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Butterfly Club

Advanced, Unfocussed / Kriya Meditation

Unite in Silence, Awaken in Spirit: Group Meditation for advanced meditators

  • 30 min
  • 6 British pounds
  • Zen Jungle Retreat

Service Description

This meditation is for participants who have mastered consistency in sensory focussed, thoughtless meditations. It is one of the most powerful forms of meditation, allowing you to still the mind and find the true self and a space of inner peace, leading to profound realisation and connection. Journey inward to a completely unfocussed state removes both the observer and the observed until we find the essence of being. This meditation is a heartfelt invitation to all seeking to harmonize their spirit, mind, and body. Our experienced guides will lead you through the ancient practice of unfocussed meditation as much as is practically possible but by it's nature the core state cannot be achieved though guidance or by being given focus. This sacred technique, revered for its profound ability to accelerate spiritual growth, is a path of gentle awakening, a nurturing process of opening up to the light within. As we conclude our journey together, we hope you will carry away a sense of renewed purpose, a deeper connection to the universe, and the gentle glow of inner peace. Please join us in this celebration of life, breath, and awakening.

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