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  • Shamanic Drum Meditation
    13 June 2024 | 15:00
    Zen Jungle Retreat Wooda Lakes, Holsworthy EX22 7JN, UK
  • Yoga Nidra
    14 June 2024 | 09:30
    Zen Jungle Retreat Wooda Lakes, Holsworthy EX22 7JN, UK
  • Yoga Nidra
    14 June 2024 | 09:30
    Zen Jungle Retreat Wooda Lakes, Holsworthy EX22 7JN, UK
    Tickets: £12.00
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  • Solo Lake Swim

    Come and enjoy a freeing wild swim in Zen Jungle's lakes. Whether you come alone or with a group of friends, wild swimming is the perfect way to clear your mind and reconnect with nature. With many benefits for both the mind and body, wild swimming is a perfect hobby to enjoy all year round. Wear a wetsuit, brave the cold in a costume or embrace your inner wild with a skinny dip, anything goes here at Zen Jungle! However you are comfortable, you are welcome. DISCLAIMER Over 16's only, those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Our lakes are not life guarded so your safety is your responsibility. Whilst we have tested the water at times, we cannot guarantee its quality.

  • Brain Sync Sound Meditation

    Sync both hemispheres of your brain to experience the deepest the deepest forms of meditation with our headphone based equisync system. This theta wave session will help you to experience meditation both faster and deeper, focussing on connection and visuals. This session uses the latest brain sync technology to fuel the depth of your meditative journey. We have selected the Theta waves for this session as an exploration into the visual side of meditation where we will use third eye focus. Whilst meditation will be deep, this is a great session for both regular and first time meditators as it will ease the process. Each person gets their own set of headphones and will hear unique sounds both left and right that will focus your brain function to synchronise and maximise the power of your connection. The process is perfectly safe and can be use for relaxation, astral travel, remote viewing and more. This session will focus on achieving the deepest most visual meditation for all guests.

  • Shamanic Breathwork with Brain sync

    Shamanic Breathwork is a controlled and conscious breathing technique used for energy activation to release tension in the body and mind. Find peace as you learn to breathe naturally low and slow into the belly for a calming, relaxing, altered state and sometimes psychedelic experience. In this session we add personal headphones and 6 different sound technologies for a faster deeper meditative experience as part of the breathwork session. This both amplifies and heightens the effects of the breathwork and is likely to provide the deepest possible journeys. Once you try it you'll be hooked! Shamanic breathing is one of the most simple yet effective breathwork modalities. It is incredibly powerful and easy for both beginner and experienced breathwork guests alike. After a short introduction, Jason and/or Hannah will hold the space for you to take a Shamanic journey that will allow your consciousness to expand beyond your body and into dreamlike altered state experiences, using only the power of your breath. This process is proven to help with the release of long held tension and trauma, leaving those who try it feeling lighter and more at ease with themselves and the world. The common thread in every session is that apprehension turns into a deep love of the practice and fascination with the effects. These sessions last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes after the introduction depending on your journey and are held in our cosy 9m yurt at the retreat. The space has been lovingly designed with every comfort in mind including mattresses, blankets, cushions and eye pillows. Fruit, chocolate and juice will follow the session and are included to rehydrate and revitalise participants. Our experienced breathwork coaches will guide you through every step of the way, holding the space and making the whole journey an exciting adventure in both presence and consciousness.

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  • Half Day Art Retreat on Sunday 2nd June, by local artist Astrid Lans

    Step into a realm where art transcends mere expression and becomes a journey into the depths of the soul. Join us for a half-day retreat that promises not just to awaken your artistic talents but to transform your understanding of creativity and its role in our human experience. This retreat is not just an event; it is a passage to discovering your innermost expressions facilitated by the incredibly talented local artist, Astrid Lans. Astrid, with her profound connection to the mystical and her mastery in watercolour, ink, and gouache, invites you to explore themes that are as boundless as they are deep. Her art, inspired by her spiritual journey, features dragons that whisper ancient wisdom, mystical queens who walk in strength and grace, and the undeniable beauty of nature’s palette. But beyond the captivating subjects of her art, Astrid shares wisdom gained from her personal voyage through creativity. This retreat is an invitation to understand creativity as flow, an essential underpinning of the human experience that we are all part of. Throughout this transformative half-day, Astrid will guide you through recognizing and overcoming the self-imposed limitations of "not being a creative person." She will introduce you to the concept of the frequency of colors and how artwork can be seen as frequency medicine, healing us from within. Together, you will explore how creating from a place of joy elevates your work to act as a portal to higher frequencies. This retreat is more than learning about art; it's about experiencing life through a vibrantly new lens and understanding art as a profound tool for healing, joy, and spiritual exploration. Join us in this intimate gathering where every stroke of the brush, every blend of color, and every shared moment is a step closer to unlocking the boundless creativity that resides within you. Let's embark on this journey together, creating not just art, but a deeper connection to ourselves and the world around us. Book your space here:

  • What's on this weekend.

    We have a full weekend of sessions that will create space and relaxation, presence and peace together with great food for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Here are highlights from the schedule this weekend : Friday Shamanic Breathwork 5pm Saturday Breakfast is served from 9am 9:30am Zazen 10am Wild Lake Swimming 10:30am Shamanic Breathwork Lunch is served from 12pm 2pm Kriya Meditation 2:30pm Transformational mindfulnes & Walk 4pm Sound Ceremony 5pm Jungle Jamming in the Yurt Dinner Menu from 5:30pm Sunday Breakfast is served from 9am Sunday 9:30am Zazen Meditation Sunday 10:30am Barefoot in the woods Mindfulness Walk Lunch is served from 12pm Sunday 1:30pm Brainsync Meditation Sunday 2:30pm Yoga Nidra Sunday 3:30pm Wild Swimming Sunday from 3:30pm Cookout at the Lakeside Jungle Club Monday Monday 9:30am Zazen Meditation Further schedule to be confirmed.

  • Shamanic breathwork every Friday at 5pm, every Saturday morning at 10:30am. Book Now!

    It's beenlovely to see the yurt full of first time breathworkers over the past weeks and the reaction to the process and effect has been nothing but excitement and amazement. Breathwork is an exciting journey into the possibilities of consciousness itself and altered states. It also provides an amazing form of release, relaxation and presence too. The process we follow at the retreat is simple and as the original form of breathwork it both the most effective and simple for beginners and experienced participants alike. Each breathwork experiences is both personal and different, and the breath will take you on a unique journey each and every time you practice. Hannah and I are both very experienced in the facilitation, with our primary function during the practice being to hold space for our guests and ensure that you get the best possible journey and experience. As we increase the schedule at the retreat, breathwork has emerged as a clear favourite with all who attend and we are pleased to be seeing the same faces now on a weekly basis. That's why we are now running two sessions every week, so thank you for all of your support and for trying something new. Watch out for our new friday and saturday all-in day retreats, where you can book all of the activities that are happening on the day for a reduced rate or even make a stay of it for the whole weekend. Day retreats can also give access to our new Jungle Banquet held on selected Saturday evenings and followed by open mic and or live music after dinner.

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  • Jungle Breakfast

    The Eye Bistro Bar Opening Times Mon to Wed - from 5pm (On Request) Thurs to Sat - 9am until Late Sunday - 9am until 3pm Sunday - Jungle Club from 3:30pm RESERVATIONS REQUIRED FOR FOOD Jungle Breakfast Start your day with tasty breakfast, cooked to order at the Eye Bistro. Service for Week of 20th May Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. 9am untill 11am Cooked Breakfast Full English - Jungle Breakfast A full English with a jungle twist. Everything you'd expect! Herb cooked meats including two rashers of bacon and sausages. fried or poached egg, on the vine baby tomatoes, leek & butter beans, breakfast potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and sourdough toast £12.50 Veggie Full English A full English with a jungle twist. Everything you'd expect! Halloumi, fried or poached egg, on the vine baby tomatoes, leek & butter beans, breakfast potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and sourdough toast £11.50 Vegetarian Vegan Full English A full English with a jungle twist. Everything you'd expect! On the vine baby tomatoes, leek & butter beans, breakfast potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, scrambled tofu and sourdough toast £11.50 Vegan Open Breakfast Sandwich This is our take on the full English merged with an open French stick for the ultimate sandwich £10.50 Veggie Open Sandwich This is our take on the veggie full English merged with an open French stick for the ultimate sandwich £9.50 Vegetarian Bacon and Egg Sandwich Classic breakfast sandwich, add brown or red sauce £7 Cereal and Granola Granola, Fruit & Natural Yoghurt Wake up to a beautiful bowl of tasty granola with fresh fruit, honey, natural yogurt and garden mint. Vegan yoghurt availble £7 Vegan Vegetarian Breakfast drinks Add a drink to compliment your breakfast Filter coffee - Cafetier £3 Fresh orange juice £2.50 Cup of English Breakfast Tea £2.50 Cup of Herbal Tea £2.75 FAQ Reviews The Masterclass Privacy Policy 10 Day Retreat Cabin Stays The Retreat Mindfulness Retreats Mobile Menu Online Course Bistro & Bars Join Retreat Club Join the team Transform with Us Retreat Menu Blog Search Results Jungle Discussions Members Join Jungle Club Plans & Pricing Book Online Jungle Drums Forum About the Masterclass What's on? Retreat Club Home Zoom & Community Butterflies Home Retreats & Events Addiction Retreat Zoom List Jungle Store Free Club Fortnight Guest services Program List Jungle Club Home Mobile Homepage Jungle Menu Club - Online Events Club - Online Courses Reservations Sessions-by-day Bistro Menus 1,2,3 Lunch Jungle Breakfast Lunch Jungle Dinner Eye Bistro Reservations Enter your request and we’ll try to find you a place a great place at the bistro RESERVE NOW

  • Bistro & Bar | Restaurant | Pub | Bude | Holsworthy | Zen Jungle Retreat

    NOW OPEN FOR DRINKS & FOOD Jungle Menus & Food Events The jungle has a range of spaces and menus to suit all tastes. Eat at the Eye panoramic bistro or choose a weekly cookout at the lakeside jungle club. Food and music events are also held regulaly, making dinner into an occasion and creating community. THE EYE BISTRO & MENUS SUNDAY COOKOUT DINNER & MUSIC EVENTS Eye Bistro Reservations Enter your request and we’ll try to find you a place a great place at the bistro JUNGLE CLUB ON THE LAKE FIRE, PIZZA & COOKOUTS Sunday Sunset Cookout Join for just a drink or choose food cooked with fire. It's an informal gathering, overlooking the lake, sharing time and stories over the fire. The Jungle Club is our amazing lakeside bar and grill, facing west for amazing sunsets. The woodfired pizza oven, huge firepit grill and cosy, log burning range stove inside, provide the perfect cookout meals. Initially open every Sunday afternoon and evening, you can visit for drinks or home cooked food while sitting on the deck for amazing sunsets, wildlife and chat. Raining or cold? Stay cosy and experience firepit or wood burning range cooking for hearty pot meals, soups and more. There's limited space, so be sure to make an early reservation below. Reserve a Jungle Club Cookout Complete the form below and we'll find the best table available. Fresh produce, fresh water from the well and grass fed meats. Natural, fresh and unprocessed ingredients are at the heart of the food at the retreat. That's why we are creating our own, self sufficient indoor and outdoor growing spaces, and why we have our own free roaming chickens and fresh filtered water from our own well, without chemicals. Everything we serve is cooked with a deep passion for the food. Our team includes Andy, known locally for PlantNeesh, who has some of the best vegetarian and vegan expertise in a wide area. It means we have amazing choices for those who do and don't choose to eat meat. Food is a hub for community and meeting your tribe at the retreat, so we love to make dinner into an event, spending time to create feasts and music evenings too. Choose the breakfast, lunch or dinner set menus or one of the regular dinner events to try the creations on offer. MENUS & RESERVATIONS Feasting & Music Events The events below are all-in ticketed dinner events, including all food and entertainment. DRIVEN BY INGREDIENTS BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER

  • Reservations | Zen Jungle Retreat

    Make a reservation Select your details and we’ll try get the best seats for you

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