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The holistic masterclass

in how to truly "Love Life"

Stop overthinking, quiet your mind and completely transform your thoughts to bring a new level of peace, purpose and almost permanent happiness. Realise a new and fulfilled state of being in 11, easy to follow steps. It's a game changing, transformational journey.



For the minds that won't stop debating, considering, worrying and generally being noisy.

Lack of Purpose

Why am I here? What is it all for? What shall I do with my life? 

Great questions that need an answer.


Many of us feel permanently anxious or are worrying. It's a debilitating feeling and we can't stop it.


Unable to control the urges and needing to drink, smoke, do drugs and other things. We are seekers of escape.

Not Sleeping

Failing to fall asleep, failing to stay asleep. Not getting the rest you need and thinking in the night.

Stressed Woman
The Zen Jungle roadmap will help you to change your relationship with the world and with yourself.
It's time to reboot and do a full reset, to unlearn what isn't working.
Most of us go through life constantly searching and seeking. Almost from the moment of birth, we start to want freedom and peace yet we never seem to find them. We often go on to spend our whole lives chasing happiness, moving from one "dream fix" to another in the hope of .finally finding it.
Happiness is always "coming soon" and we endlessly believe that things, places and being with the right person will finally make us happy, free and at peace, optimistically waiting for a future that actually never delivers the result. We find ourselves living in the gap, on a means to an end, never at the destination.
Take the course and find that the happiness you seek is actually inside you already. It is simply blocked by mind and an endless stream of conditioned, meaningless thought. That same "voice in your head" that tells you happiness is coming soon and always through something external to yourself, is the one preventing you finding it.
This happens to almost all of us. We are conditioned to worry. To create endless expectations of ourselves. To chase people, places and things and to attach to a "fulfilled" future, instead of being happy in the present. It's a learned conditioning of the mind but the great news is, it can be easily unlearned.
Zen Jungle is a reset and reboot. It will help to change your relationship with mind, thought and whole world outside. It will bring peace, happiness, health and wellbeing in every area of your life, removing the "voice in your head" and the meaningless mind activity that takes away your peace.
Lone Walk
A life changing journey of personal transformation
The thought that "there must be more to life" comes to almost all of us at some point. The pattern of life has us start off in what can only be described as an endlessly optimistic state, then we progressively lose that optimism over time. We seek fulfillment and happiness endlessly, and at some point, realise that it simply isn't happening.
Have you reached the moment where you know that if nothing changes, this search for happiness will go on forever? Are you asking yourself, "what is this all for?", Then you have found Zen Jungle at exactly the right time.
We are here to say that there most definitely is another, better way to live. One that, with the learning of some new habits and the unlearning of some old conditioning, will be immediately transformative. The great news is, you don't need to exit your old life, join a cult or move into some form of denying "reality". This is a new state of being that can be learned quickly and that will completely transform how you feel about almost everything. It will also fit in with your existing life too. While the log cabin in the woods may look more enticing after the course, it is certainly not something that you will need to do to feel good. 
How do we know all this and that it works so well? It is of course, how we got here. We were just like you.



I can't find Happiness or fulfilment and I've been searching all my life. Does it exist how do I start to feel good?

Mental Health

The relationship between your mind, your thoughts, your feelings and you needs to be better.


I have chased money and things all my life but I still don't feel free. I want to be released and happy.

Find Peace

I simply want to feel at peace. Away from the noise and able to do what I want. Everything is just too much.

You want to

end it all

I can't see a reason to live or exist in the the world as it is. There seems to be no reason and I don't fit in.

This is not just another 'think positive' self help course. 
The world is filled with self help. "How to be successful" manuals, that promise feeling better and ways to deal with what life throws at us. Zen Jungle is different.
If you have already followed us on Instagram, you will no doubt have already seen that our content works at the very foundation of who you are and why we are unable to find peace. Zen Jungle is not about quick fixes or trying to work on the symptom not the cause. It is simple truth. Wisdom that works and that has always worked but has been hidden or forgotten.
You will find the roadmap both interesting and enlightening, simple and truly effective. Learn to understand yourself deeply and action a new "state of being". With a little commitment and effort, you will quickly change your relationship with almost everything and everyone in your life for the better.
Having tried to live in the way our conditioning suggests we should, we all know that it simply doesn't make you feel whole, complete or at peace. It's time to learn a different way.
Zen Jungle is essentially a masterclass in taking control of your mind, thoughts and feelings, creating true freedom and almost permanent inner joy and happiness. What have you got to lose?
Woman with Hair Blowing Over Face
If you are at peace and happy, you are on the wrong website. If not, what have you got to lose?
Changes that will completely transform your life

Reduction in anxiety
Through retraining our thoughts and changing our patterns, Zen Jungle can help reduce or remove the overthinking that causes most anxieties. Anxiety is usually a pattern associated with living more in the future than in the present and is the mind creating worry about multiple versions of what may happen next.

Improved sleep
With all of the expectations placed on us and the endless amount of things we have to do, it's little wonder that most of us lack sleep. This is again a pattern rooted in overthinking that requires a change in habits. Zen Jungle will help you to achieve that change and find restful sleep.


To feel at peace
Many of us have reached a moment in our lives where we would value to feel at peace more than most other things. Peace is essentially freedom from mind activity. A feeling of calm and that everything is going to be ok no matter what. Zen Jungle will create longer and longer periods where you are free from thought. This will quickly bring you peace.


An end to chasing happiness
Modern life has us in a cycle of bridging from one thing, a possession, event or situation that we feel we need in order to be happy. This means that we see the time in between as a means to an end and often end up living in memories or the future, without appreciating the present. Zen Jungle will help to change that.

Joy in almost all situations
Over time, as you progress through the Zen Jungle roadmap, you will find a new excitement and enjoyment in even the most normal of things. You will learn to bring joy to every situation and to manufacture permanent peace and often happiness.


Forest Road
Changes that are significant and profoundly positive

The end of overthinking
At the heart of the roadmap is a kind of thought training. This is about mastery of thought and making thought a voluntary process, rather than the involuntary kind of mind terrorism that it usually is for most of us. Learn techniques that place you in control of both it and what you think.

Better relationships
As part of the roadmap, you will look closely at how you perceive others and at both judgement and acceptance. Then together with a new way of forgiving, you will deepen and enrich every interpersonal relationship you have. Even with those people you would have avoided before.


Deep connection with nature
At the heart of Zen Jungle is the belief that nature has created our whole world and existence, and that we have deviated from her plan for us all. We will bring enlightenment and a deep connection with everything natural and will re-ignite your wonder at everything around you. Nature is beautiful but we are way too busy to see it.


Healing from pain and illness
As the mind grows calmer and you start to find peace, your consciousness and life energy can refocus and you can dedicate time to your healing. The phrase "doctors don't cure anything, your body does" will come to mean lots to you and as you find peace, so will your body strengthen and recover.


Finding your "purpose"
The big question of "why am I here" is one that we endlessly search for answers to. It can be the subject of significant anxiety and worry too as we get older. As you follow the path of the roadmap we are confident that you will find that your purpose was never lost, just forgotten.


Find forgiveness and freedom from all guilt and blame.

The roadmap will help you to completely change your perception and relationships with almost everone in your life. For the better. As we change ourselves, we also change others around us. A key part of this, is to understand guilt, blame and forgiveness, change some simple behaviours and find a whole new world of peace and freedom.



Feel good, no matter what this crazy world throws at you.

The book is the foundation of the masterclass. It's easy to follow and will lead you through the 11 step journey, allowing you to embed a life changing personal transformation. For most, it's all you will ever need. (Includes free, online, member only resources)


Now available on Amazon books in Kindle and Paperback (recommended). Direct international links show. Also available in all european Amazon book stores.

£9.99 Paperback

& Kindle

$13.66 Paperback

$9.99 Kindle


The book is essential for everyone and acts as your base but for those wanting further support on the transformational journey the formats below are coming soon.


The audio course is the book in audio form with a few additional extras. It makes the masterclass easy and fun, and comes with some additional step by step excercises specifically created for listeners.


For those who want more. As the most extensive version of the course, the online learning will offer deep learning, workbooks, excercises and multiple explanations of each and every concept, making success almost guaranteed.


Dates will soon be released at worldwide locations. These will be an intensive learning and practice experience for those wishing to reset and reboot. There will be talks, group practice, coaching and lessons with Zen and Yoga content.

Love life, we believe everyone can...

Our mission is to help the whole of humanity to love life, free from overthinking and re-connected to the power and peace of nature.

Our Vision : An awakened, unpolluted world at peace, free of mind and ego.

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What we beleive

To 'love life is both our journey and the destination. The Zen Jungle roadmap is actively environmental. Reducing waste, pollutants, plastics and carbon footprint is at the very heart of it.
It’s time to have a positive impact on yourself, the oceans, the rainforests, our precious environment and the whole of nature. It's time to love life and in the process, align with your intended universal purpose.

What we value : Truth - Simplicity - Compassion - Spirit - Nature - Love

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