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  • Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

    Beginning with an introduction to presence from Jason, this walk is centred around being in the experience of the here and now instead of thoughts of the past and future. We will then use what we learn about presence during the walk as we first go on a tour of Zen Jungle Retreat. At the end, we will venture into the woodland, continuing in silent practice and using all of our senses to be in the moment.

  • Soulful Flow Yoga

    With the element of time, this gentle flow yoga class allows the practitioner to evaluate and modify the body, mind and breath and feel into a pose. While transiting from one pose to another, the form gives you time to engage with the senses and body mentally, thus limiting the chances of injury. Soulful Flow classes are an embodiment practice to help you feel the space between poses while still retaining the gentle rhythm of a flow yoga class. Suitable for complete beginners and all levels. Yoga mats provided.

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  • Living as the Authentic Self

    How long have you spent connecting to your authentic self? For many, the journey to total authenticity is one of seeking or searching. It’s a process of learning about the self, about what brings happiness, what feels uncomfortable, what is needed in what moments and what does or doesn’t “feel right”. What many people on this journey don’t realise is that this is not how you connect to your authenticity, or to your true self. In fact, all this serves is limitation and the closing of doors in your own life. Let’s take a closer look at this: During a process of self discovery you’ve realised that when you’re in your authenticity, you set boundaries with certain people. You give a list of rules that determine how particular people are allowed to interact with you. One friend is not allowed to talk about a particular topic with you, another you refuse to go for drinks with, and a third must ask for permission before sharing their emotions with you. You’ve also come to the realisation that you’re a “family person” so you start to put double the effort into family birthdays and go to visit your parents every Sunday. On top of that, you’re also now searching for a partner because you’ve latched on to the idea of being a parent yourself. Creativity also came up as one of your authentic patterns. Therefore it makes sense to set yourself goals. You decide you must complete 3 paintings a month, or write 20 pages a week. You then set career goals that are in alignment with your authentic self, cut friends out and replace them with ones that match who you really are and decide to log your progress in a journal, writing about what’s going well and where you still want to improve. It seems on the surface that you are FINALLY closer to living true to yourself. You’ve satisfied a huge list of preferences, wants, desires and attachments. These are the things that you believe will bring you joy and happiness. However, the more you follow this path, the more you realise that it takes a lot of upkeep. There is sacrifice involved. To have what you want means giving up a whole lot of things. It also requires maintenance. Never a day goes by that you don’t have to put some work into the upkeep of your authentic self. Conversations need to be had, boundaries restated and enforced, tasks completed and self care practised. Once you have achieved everything you set out to, you realise that there is still work to do and boxes to tick so that you can be MORE authentic and MORE aligned. In fact, you decide that the work is never done and there is always more to DO. What doesn’t occur to you on this journey is that you are constantly chasing a feeling of control. You’ve created a huge list of ideas in your head about who you need to be, how the world needs to be, and how you should fit into the world. None of these ideas are true, they are simply random ideas, likely fed to you from other people throughout your life that you adopted and took as your own. Then, over time, you became so deeply attached to these arbitrary, meaningless ideas that you decided they were truth and that you needed to enforce them. Each idea simply another control mechanism to try and bring peace and happiness to your life. Of course, happiness always being an achievement in the future, never right now in this moment. With every idea you desperately get involved with, deepening your attachment to it, you close a multitude of doors in your life. Narrowing the possibility of experiencing everything life has to offer by saying “no” and putting in place boundaries, cutting people out, becoming military with your habits and set rules of what is and isn’t okay. Each idea becomes a limitation, a dead end to experience. Your whole life becomes forced into a rigid framework of who you are and are not allowed to be. The strangest thing of all is that BEING your authentic self becomes all about DOING in order to maintain. But what if you were to let it all go? Not just chill out about it, but totally let it go. Forget every single idea you are holding about who you need to be and how the world needs to be for you. How would that feel? The authentic self is never found in the chasing or control mechanisms. We were born on this planet with five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. All we ever have is the present moment, and our senses through which we can experience whatever is in front of us. It is our ideas that bombard us with thoughts about the past and future, taking us out of where we are now and doing everything we can to make life feel more peaceful. But in the absence of those ideas, we are free to experience with no judgement, choosing to make the most of each sense we have been given. When we are in the present moment, acting as a vessel of experience free of ideas, we are free to choose joy all the time. No need for anger, unhappiness, fear, discontent or boredom. Everything has the opportunity to be aligned and the very act of experiencing without judgement is where the true authenticity can be found. Free of effort, control, chasing, avoiding, and living anywhere but the present. Zen Jungle, unlocking the life you can FINALLY love.

  • Spirituality, a whole new ego to drive your thoughts and resistance

    What are you thinking about? For those on the transformational journey, in the the process of awakening to the reality that there is a whole universe beyond the human ideas that most of us are submerged and immersed in, it often becomes a mission to retract from the commercialised, materialistic version of life to seek a deeper connection to the whole. In doing so, comes a paradox and irony that often goes un-noticed. In realising that the human world is a collection of subjective, very human ideas we seek to find something deeper, something more connected and something ultimately quite magical beyond the people, places and things that we accidentally came to believe were everything that mattered in life. It becomes all about a higher purpose, a meaning and the seeking of something more in life. On this journey we learn of ego, what is often described by the popular teachers as a secondary personality, active in almost everyone and in everything we do, limiting our life experiences with self opinion, expectations, desires, fear and more. We learn to "set boundaries", to meditate, to connect with the whole and to focus on a higher, unseen force or to centre our lives on "love and light" which apparently is the centre of the "real" universe and something we should endeavour to do as much as possible. The world beyond the ideas and labels is described as the divine and our inate being is somehow one with it, connected and "perfect". We are light, we are energy, we have chakras and they need balancing before we can feel whole. When aware of our true self and the "duality" of the shadow or ego self, we can then apparently convert ourselves back to the beginning by doing some suffering, certain rituals, getting some sound bowls and playing music together in a circle and a sea of love for everything and everyone. Love is the centre of this new world and there is ultimate acceptance and forgiveness of all. There is a time for stillness and a time to join in unity with everything and everyone. There could be clothes to wear, a new hairstyle to maintain and yoga postures to action, with the lotus posture now our go to way of sitting while speaking very softly almost unable to be heard. The food is now all natural too and it's often not meat or fish either. The weekly system cleanse could become a norm and fasting may even have been added in for good measure. In this world there is a new clique and we are in it. We are awakened and we understand what others don't. There are spirits and tarot cards, ancestors and past lives that can be accessed with a form of hypnotism. Interestingly, most who we meet on this path are effectively seeking and also self declare that they are suffering because it's part of the path and it's all a personal journey that cannot be rushed or influenced, with help only available from respected masters, Gurus and those with direct lineage to masters of the past. This is historical knowledge understood by a magical few, who should be deeply revered and almost worshipped, followed and loved. Only then will dimensional access be granted and the akashic records finally seen. There really is a world and reality beyond human ideas that's peaceful, free and connected but his is not it. In this community we take time to explain in detail that the ego is simply an inert and simple storage system for subjective ideas, which are later triggered by the experiences that seem to relate to them. Subjective because that really is all we have. There's what's there in front of us unlabelled and mysterious and the n there's the subjective ideas we create about it, none of which are truth and all of which are polarised and self limiting in some way. That means deas like money, cars, houses and relationships but also like rituals, love, sound bowls and spirits. That's why this collection of new spiritual ideas that many of us on this path of self development amass can only ever be that. A collection of different subjective ideas, alternatives to the norm and usually in direct disagreement with the materialistic, commercial ones that we've all been conditioned to believe in. The rituals, the postures, the doing that is to love everyone and the ideas about the divine or the way we should look or behave are all just a new form of story added to a world that simply just is. Beautiful and meaningless until we attach an idea to it. Ideas are everywhere and the alternative is to attach to none strongly enough to believe ANY are truth. Attachment and ego will always exist while we create and adopt the ideas of other humans, driving the reactions and behaviours, overthinking and internal thought chaos that has come to punctuate our lives. The journey to being and not doing is the one where ALL ideas are dissolved, all human rituals and constructs are left behind including the material, commercial ones and the spiritual ones too. It's a change of path in favour of the removal of all the subjective ideas that fuel every thought, want, expectation and limitation we are experiencing day in and day out. As those ideas fall away we are left in peace, connected and happy, unburdened by the resistance of life and the need to behave and perform in any prescribed way at all. There's just you and what is. Nowhere to be and nothing to be done. That's where the only true peace, freedom and love are found, absent of the idea based conditions that makes what you should feel a doing not a being, conditional upon an idea your were given or adopted.

  • A life in flow

    Jason and I were talking about living in a state of flow the other day. I wanted to share with you some of what came out of our conversation as it’s such a valuable topic. Flow as a state of being is something we’ve spoken about in one of our livestreams and in various posts. However, it really is one of those experiences that you have to live for yourself to fully understand. Explaining the magic of flow is difficult if you’ve not yet experienced it. That said, the conversation we had a few days ago gave a lot of clarity to the simplicity of flow. We ended up verbalising it in a new way and it seemed like a great way to explain it. At the time, we were looking at people around us and noticed a level of chaos. It’s easy to see in places where there are large congregations of people, for example in a supermarket or on a busy street. Hearing snippets of conversations, watching body language, facial expressions and actions/interactions. Everybody has an agenda. People are busy. They always have things to do, people to see, places to go, achievements to succeed in, money to spend, emotions to feel… the list goes on. Everything is one long series of thought, debate, intent and consideration. No silence is ever left quiet, it’s filled with mindless chatter, compulsive social media scrolling, money spending and the endless need to do something. For most people, this way of living is completely normal. It’s rare for anybody to notice the chaos of this because it seems that everyone naturally lives this way. But in reality, there’s nothing natural about it. We were not born with such a drive to avoid stillness. It’s a conditioned habit, embedded into us from the moment we’re born and perfected throughout childhood, maintained throughout adulthood. People spend their entire lives in a state of chasing and avoidance. On the one side, they have a list of “good” things that they want. So they chase holidays, houses, cars, partners, friends, being “cool” or “funny”. This is the dream of success. The flip side to this is the avoidance of “bad” things. Some people decide that they don’t want to be poor, or unpopular, or that they’re scared of the ocean, heights, wild animals or public speaking. They then spend the rest of their time staying as far away from these things as they can, dreading any moment when this isn’t possible. Amazingly, while you’re living in this way, it can be almost impossible to see the level of chaos that the constant chasing and avoiding brings. With a busy mind running at full speed every waking moment and deep feelings that there’s always something else to do, it’s a wonder that people can function at all. Yet they do. They remain in this state for years, if not a whole lifetime, never realising or waking up to what’s really important. Here at Zen Jungle, we have a saying we use all the time: It really is as simple as that. How many times in your life have you stopped? And by that, I don’t mean sat down on the sofa with a cup of tea for a minutes rest. I mean totally, utterly, truly stopped. Given up every idea and experienced complete mind peace. The inner silence is incomparable and you will know with great certainty when you experience it. When you understand that there is nothing on the planet that you could ever have that would make you happier than you are in this moment, that is when you have really stopped. This is how we live at Zen Jungle. There is never anything that we want to chase or avoid. With the release of attachment to ideas (which is the process of the masterclass), you lose all capacity to spend your life chasing and avoiding. We make no plans to go anywhere or do anything. To some, our lives may look pretty quiet or tame from the outside. But it’s not like that at all. In the absence of the desire to chase, everything that comes into your reality comes in flow. You know that it’s the experience you’re supposed to be having because it’s the one you’re having. Best of all, in the absence of the need to be anywhere else, you can be totally there and present to enjoy all of the experiences that come in. Whether that is cutting the grass, tending to the garden, cleaning the house, walking the dogs, cooking food, emptying bins, chatting with friends or having a drink at the pub, it’s all wonderful. Generally, we agree to every experience offered to us. There is no debate as to whether it’s something we “want” to do or not. We don’t have any wants. Everything is equally enjoyable, on a level that can’t even be comprehended until you stop the chasing. It really is as simple as that. What flows, flows. What comes, comes. What we experience, we experience. When you no longer have the capacity to chase, anything that comes, comes in flow. This is what it means to live life in flow state. This is what it means to truly love life.

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  • Upcoming Retreats | Mindfulness | Transformation | Addiction | Zen Jungle

    Life-changing Retreats, Courses & Events Life-changing, 10 Day Retreat Transformation Change how you feel about life forever with the most profound 10 day transformation possible. EXPLORE & BOOK 4 Day Mindfulness Weekend Retreat Learn and practice mindfulness and find your peace on a luxury 4 day weekend in Devon. EXPLORE & BOOK Residential Yoga Retreats Practice all forms of yoga or try it for the first time on a luxury, mindful yoga retreat. MESSAGE US Sober Retreats & Parties We are partnered with Rise & Shine Parties for the ultimate in sober parties and retreats. COMING SOON Day Retreats, Events & Activities Become a club member & join us for experiences from single classes to full day itineraries. DAY RETREATS BOOK A CABIN STAY JOIN RETREAT CLUB Zen Junge is all about finding life-long inner peace through self realisation. A range of retreats and online programs that will change the way you feel about life and yourself, forever. It's time to feel the peace and connection you were born with but somehow lost. Change the way you feel about life, forever Retreats and events upcoming at the retreat Find space and a quiet mind with 4 days of mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and yoga nidra. Includes a luxury, self catered cabin stay (shared or private) and one outdoor cookout with food and drinks included. 5 October 2023 4 Night Mindfulness Retreat 3:00 pm EXPLORE & BOOK Allow the sound vibrations of our magnificent 38" Earth Gong to wash over you to stimulate deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness. The evening will start with a sacred Cacao Ceremony to open the heart energy followed by Earth Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls & other healing instruments. 15 October 2023 New Moon GONG BATH & Cacao Ceremony 3:00 pm EXPLORE & BOOK Awaken to a whole new perspective on life and truly love it for the first time. Find a blissful, inner peace that brings both happiness and freedom by learning the secret to dissolving all overthinking, trauma, relationship issues, triggers, addiction, low self opinion, insecurity and hopelessness. 27 October 2023 HELLFIRE | 10 Day Life Changing Transformation Retreat 6:00 pm EXPLORE & BOOK Find space and a quiet mind with 4 days of mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and yoga nidra. Includes a luxury, self catered cabin stay (shared or private) and one outdoor cookout with food and drinks included. 16 November 2023 4 Night Mindfulness Retreat 4:00 pm EXPLORE & BOOK Awaken to a whole new perspective on life and truly love it for the first time. Find a blissful, inner peace that brings both happiness and freedom by learning the secret to dissolving all overthinking, trauma, relationship issues, triggers, addiction, low self opinion, insecurity and hopelessness. 29 December 2023 NEW YEAR | 10 Day Life Changing Transformation Retreat 7:00 pm EXPLORE & BOOK Awaken to a whole new perspective on life and truly love it for the first time. Find a blissful, inner peace that brings both happiness and freedom by learning the secret to dissolving all overthinking, trauma, relationship issues, triggers, addiction, low self opinion, insecurity and hopelessness. 26 January 2024 FRESH START | 10 Day Life Changing Transformation Retreat 4:00 pm EXPLORE & BOOK Awaken to a whole new perspective on life and truly love it for the first time. Find a blissful, inner peace that brings both happiness and freedom by learning the secret to dissolving all overthinking, trauma, relationship issues, triggers, addiction, low self opinion, insecurity and hopelessness. 8 March 2024 SPRING EQUINOX | 10 Day Life Changing Transformation Retreat 7:00 pm EXPLORE & BOOK For updates & Invites join the online community JOIN FREE COMMUNITY

  • Retreat Transformations | Devon | Cornwall | Zen Jungle

    V Every retreat is the perfect combination of the ultimate, personal transformational teaching, alone time, natural spaces, coaching and a long list of fun activities, creating an amazing journey of self discovery and realisation with permanent results. PROFOUND & LIFE-CHANGING Transformation 10 DAY RETREAT AVAILABLE DATES 27 Oct 2023 - 6 Nov 2023 29 Dec 2023 - 8 Jan 2024 26 Jan 2024 - 5 Feb 2024 8 Mar 2024 - 18 Mar 2024 Zen Jungle Retreat, Devon UK Change your perspective on life forever, awaken and dissolve limiting beliefs, triggers and overthinking. Find peace, freedom, intuition and presence. BOOK NOW | FROM £999 As we dissolve what fuels endless overthinking, the silence and intuition of our true self is revealed. It's the only route to true, life-long peace and brings freedom, purpose and fulfillment, often for the first time. A 10 night retreat that will totally change your whole life, forever. ​This is your invitation to : Free yourself from mind chaos, anxiety, overthinking and inner conflict. Change how you see and feel about yourself, the world and life itself. Let go of suffering, negativity, limitation, trauma and dependency. Let go of conditioned ideas, thoughts and limiting beliefs. Raise your consciousness and realise your true self. Remove negative self opinion, anxiety and addiction. Find a blissflul inner peace, joy and connection. Reveal the deep intuition, flow and purpose within. Outside your comfort zone is where you will finally realise that it is what you have come to believe in most that now limits you. When our ideas, thoughts and expectations are challenged we realise it is the mind and what we "think" we need, want or should fear and avoid that stands between where we are and the freedom we seek. It's where you will finally find the peace and freedom you've been searching for. You will realise and become your connected, true self This process of self interrogation and understanding will reveal to you that you are not who you "thought" you were. After stripping back many superficial ideas that have been binding you, there will be a deeper level of realisation that you are so much more than the body and mind you have identified with. This is not religious or necessarily spiritual but it is your awakening and it changes everything you have come to believe is what and who you are, providing you with a new level of peace and freedom.. When was the last time you felt good? Light and full of the joy of living. If life has begun to feel harder, you feel trapped or simply feel like something needs to change for you to be happy and enjoy living again, then this retreat will be life-changing. ​ You will learn to see life in a whole new way, letting go of your limiting beliefs and revealing the permanent inner peace, joy and purpose within. We will coach and support you every step of the way. Enjoy your life & FEEL GOOD We create a whole personal reality built from the subjective ideas we have come to believe are true and important in life. The result is endless thinking and planning for what must be done and said, who we should be and what we must have in order to be happy and a good human. It's exhausting! ​ This process will reveal how it all works and allow you to become conscious enough to let go. It will help dissolve what fuels your overthinking and the endless mind chaos that comes with it. This is a route to true freedom. Quiet your mind, end OVERTHINKING & ANXIETY Relationships define our lives. We have them with everything and everybody, creating dependency on selected people, places and things while fighting to avoid others. This creates inner and outer conflict, low self worth and insecurity. ​ This retreat will fundamentally change how you see yourself and in doing so, change every relationship you have. It will bring you independence and at the same time, deepen your connection with both life itself and the people, places and things in it. Create succes in RELATIONSHIPS Addiction is a symptom and not a cause in and of itself. It's the path we unconsciously choose when we feel a need to escape from our lives, as it often gives a temporary break from how we otherwise feel. ​ This retreat is a holistic journey that will remove the labels and dissolve the cause, without trying to supress the symptom. It will reveal how you built the personal reality you now want escape from and allow you to dissolve and replace it with a life you love. Free yourself from ADDICTION If you are affected by recurrent trauma and feel a need to let go and free yourself, this retreat witll be life-changing. This holistic process will change how you see your past completely, allowing you to let go and live in the present. Freedom comes as we become more conscious of where we place our attention and move it away from the past. ​ You can look forward to feeling peace and happiness again and no longer being a victim and easily triggered into dibilitating thoughts of your past. Let go and dissolve PAST TRAUMA Most humans are unconsciously living a conditioned existence they never chose and don't believe in. We are programmed with what is essentially someone else's ideas of how human life should be, most of us living it out until we die. . ​ This retreat changes everything, awakening you to a new reality based in freedom and connection. It makes conditioned ideas visible and allows them to be dissolved, bringing connection and belonging in a way you never thought possible. Get ready to surrender to the flow and deep intuition. Find inner peace & AWAKEN BOOK A RETREAT Holistic, life-changing results . . . ABOUT THE MASTERCLASS It's time to feel good again The Zen Jungle life-changing transformation is a profound journey that will change everything. It starts with an intense awakening to a fundamentally new perspective on life and yourself that will reveal the inner peace and joy within you.. The 10 day retreat is for those who want to change how they feel at the deepest level and includes all teaching, workshops, coaching and life-changing experiences. There's also an online course, book and audiobook. It's time to feel good again. What you experience here will profoundly transform you The retreat is an intense program of talks, pointings, workshops, practices, fun activities and experiences. It's a paradoxical journey of learning-to-unlearn and empowers you to let go of a life-time of conditioning, trauma, limiting beliefs and resistance to life. It will reveal the true, authentic you, who is free and peaceful inside and feels the joy and purpose of living. It's deep liberation from your mind and thoughts. DATES & RESERVATION HOW IT WORKS Your thinking Without thoughts we would all be happy and at peace. As you gain the ability to both choose when and if you think at all, peace will descend. This will set you on a path to no further involuntary overthinking. Your mind The retreat delivers a deep understanding of mind and how it all works. We will take a journey to understand our awareness and become more conscious of where we place it, understanding the effect of arbitrary judgement. Your emotions Understanding the link between energetic sensation, the mind, thoughts and emotions is the first step into living a happy life, free of anger, sadness, and depression. As the process progresses you'll take back control. Your reactivity Most people live in a sensitive world, where they can involuntarily react, think and speak due to what happens or is said to them, almost at any time. This is a product of unconscious building of triggers and an inability to be present for the chain reaction that occurs when triggered. Peace comes as we dissolve triggers. Your behaviours Reactivity is only one side of the relationship we have with triggers. The other is our general behaviour, need for rituals or compulsions such as addictions. As we dissolve triggers and reveal peace, our behaviour becomes our own. Your connection Most of us feel separate, like we don't fit in or belong. This is a product of the personal reality we have built and the nature of the relationships we form with people, places and things. The process will break down the barriers that exist, connecting us to almost everything and gaining a feeling of oneness. Your meaning & purpose At some point in life, most of us question why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. Some seek those answers endlessly both practically and spiritually. This will transform your understanding and perspective, showing with clarity the purpose of your life. It's a transformation for MORE REVIEWS COACHING & SUPPORT We're here for you both during and after the retreat The teaching, workshops and activities at the retreat are all hosted by our team of coaches, who are on hand for both group and individual discussion. This coaching will offer different, personal perspectives on the transformational journey and is key in finding the words that will unlock every guests personal journey. 10 Days is not long to gain life-changing transformation and a new state of being, and in reality the retreat is just the beginning. That's why access to coaching continues long after the retreat with group video calls and even the opportunity for individual coaching calls should you feel the need. That said, this process is permanent and we don't expect guests to need too much coaching or to redo retreats, other than (as many do), coming to visit us and meet up from time to time. DATES & RESERVATION WHAT OUR GUESTS SAY CHOOSE YOUR RETREAT 27 Oct 2023 HELLFIRE | 10 Day Life Changing Transformation Retreat RESERVE A PLACE 29 Dec 2023 NEW YEAR | 10 Day Life Changing Transformation Retreat RESERVE A PLACE 26 Jan 2024 FRESH START | 10 Day Life Changing Transformation Retreat RESERVE A PLACE 8 Mar 2024 SPRING EQUINOX | 10 Day Life Changing Transformation Retreat RESERVE A PLACE Zen Jungle Retreat, Devon UK Luxury one or two bedroom cabins Every cabin is newly refurbished and forms a home from home. Each has a large deck with a view and both inddor and outdoor seating. King size bedrooms (Double or twin) All bedrooms are king size, so when sharing offer a great private sleeping space. All have high threadcount linens and super comfy mattresses. Living space and large decking The living spaces are large with rustic boho styling. There's a 4 seater breakfast bar, doors to the deck and no TV for ultimate peace. Fully fitted kitchens Kitchens are brand new with all appliances. Hob, oven microwave, dishwasher, fridge and freezer are all included together with a washing machine. A 40 acre peaceful paradise Every cabin is nestled within the retreat as a natural haven with 5 lakes, woodland, endless walks and beautiful outdoor seating spaces. Bistro & Bar Whilst not yet open to non retreat guests, our newly created bistro and bar make an amazing centre point for food and drinks at the retreat. EXPLORE CABIN STAYS Cabins & Retreat Spaces The retreat and cabins make up a 40 acre, peaceful paradise with 5 lakes and ancient woodland. Cabins are one or two bedrooms and for transformations you can either take a whole cabin to yourself or be paired with another guest to share. Every cabin is newly refurbished and has fully fitted kitchen, living space, one or two bathrooms with a private deck and every appliance and amenity. What is the retreat? Intensity and fun meets deep presence, altered states of consciousness and learning new practices and a new state of being. Dissolving of old habits and thinking and finding peace. It's also an amazing place to meet life-long friends. ​ Key elements and features : Unique teaching, workshops and practices. Limited to only 7 guests per retreat for one-to-one coaching. Set in a natural paradise for space and time to let go. A 10 night stay in a luxury cabin. 5 nights of cookouts with food, drinks & fire pits. Fun, life-changing experiences. What will I experience? Intense, personal transformation and awakening. A fundamental shift in life perspective. Letting go of limiting beliefs, fear, trauma & sadness. Advanced coaching on mindfulness and presence. Kriya yoga for self realisation​. Advanced Meditation & Zazen. Sound baths and meditations. Shamanic drumming. Conscious communication. Movement meditation. Shamanic and holotropic breathwork. Altered states of consciousness. Relaxation, Release & Presence. Enlightenment. Practices for raised consciousness. Connection in consciousness. Experiential understanding of personal reality. Yoga nidra & sleep meditation.​ Kriya Yoga for self realisation. Cold water lake swimming (where available). Yurt cinema night. Specialist individual coaching for : Anxiety & Overthinking. Triggers, Anger & Addiction​. Recurrent Trauma, parental blame. Connection and better Relationships. Illness, terminal illness & pain. Purpose, meaning, seeking and spirituality. Depression, mental health. DATES & RESERVATION HOW IT WORKS Can you relate to one or more? Then this process will be life-changing Overthinking, Worry or Anxiety Exhausted, tired of the "rat race" Trapped, need to escape Can't sleep, thinking all night Addicted or compulsive The world's gone mad, change it Low self opinion, self hatred Isolated or alone, want to belong Voice in the head, depression Looking for a way out, suicidal Guilt, blame, a victim Overcome by fear, fear of death Grief, loss, deep sadness Chronic pain, mental or physical Terminal illness Unable to overcome "Trauma" Dependency in relationships Need a soulmate or twin flame Problem and failed relationships “Toxic” or abusive relationships Inability to trust, insecurity Lack of self confidence Anger, poor impulse control Want to find peace, to relax Want or need to be free Want to find meaning or purpose Unhappy, want to find happiness Seeking to awaken, you or others Want to find connection Want to find flow and intuition Seeking enlightenment Wanting to transcend it all DATES & RESERVATION WILL IT WORK FOR ME? Join the Weekly Zoom Call If you'd like to discuss the retreat further before booking or to get a more personal explanation that relates to how you're feeling personally with answers to specific questions to help you understand if it's right for you, join the weekly zoom call. The group call offers the broadest coverage but private calls can be arranged on request. CHOOSE A ZOOM DATE An unforgettable, life-changing adventure If you long for fundamental change in how you feel about and connect with life and others, this 10 night retreat is the most intensive, perspective changing journey available. It will change your life forever, allowing you to truly let go and find freedom. Who this is for . . . Those wanting a profound change in their life. The open minded and open to new perspective. Men or women who want inner peace & fulfillment. Men or women looking for joy and happiness. Those craving freedom or feeling trapped. People interested in deep personal development. Those seeking personal independence. Those wanting better, deeper relationships. Those on a path of seeking or awakening. Who this is NOT for . . . Those seeking a holiday focussed on relaxation. Those unwilling to join talks, teachings, workshops. Those unwilling to commit to effort and practices. Those unwilling to take full responsibility for their own state of being. Anyone with a closed mindset, unwilling to to be open and listen. Anyone who has embedded in the role of victim. Those who have already given up on themselves. Those against holistic, alternative remedies.

  • Ultimate Personal Transformation | Online Course | Retreat | Zen Jungle

    THE HOLISTIC MASTERCLASS IN HOW TO TRULY LOVE LIFE Choose which best decribes you I want to let go, heal & find some peace I have reached a moment in my life where I'm stuck or maybe it's a kind of crisis. Something really needs to change, I need to feel better and to stop going in circles. I want the mind noise and conflict inside and out to end. FIND YOUR PEACE I want to grow, evolve, awaken & transcend I'm on a transformational journey of self realisation, rediscovering who I am. I'm seeking deeper connection, intuitive flow and to discover and live my life's purpose. I want to let go of limiting beliefs and find true peace, freedom and fulfilment. AWAKEN & TRANSCEND @zen_jungle on instagram Health follows consciousness Consider for a moment how much energy, effort and time the average human is using to think, strategise and worry about their own existence. ​ As we start to find peace, lose our ideas and stop the thoughts that have plagued us for a lifetime, we give that energy back to our body and mind. ​ It transpires that it was the absence of that energy that created every mental and physiological illness you ever had. It's also what will cure anything you have right now.. COURSE OR RETREAT? More subjects covered in the community Fear of Death Relationships Finding Purpose Mental Illness Spiritual Awakening Curing Anxiety Sleep & Insomnia Isolation & Belonging Enlightenment Anger Management Grief, loss & Sadness Dissolving Ego The masterclass is transformative on so many levels and will impact almost all areas of your life. It's the fundamental way you see the world that changes during this transformation. Our community livestreams and articles offer deeper insight into so many subjects and concerns that many people can deeply relate to, so whether you've started the masterclass or not, join the community now. JOIN THE COMMUNITY What's on at the retreat. The retreat is just beginning with more being added everyday. Retreats have begun and there's so many exciting things to see and do here. If you are local, please drop in, if not why not book a stay? Explore the Retreat 1. Life Transformations This is our life-changing boot camp. Priced individually it includes your luxury cabin stay and all talks, teaching, workshops and coaching. There are lots of activities and cookouts, shamanic breathing sessions and ceremonies. 7 day previews retreats are running until december 2022, 10 Day Transformations start 30th December 2022 2. Mindfulness breaks We will soon be releasing dates for minfulness mini-breaks. These will include teaching, practices, and activities including cookouts and lamplit processions to the firepits. ​ It's a great way to sample what the retreat has to offer. 3. Stay at the retreat Cabin only stays are now available to sample what the retreat has to offer in between transformational retreats. Luxury cabins and amazing spaces, firepits and more. 4. Day experiences We are creating a growing number of day experiences, including mindfulness, shamanic breathing, yoga nedra and more, some including a cookout and food too. DO IT AT HOME OR AT THE RETREAT ZEN JUNGLE FREE COMMUNITY Our community is there for everyone. It's free and has lots of resources and content for those new to Zen Jungle and those currently reading or listening to the book. There are also lessons and live talks from the retreat, articles and updates. The Team is available on the chat and will give support to those who need it. ​ It's also a great place to meet like minded people on the same journey as you. JOIN FREE OR LOGIN AT HOME LIFE-CHANGING TRANSFORMATION APP, ONLINE & MOBILE LIFE-COACHING OPTIONS & FREE COMMUNITY The online transformation is based on the retreat talks and teachings and it's best for anyone who is unable to attend a retreat and for those who like to spend time and get more detailed explanations. The content is extensive and expands on the retreat teachings for better unsupported learning, it creates a real path to peace and freedom. It includes free Jungle butterflies community access and selectable coaching levels. Over 40 intensive video lessons Daily talks, teaching & workshops Intensive 10 day awakening program Finding & mastering presence course Discovering consciousness program Mastering Meditation & Zazen Sound baths & Shamanic drumming Altered states and shamanic breathwork Learn sleep yoga - Yoga Nidra Dissolving Triggers, Addiction & Trauma Personal independence & relationships Dissolving limiting beliefs All course workbooks Access to peer group community A choice of coaching options Lifetime access - do it at your pace FEATURES Pre-Order From £179 COACHING OPTIONS RETREAT 10 DAY LIFE-CHANGING TRANSFORMATION CABIN STAY, TALKS, COACHING, WORKSHOPS, ACTIVITIES, ONLINE COMMUNITY & COACHING CALLS Held at our purpose built 40 acre retreat Luxury Cabin Stay (Private or Shared) Daily talks, teaching & workshops Intensive awakening program Finding & mastering presence course Discovering consciousness program Mastering Meditation & Zazen course Sound baths & Shamanic drumming Altered states and shamanic breathwork Learn sleep yoga - Yoga Nidra Dissolving Triggers, Addiction & Trauma Personal independence & relationships Dissolving limiting beliefs A range of day and night time activities 5 nights with food, cookouts & firepits, Free access to the online course Ongoing group coaching calls The retreat is a unique transformational teaching experience and best for those wanting space from their lives, certainty of result and the help and guidance that personal coaching brings. ​ Includes free access to the Jungle butterflies community, the full online transformation and 3 months post retreat weekly life-coaching calls, upgradable to ultimate one-to-one life-coaching. FEATURES 10 Days from £999 RETREAT TRANSFORMATION Can you relate to one or more? Then this will be life-changing Overthinking, Worry or Anxiety Exhausted, tired of the "rat race" Trapped, need to escape Can't sleep, thinking all night Addicted or compulsive The world's gone mad, change it Low self opinion, self hatred Isolated or alone, want to belong Voice in the head, depression Looking for a way out, suicidal Guilt, blame, a victim Overcome by fear, fear of death Grief, loss, deep sadness Chronic pain, mental or physical Terminal illness Unable to overcome "Trauma" Dependency in relationships Need a soulmate or twin flame Problem and failed relationships “Toxic” or abusive relationships Inability to trust, insecurity Lack of self confidence Anger, poor impulse control Want to find peace, to relax Want or need to be free Want to find meaning or purpose Unhappy, want to find happiness Seeking to awaken, you or others Want to find connection Want to find flow and intuition Seeking enlightenment Wanting to transcend it all COURSE OR RETREAT MORE REVIEWS Whichever life-changing transformation you choose, online or in-person at the retreat, the coaching process is fundamental to it. We are on hand to guide and ensure your personal result, and through the emotion and intensity of the transformation and awakening process to help you quickly integrate what you learn. These are life lessons you were never taught in school and our coaches have been exactly where you are, so are able to effectively support you based on their own life experience and experience of the transformation process. ​ The teachings simply work and have already transformed so many lives, just like yours. The teachings and practices are a path to a deep awakening, peace and freedom, and will reveal a life you may never have thought possible. Coaching makes it both actionable and personal to you. It's selectable for the online course and foundational at the retreat, meaning c oaches are always available during your retreat experince for group and private sessions. Group or personal zoom calls are available for online transformations. Coaches will answer questions during and between teachings, and give advice during activities. CHOOSE A ROUTE COACHING, SUPPORT & GUIDANCE You're not alone WHAT OTHERS SAY Below are a selection of reviews taken directly from instagram, the retreat and Amazon. The masterclass is having incredible results for those who take it and changing lives fundamentally. Life-long inner peace, healing and connection through self realisation. Time to truly love your life. This is a profound journey out of mind chaos and inner conflict to the peace, joy, connection and belonging that comes as we exit subjectivity and our conditioned, limiting beliefs and find freedom from the parts we play in life. ​ Self realisation is awakening to a totally new perspective and rediscovery of who you really are beneath the roles, labels, expectations, fears, wants and endless overthinking. A quiet mind will reveal creativity, deep intuition and your life's true purpose, and it works no matter how hopeless you may feel right now. LIFE-CHANGING, HOLISTIC RESULTS NOT QUITE READY? BOOK, AUDIOBOOK & FREE COMMUNITY If you're not quite ready for the course or retreat, the book, audiobook and free community are available globally​. The masterclass has been life-changing for so many people just lie you already. Whilst they require you to set aside a block of time and to have deep commitment, the masterclass is an effective way to start your transformation. It works for those who are strongly self motivated and who feel they will need less support. Access to personal life-coaching requires enrollment in the course or attending a retreat. ​ Unlike the course and retreat, the masterclass is an 11 step process. It will change your life forever. It's over 300 pages or 15 hours, and you will need to cover it 3 or more times for the best, transformational results. Access to the community is always free and offers more content and wisdom, access to the course and coaching packages and direct access to the Zen Jungle coaches. BUY ON AMAZON JOIN FREE COMMUNITY Heal and find inner peace with life-changing results Addiction & Impulse Control Addiction is a symptom not a cause. It is a vehicle of escape for those who do not enjoy the way their lives feel when sober. Until life feels good, addiction remains. This process changes how we feel about life at the deepest level. Overthinking, Sleep Stress & Wellbeing Busy lives with so much to do, be and have, leave us thinking endlessly and in frustrating circles. This pattern intrudes on our sleep and almost every other waking moment. ​ The transformation reveals the cause, allowing you to learn dissolve the fuel for overthinking at source. Worry & Anxiety Our minds are ever active creating consequence and catastrophic scenarios, most of which never end up happening but take our peace. ​ It's a pattern of an unconscious mind. One that's never quiet and out of control. This process places you consciously in control what you think, when you think and if you think at all. Depression & Bipolar Both depression and bipolar represent us giving undue importance and truth to the ideas that would otherwise pass us by. ​ Attachment is an unconscious habit that we are conditioned into. As the transformation will show, it can be easily unlearned and past attachements can be dissolved. Recurrent Trauma Trauma has become a common and subjective term for past experiences we hold onto tightly impacting life. ​ It's caused by deep, sub-conscious attachment which becomes a trigger. The transformation unlearns the habit of attachment, allowing letting go of your previous, attached beliefs. Complete freedom from trauma. Loss, Grief, Death & Sadness Us humans have some very strong ideas about death and become very attached to the people around us. ​ It's easy then to embed in ideas of loss, grief and fear which become deep triggers, impacting our lives when death is encountered or in terminal illness. The process changes perspective, dissolving all triggers. Blame, Guilt & Victim Both blame and guilt can be debilitating and when we blame we instantly take on the role of victim, holding a trigger close to us. ​ This process will show and unlearn the unconscious act of blame, including that of the self in guilt, and will allow the release and dissolving of past ideas of blame, creating freedom. Hopelessness & Suicidal thoughts We build our lives from subjective ideas and limiting beliefs, accumulating them over a lifetime. They become heavy, like an ultimate resistance that we often cannot bare. ​ Hopelessness and the option of suicide is often the result, and we feel that nothing else will work. This process helps dissolve the ideas that cause that feeling of hopelessness. Connection & Intuition As your mind finally stops, you will begin to feel deep connection within the new found silence. There's nowhere and nothing to be, nothing to be done. It's liberation from a life of worry, anxiety, resistance and the endless search for happiness in metaphors such as people, places, things and life situations while perpetually avoiding others, all to feel ok. The self critic and negative self opinion will simply dissolve. An exciting, step by step Originally based on the acclaimed Zen Jungle holistic masterclass in how to truly love life, this is a unique, step by step journey of dissolving, awakening and deep self realisation. It is an intense reveal of new perspectives on who you really are and on life and existence itself. The talks, pointings, practices and activities will bring a new, peaceful and free state of being. Transformational Journey See life in a whole new way, everything changes We accumulate a lifetime of subjective, limiting ideas and beliefs about ourselves and everything else in our lives, including life itself. They are conditioned into us by our parents, school, religion, media and everyone and everything around us. ​ They form how we see our life and everything we must do, be and have within it. They also create a blinkered view of the world and limit everything we see, do, think and experience. ​ Step one will fundamentally change those ideas and the perspective on life that they create. Also known as awakening, this part of the transformation will change everything, forever. STEP 1 REALISE & AWAKEN Learning the steps to inner peace In step one, you will have seen experientially how your personal reality is created, making the decision to take action easy. ​ The process of self-realisation starts in practice. Learning the stepping stones to peace, presence, unlearning and dissolving life-long habits. You'll learn to become aware of where you place your attention and how ideas and thoughts are created, giving you conscious choice of what you think and when. ​ You'll start to find your peace and drop your triggers, making your thoughts, reactions and behaviours your own and truly authentic for the first time. ​ STEP 2 DECIDE & PRACTICE Time to let go of it all and be happy and free The transformation will become more intense and visible now. Letting go will be something you can see and feel but there's no sharing or empowering your past ideas, just release. ​ ​ Committed focus on practices, has you more and more conscious and aware of where you are placing your attention. You now see when it's in thoughts or your experience. ​ Your attachments and time spent in thoughts of the past and future is now reducing fast. You're learning to let go. Soon the peace will descend upon you, triggers will completely subside and mind noise will all but stop. ​ Magical activites in consciousness. STEP 3 UNLEARN & DISSOLVE Life is effortless, no worry, planning or pressure Possibly for the first time, you will experience the peace of a silent mind. Thoughts will stop and the gaps between them extend. You will see, hear and feel more than ever before. ​ You will learn to see true intuition and to live in flow. You'll be taught to trust and surrender, gaining an unspoken profound guidance in your life. ​ ​ As your need to plan and control everything falls away, we will explore your deepening feeling of connection to people, places and things and a deeper sense of the whole. ​ ​ You'll learn experientially the infinite reach of consciousness in activities that take you beyond body and mind. STEP 4 CONNECT & FLOW IN ADDITION TO THE ZEN JUNGLE MASTERCLASS WE USE Shamanic Practices Ancient shamanic practices of breathwork and drumming are implemented for both altered state experience and release during this process. Sound ceremony Our awareness and alignment with sound and vibration has been used for many years to aid relaxation, calm and altered state. Our ceremonies bring peace. Traditional Yoga The origins of yoga are in the science of the true self and self realisation. Discovery of the awareness within and it's connected nature is used throughout the process. Presence & Mindfulness Be here now. Presence is the fundamental state of sensory experience. The state before thought, judgement or idea. A state without doing or polarity. Flow and intuition The journey taken by this transformation exposes participants to the silence and stillness where free will and intuition are found. Choice and action without reason. Meditation Meditation and access to the thoughtless realm is practiced in many forms until it becomes almost permanent. Try connection and shared experience. Zazen Zazen is a path to awakening and enlightenment. It's also a very effective way to find presence and to unlearn your passive triggers. It's used throughout the process. Fire, Ice and Water The power of fire, ice and water are utilised where possible during transformation for their ability to invoke and demonstrate the power of thoughtlessness. Self realisation will help you let go of a lifetime of subjective ideas and beliefs that you will see, now only limit you. These beliefs become a cage and are the cause of all suffering and separation. As you practice, your awareness will explode revealing the magic of life for the first time. Joy is now everywhere and permanent. This is a powerful combination of enlightenment, non-physical Kriya yoga, shamanic practices, sound, mindfulness and more. The journey to self realisation is a journey out of subjectivity and false truth. CHOOSE A ROUTE WILL IT WORK FOR ME? To learn how personal transformation could work for you in articles, videos and talks covering trauma, addiction, relationships, grief and more... IS IT FOR ME? FORUM Or Join the Weekly Zoom Call If you'd like a more personal explanation, wish to discuss how you feel personally or have specific questions that will help you understand if it's right for you, join the zoom call. Private calls can be arranged on request. CHOOSE A ZOOM DATE

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