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Butterfly Club
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Find deep inner peace, holistically heal, awaken
& truly love life again

The next "Butterfly Program" intake starts 9th September

Do you need something significant to change in your life, to feel better and find your inner peace?

- OR -

Are you searching for deeper awakening, spiritual growth, or purpose and connection?

Spend 30 days or more outside your current life and reality, immersed in a new way to think and live

The retreat is a peaceful sanctuary where profound teachings, practices and magical, metaphysical experiences work together to awaken and bring new perspective, balance, joy, peace and holistic healing.


30 day+ stays offer fully immersive isolation, or for those with limited time the 14 night intensive option starts on the second friday of every month. Take time and space to embed and integrate a whole new state of peace and limitless being.


To feel good in the outer world, we must first feel peace in our inner world. This inner journey of self enquiry and discovery will bring the deepest level of awakening, holistic healing and peace inside.

Inner peace and balance is the core, underlying life-long search, we're not always conscious of.

It's the most precious thing we can posess. Without it, endless mind noise brings a need to chase and avoid, perpetual anxiety, lost fulfillment, mental suffering, endless seeking, a fierce self critic and a feeling of being trapped with a desperate need to escape.


There's 12 luxury boho cabins, built and fully equipped for shared or private transformational stays, together with so many magical places to meet, learn, expand consciousness and come together as a like-minded community.

The retreat is a 40-acre, natural paradise with 5 lakes, ancient woodland and so many enchanted spaces, located on the Devon and Cornwall border in the UK. It's the perfect place to learn, practice, live and reveal your true, limitless being.

"What if by truly understanding the mechanism of the mind, thoughts and self, you could unlock the most profound inner peace and happiness, and change your whole life?"

Change your life forever with the butterfly program

The program brings together 4 powerful elements that, when experienced together, will change you and everything in your life, forever.

1. A much needed exit with space and time away from your everyday life and societal reality. A moment of freedom from the need to overthink it all.

Sometimes we have to exit our own reality in order to gain a clearer view of our lives. Time away from the people, places and circumstances allows us to find space and time to discover our true self, and see our reality for what it actually is. A change in perspective is only possible when we see things clearly, without all the overthinking.

Time in a community who are defying the conditioned life construct and who live very differently, will also allow you to stop, ask the right questions and to evolve, ascend and transcend. This will bring new freedom, fulfillment and purpose.

Ask yourself if you have ever given yourself the time to truly stop, relax and drop the fight to make life work?

Well here you will, and there aren't even any TV's to distract you!

2. Ancient wisdom and deep understanding of the workings of your mind, will fundamentally change how you see life. 

Most of us are deeply submerged in the life we have been dealt and have accepted it as the way all humans live. 


Many of us are overwhelmed and unaware that it's the result of a kind of conditioning or life-long, human computer program. We feel we have limited choices, no access to freedom, and can't see past it all to see what's possible for us.

Talks and workshops will bring deep understanding of the mechanism of the mind, including thoughts, wants, needs, fears and the subjectivity we make into our false personal truths that later form our whole reality.


You will also learn how to dissolve all limiting beliefs and conditioning, and move toward freedom, peace, fulfillment, deep connection and unlimited possibilities.

3. Guidance in a tool set of transformative techiques will allow self led practice and progressive inner peace.

The daily schedule at the retreat is filled with regular practice and self enquiry. After learning them, butterflies self guide their own practices and join with others in conscious communication, presence, meditation and karma butterfly activities. It's 24 hour peace.

Coupled with guided practice, self practices bring progressive, deep inner peace. They also offer profound help in dissolving the cause of all overthinking, anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, fear, dependency, addiction and insecurity.


They do so on a passive, energetic level, meaning there's no need for sharing, which only ever energises the past.

By the end of the program, the practices will cease to be practices as they will become part of your inherent state of being, so there's no extra routines to take away.

4. Progressively experience the magical, metaphysical realms, through regular, guided, non-psychedelic facilitations.

These will experientially expose your true nature as an infinite and limitless being with access to the underlying magic, experiences and knowledge of consciousness. As something most never consider possible, when we directly experience it for ourselves, it really does change everything.

The program progressively facilitates regular journeys into the magic of other, metaphysical realms. While this may at first bring a little shock and surprise, as the experiences deepen and become more tangible, it will fundamentally change your views on life and yourself at at the deepest, existential levels.

Journeys in consciousness are something most of us and our friends have never heard of or been exposed to in life so far. They really do bring it home how small our conditioned lives are and open up infinite life possibilities.

Incidentally, this is not you becoming a monk, religious or joining a cult. 


This is freedom from the expectations and anxiety of trying to play your part in a chaotic life you didn't choose, one that will only ever take your inner peace.

It's time to live a life you don't feel a need to escape from.

This is a reboot for your soul.

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The butterfly program is a journey from internal mind noise, limiting beliefs and feeling trapped to stillness, thoughtless presence and limitless connection

"Self realisation and awakening is the only truly effective way to dissolve the root cause of all overthinking, anxiety, depression, fear, trauma, sadness, dependency and addiction"

When involuntary thinking stops, all suffering ends!

Jason & Hannah

This selection of useful videos will help you get to know us before your stay.


We host many of the talks, workshops and practices, and are experienced facilitators in several modalities of metaphysical journey.


Having undergone personal crisis ourselves, healed and awakened, this program follows on from our book "The holistic masterclass in how to truly love life" with a coherent, in-person program that truly works to reveal inner peace. 


So much so, we built this amazing retreat just to share it. Watch the videos to learn a little more about us, the retreat and the basis of the Butterfly Program.

What is the Butterfly Program?

What is Awakening?

Do I need to try Psychadelics

Mental Health Issues End with Awakening

A typical day on retreat

Why Metaphysical Matters

Butterfly club journals

The butterfly club online community is free to join, with an ever expanding library of free articles, videos, online events and courses. You can also sign up for the butterfly day program if you live close to the retreat.

Instagram | @zen_jungle

What's Included?

  • Luxury, self catered cabin choice:

    • Dorm room cabin (sleeps 4)​​

    • Shared ensuite cabin (2 guests)
    • Private cabin to yourself 
  • Personal transformation plan

  • Regular talks and workshops

  • Tuition for all techniques and practices

  • Regular personal coaching sessions

  • Regular guided sessions and meditations

  • Regular schedule of facilitations including:

    • Shamanic breathwork​

    • Nidra (Mind awake body asleep)

    • Hemispheric sync meditations

    • Sound Ceremony

    • Kriya Meditations

  • Access to retreat spaces and facilities​

  • Shared food with the community

    • Breakfast & dinner 5 days per week

Accomodation & Pricing

Dorm Room Cabin

Take a single bed in one of two twin rooms, shared bathroom, fully equipped (4 same sex)

14 Night intensive = £1050

30 Day Stay Budget = £1500

60 Day Stay Budget = £2700

(£45 - £50 / Nightly rate)

Shared En-suite Cabin

Take one of two king rooms with private bathroom in a fully equipped cabin (same sex)

14 Night Intensive = £1470
30 Day Stay Budget = £1950

60 Day Stay Budget = £3300

(£55 - £65 / Nightly rate)

Private Cabin

A home from home all to yourself with king bed, kitchen, private bathroom and more.

14 Night Intensive = £1988

30 Day Stay Budget = £2700

60 Day Stay Budget = £4200

(£70 - £90 / Nightly rate)

Lowest rates are for stays of 60+ days.

14 day intensive retreat prices are fixed.

30 & 60 day costs are given as budgeting examples but will depend on your exact, chosen length of stay.

Google & Amazon Reviews

Verified retreat, book & stay reviews


Book a Discovery Call

If you'd like to discuss the butterfly program further before applying or to have a more personal discussion with Jason & Hannah, book a discovery call to see what's right for you. It's usually a group call, which helps expose more questions but private calls are available on request.

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