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Brain Sync Sound Meditation

Harmonize your mind with BrainSync meditation experience

  • 1 hour
  • 9 British pounds
  • Zen Jungle Retreat

Service Description

Sync both hemispheres of your brain to experience the deepest the deepest forms of meditation with our headphone based equisync system. This theta wave session will help you to experience meditation both faster and deeper, focussing on connection and visuals. This session uses the latest brain sync technology to fuel the depth of your meditative journey. We have selected the Theta waves for this session as an exploration into the visual side of meditation where we will use third eye focus. Whilst meditation will be deep, this is a great session for both regular and first time meditators as it will ease the process. Each person gets their own set of headphones and will hear unique sounds both left and right that will focus your brain function to synchronise and maximise the power of your connection. The process is perfectly safe and can be use for relaxation, astral travel, remote viewing and more. This session will focus on achieving the deepest most visual meditation for all guests.

Contact Details

  • Zen Jungle Retreat, Holsworthy, UK


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