More subjects covered in the community

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Curing Anxiety

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Anger Management

Grief, loss & Sadness

Dissolving Ego

The masterclass is transformative on so many levels and will impact almost all areas of your life. It's the fundamental way you see the world that changes during this transformation. Our community livestreams and articles offer deeper insight into so many subjects and concerns that many people can deeply relate to, so whether you've started the masterclass or not, join the community now.

What's on at the retreat.

The retreat is just beginning with more being added everyday. Retreats have begun and there's so many exciting things to see and do here. If you are local, please drop in, if not why not book a stay?

1. Life Transformations

This is our life-changing boot camp. Priced individually it includes your luxury cabin stay and all talks, teaching, workshops and coaching. There are lots of activities and cookouts, shamanic breathing sessions and ceremonies. 7 day previews retreats are running until december 2022, 10 Day Transformations start 30th December 2022

2. Mindfulness breaks

We will soon be releasing dates for minfulness mini-breaks. These will include teaching, practices, and activities including cookouts and lamplit processions to the firepits.

It's a great way to sample what the retreat has to offer.

3. Stay at the retreat

Cabin only stays are now available to sample what the retreat has to offer in between transformational retreats. Luxury cabins and amazing spaces, firepits and more.

4. Day experiences

We are creating a growing number of day experiences, including mindfulness, shamanic breathing, yoga nedra and more, some including a cookout and food too.

How the masterclass was created

Our story of the creation of the masterclass has been truly amazing and we certainly didn't ever intend or set out to create this amazing journey.

I am Jason the author of the book, and we are a small team including Dan, Hannah, Liz, Toby and Beata. On experiencing this masterclass please realise that previous to making it, we were also searching and on the same journey as you are, looking for personal transformation and reading almost every teaching and text along the way.

At some point and after many hundreds of hours of learning, we realised that there was no single coherent text or teaching that was actionable and could be said to be truly transformative. Whilst there are elements of genius in a few, it takes great will and lots of time to piece the information that works together, and that's if you can find it at all.

At that point we started on a journey that would become our own, deep, personal transformation, and that would with surrender and lots of intuitive connection, result in this totally unique book and course.

It has been an amazing journey and continues to be so with the opening of our purpose built retreat in Devon, UK. The reviews are incredible and we are yet to find a participant who has not had life-changing results.


Our community is there for everyone. It's free and has lots of resources and content for those new to Zen Jungle and those currently reading or listening to the book. There are also lessons and live talks from the retreat, articles and updates. The Team is available on the chat and will give support to those who need it.

It's also a great place to meet like minded people on the same journey as you.


For those who want a more visual experience than the book and a little support of the Zen Jungle team along the way. 


The course is a visual partner to the book or audiobook and it creates those key lightbulb moments for all who take it. It's an 8 week journey that will incrementally unfold giving time for both learning and practice. It's available to buy in our free online community.


Available globally​, the book and audiobook have been life-changing for so many. They are best for those who are self motivated and committed to their own transformation and who feel that they will need less support.


It's an 11 step process that will change your perspective on life forever. At over 300 pages and 15 hours, expect to read it 3 or more times for the best, transformational results.


Best for those wanting certainty, help and guidance. Our 40 acre retreat is purpose built for transformation. It's peaceful with 5 stunning lakes, abundant nature, woodland and transformational spaces.

The Zen Jungle team are with you every step of the way for a 7-14 day transformation, with teaching, workshops, coaching, practices and activities.