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Butterfly Club

Fri, 21 Jun


Meet at the Bistro

Wild Women - Full Moon Solstice Skinny Dip with cacao, fire and optional sound bath and dinner

Release the wild woman in you with our full moon skinny dip and optional sound bath and dinner, a beautiful opportunity to gather and connect with like minded women, releasing anything that no longer serves us and warming our hearts and bodies with a post swim mug of ceremonial grade cacao.

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 Wild Women - Full Moon Solstice Skinny Dip with cacao, fire and optional sound bath and dinner
 Wild Women - Full Moon Solstice Skinny Dip with cacao, fire and optional sound bath and dinner

Dates, Time & Location

21 Jun 2024, 20:00 – 22:00

Meet at the Bistro , Zen Jungle Retreat Wooda Lakes, Holsworthy EX22 7JN, UK

Event in detail

With the combined energy of June's full moon and the Summer Solstice, we warmly invite all wild women to a celebration of liberation and connection at Freedom Lake. On the 21st of June, join us for an enchanting evening of wild swimming with a fire and cacao, as well as an optional sound bath before the swim, designed exclusively for the wild women among us who seek to immerse themselves fully in nature's embrace. This is not just an event; it's a journey back to our primal roots, a night to reclaim our wildness under the expansive star lit sky.

As the moon casts its silver light over the tranquil waters of Freedom Lake, we'll share in the timeless ritual of skinny dipping, shedding our layers not just physically but symbolically, releasing what no longer serves us into the water's forgiving embrace. The benefits of wild swimming are profound, extending beyond the physical exhilaration of cold water immersion to touch on deeper, spiritual healing. In these sacred moments, enveloped by nature and the cosmos, we connect not only with ourselves but with the vast web of life that surrounds us.

After we emerge, renewed and invigorated by the water's caress, we'll gather around a crackling fire to share sacred spiced cacao, a heart-opening elixir that will warm our bodies and souls. For those who wish to deepen this transformative experience, we offer an optional sound ceremony at 8pm before the plunge. This month Hannah will be accompanied by Astrid, sharing her enchanting downloads of dragons with shamanic drumming and singing. This mini retreat is an opportunity to attune your spirit with the vibrations of the earth and sky, setting intentions and opening your heart to the universe's whispered guidance. Join us in this intimate communion with the elements, a celebration of our wild, untamed essence under the full moon's watchful gaze.

If you wish to extend your evening to enjoy a delicious, freshly prepared dinner at our panoramic bistro, this can be included in the ticket. 

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