Lone Walk
An 11 step, life changing journey of personal  transformation
Wisdom that works from masters old and new, made simple and coherent.
Zen Jungle is a combination of knowledge, mindset training, yoga, psychology, leading edge science, emotional intelligence, law of attraction, spiritual awakening and more. All natural and the end of overthinking, worry, anxiety, confusion and suffering. A journey to truth, purpose, peace and happiness.

Zen Jungle is the reset and reboot that we have all been looking for.

In a world full of expectations, overthinking, anxiety, sleep disorders and more, it's no surpise that there is a huge growth in people seeking peace, purpose, happiness, awakening and to feel generally good about life itself.


The Zen Jungle roadmap is the first, step-by-step, whole of life journey of self discovery, mind training, new practices and habit change, that will deliver a whole new outlook, peace, purpose and happiness for all who touch it.


An Overview - How it works?

It starts with a deep foundation of belief

The roadmap starts by creating deep understanding and a strong foundation of belief, with self discovery, thought provoking insights and undeniable truth. It will deepen your understanding of yourself and allow you to become deeply aware of why you think and behave the way you do. This is the foundation needed to start to make changes.

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Traditional Library

Thousands of hours of research, curated, refined and made simple.

To find and understand the real reason why we have endless thoughts and an endless dialogue from the voice in our head, is a great start point.


Then we move on to finding behaviours and changes to thinking that create peace and quiet the mind. Much of the wisdom we found was ancient and often incoherent, but when actioned was incredibly effective. This information and practice has been around for centuries and whilst not mainstream, it holds the key to a fulfilled life.


Sources for the roadmap are diverse and bring together so much amazing wisdom. As a team we have now lived it too and we know just how well it works. Zen Jungle takes the incoherent and makes it simple to understand and to action.

Next, the process of transformation begins. Exciting!

Equipped with the basic foundations, it's now the beginning of creating new habits, removing destructive patterns and unlearning many things that have been learned over a lifetime but do not serve you. Change starts immediately and the roadmap will help you to embed that change with app based repetition and reminders.

Start at the beginning and go step-by-step until change is made

Unlike other sources of good self development information, the Zen Jungle roadmap is clear and step by step. There is a beginning, middle and end. It is refreshing to have a clear destination, to "Love life" and to know that by taking these incremental steps you will most certainly get there. Nothing else comes close.

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Meditation by the Beach

Next up, learn the key practices and methods to create a quiet mind

Unlike the many meditation apps that are in vogue at the moment, the Zen Jungle roadmap is holistic and touches every part of your life, all day, every day. That said, presence and thoughtless attention, which is the basis of meditation, is one of our foundational concepts. This means that you will find everything you need to start and develop presence into a permanent state, not limited to specific meditation but in all situations and circumstances. It is to become your base state.

Now, gain total freedom. From your mind and from the voice in your head

With practice, your perspectives will change fast and the amount of peace you incrementally experience will grow quickly. The roadmap will progress you toward becoming the observer of your thoughts, rather than the thinking mind, the basis of awakening.

This experience is quite profound and is the subject of many spiritual teachings. It is the process of seeing that your consciousness is observing the thoughts you have and starting to become that awareness and not the thinker.

Liberation is now not far away.

Time to learn the fundamentals of fear and remove it from your life.

At the heart of many thoughts and anxieties are both expectations and fears. These play a huge part in our lives and are accumulated both in family bloodlines and from the moment you are born.

At this point we have done inherent work on the expectations and why they are there, so the roadmap now focuses on the basis of all fear and removal of it.

It's at this point that you will feel an ever deepening connection to nature and all of life...

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What's left?Reprogramme your mind with thoughts that serve you better

Having reconsidered everything you think about from the ground up, it remains now for you to create and implant the thoughts that will serve you moving forward. We have already removed old patterns but will now create and manifest using the law of attraction. Yes it exists and yes it works, but it requires an individual who is free from their own thoughts and mind as a starting point. At this time the world is becoming a very different place to you.

Preparing for the new you and renewed, deeper relationships

The way you see the world is now very different. It will bring deeper more meaningful relationships and will totally change the dynamic of existing ones. The new you has less judgement, more acceptance and a deep love for all. This will be profound and the roadmap will help you to make the most of it, by helping you to manage the change with friends, loved ones and romantic partners.

Thinking Man

The roadmap is for everyone. Change is simple and happens fast.

If you are feeling confused, undecided about life, overthinking, anxious, struggling to sleep; or searching for purpose, fulfilment, awakening or enlightenment, then the roadmap is specifically made for you. The reality is that by following the simple steps, you can make fundamental life changes for the better, whatever your circumstances. Give it a try, what do you have to lose?



Unlike any other book

The book is the foundation of the roadmap. It will lead you through the 11 step journey, allowing you to embed a life changing personal transformation. (Includes free online member resources)


Now available on Amazon books in Kindle and Paperback (recommended). Direct international links shown. Also available in all european Amazon book stores.

£9.99 Paperback

& Kindle

$13.66 Paperback

$9.99 Kindle

The Zen Jungle masterclass is a transformational journey that will quickly unlock the secrets of your mind and change how you feel and think at the most fundamental level. You will need the book or audiobook (coming soon) in order to get started, with more formats coming shown below to suport further learning.


The audio course is the book in audio form with a few additional extras. It makes the masterclass easy and fun, and comes with some additional step by step excercises specifically created for listeners.


As the most extensive version of the course, the online learning will offer deep learning, workbooks, excercises and multiple explanations of each and every concept, making success almost guaranteed.


Dates will soon be released at worldwide locations. These will be an intensive learning and practice experience for those wishing to reset and reboot. There will be talks, group practice, coaching and lessons with Zen and Yoga content.

A new life starts today.

  1. The end of anxiety. 

  2. The start of better sleep.  

  3. A new level of focus, clarity and creativity. 

  4. The ultimate in self development. 

  5. A path to spiritual awakening. 

  6. Self realisation for the non spiritualist. 

  7. The return of confidence and self esteem. 

  8. The end of insecurity.

  9. The end of unhealthy attachments.

  10. The path to deeper, healthy relationships.

  11. A way to better connect with nature.

  12. The end of endlessly chasing happiness.

  13. The end of fear.

  14. The start of a better world.

Love life, we believe everyone can...

Our mission is to help the whole of humanity to love life again, free from overthinking and re-connected to the power and peace of nature.

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