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Retreat Guest : Claudia

I arrived on my own at this beautiful retreat in Devon needing some time away to have a break from the chaos of life. I was intrigued with the ideas of shamanic breathing ceremonies, sound gong baths, lamplight processions and Zazen yoga. I hadn’t realised just how wonderful it would be. From the very first moment I met each member of the team I encountered such warmth and compassion. I felt truly seen and heard.

There are beautiful yurts to learn in and do yoga and tai chi, cinema nights, wild water swimming, fire pit cook outs, karaoke! We had so many fantastic experiences here I can’t really put into words what this special place has done for me.

The talks have given me a whole new perspective on life and how to truly live it and love it. I have returned home to family a different person; calmer and more present than I have ever been. If you believe in magic then this place really is it. I arrived scared and alone and left with what feels like a second family now as well as friends for life in the other people I met on the retreat. If you can get there then do it, it may be the best decision you ever make!

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Masterclass Transformations

This is one of the best books I've ever read.In my opinion this book is up there with the best parts of The Bible, Bhagavad Gita and The Power of Now. If you care about yourself, get this book and study well. ESSENTIAL READING!

Johnathon Martin

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Retreat Guest : Poppy

Truly, this place has saved me.

I used to worry so much about everything, always planning so many things to do, not enjoying the moment and thinking silly things constantly. It was massively getting me down and ruining a lot of present life.

Now, I have the ability to not think & I enjoy every moment I’m in.

The team are fantastic & incredibly knowledgeable… Iv even asked to join… ;)

On a serious note… if your struggling with life and just need a massive kick up the bum to feel like YOU again then get yourself to Zen Jungle!!!! Peace and love Poppy AKA Peacock

on reading the masterclass

After reading the masterclass I am a changed person, life now has a purpose


Amazon Review

It’s like seeing the matrix code, life changing on so many levels

Jay Middleton

Amazon Review

The whole of humanity would benefit from reading this masterclass. Truly awakening

Bruno Alves

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Retreat Guest : Narinder

Life changing! You have to experience it yourself. I can't find the words to describe it. I went with no expectations. I came away from the jungle feeling lighter. The team - Jason, Hannah, Beata, Toby and Liz are inspirational.

I will be returning.. without a doubt.


The Zen Jungle Retreat was transformational for me - even though it was only a preview week - and it's hard to rate the place or the people highly enough.

It's a beautiful setting with superbly designed wood cabins equipped with everything you could need for a stay. The place seems to be imbued with peace and tranquility. For the teaching and practices there are warm and welcoming yurts; walks through the woods and beside beautiful lakes; and there are fire pits and a bar for evening chats and consolidation after the day's learning...

The overarching sense of happiness, fun and love is contagious thanks to the amazing founders / coaches who guided me into my journey towards a life of peace and fulfilment. As well as the fascinating discussions and explanations of helpful practices, they were constantly on hand to answer any questions with patience and kindness.

I am returning next year for a full retreat - it's truly wonderful!

Rebekah Morgan

Retreat Guest


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