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Join us for a 7 to 14 day life-changing personal transformation and ultimate life-coaching. Find life-long peace, freedom and happiness.

The Zen Jungle Retreat has been purpose built for personal transformation and holds what can only be decribed as the ultimate life-changing bootcamp for up to 14 days almost every month of the year. The proven journey to peace, purpose and life-long happiness is based on the Zen jungle Holistic masterclass in how to truly love life and is both taught and coached by the team here.

Awaken to a whole new perspective on life and truly love it for the first time. Feel blissful peace and freedom by learning to dissolve the cause of all overthinking, relationship issues, trauma, triggers, addictions, low self opinion, insecurity and many mental health conditions.

To stay in a luxury, self-catered cabin at the retreat, book a mindfulness mini-break or a cabin only stay.

There are several ways to access the retreat and everything it has to offer. If you are not quite ready to book a personal transformation or can't spare the time, why not book a mini-break or cabin only stay right now.

Mini-breaks are now available starting most Thursdays between transformational and you can book a cabin simply by checking availability.

Why wait to stay, when you can visit right now.


Relax, transform, experience, transcend

A place to find thoughtless peace in magical spaces and people just like you. Zen Jungle Retreat is an enchanted lakeside haven spread across 40 acres of abundant nature and ancient woodland, on the border of Devon and Cornwall near Bude. You can choose to transform and awaken with us, book a cabin stay or become a member and visit regularly.






The retreat is a place to become thoughtless and find peace but there's also lots to see and do in the 40 acres with 5 beautiful lakes, woodland walks, ceremonial theatres and quiet seating spaces and lots of shared firepits and activities.

The retreat is becoming totally self sufficient and will soon be the grower of all produce served. Water is fresh from our borehole and ingredients are fresh from our growing spaces too. Food will soon become a central part of the retreat experience, with our new bistro, lakeside bar and  firepit and regular weekly cookouts. It's a great place to be if you like good food or even to bring your own.

Our calendar is building and will be released soon. We are now booking for a summer festival and will be host to several internal and external events. If you are looking for a teaching space or somewhere to hold an event, please get in touch.

Our yurts have capacity up to 85 people and will be served by the bistro bar and kitchen.



Become a retreat club member for unlimited access to everything the retreat has to offer. There's even a 14 day free trial.

Are you local enough to visit the retreat regularly or simply on holiday in the area? Then membership is perfect for you. it gives unlimited access to the whole retreat including all the walks, seating spaces, bookable experiences and firepits.


The bistro bar and kitchen will soon be open and the lakeside bar and grill will follow soon after. There's no risk as all memberships start with a 2 week free trial, followed by a small monthly fee. You can cancel it at any time.


The retreat is all about experiences in consciousness and finding personal peace, freedom and independence from the chaos of the outside world. As a retreat member you can book a range of experiences that will help you to find your true self, free yourself of the overthinking mind and ultimately see that you are not bound by your body.

Opening soon, our beautiful elevated banquet hall and connected buffet kitchen will serve simple, natural food that tastes amazing.

Mad Hatters Woodland Banquet

Although this is a little way off, we're excited to announce the mad hatters banquetting table in the woods. What an awesome space to eat.

Our new sunset bar is currently being built and will hold a launch party moving into summer. It's an amazing space with a firepit on the lake.

Bring a picnic

The retreat is the perfect place for picnics. We have so many group dining areas complete with tables and chairs as well as lakeside benches.

Join a cookout - Request Schedule

We regularly hold retreat cookouts, parties and firepit evenings. Check the schedule and make a booking to join.

Create your own cookout

As a retreat guest or member, you'll be able to book a firepit for the use of your group. There's lots available and wood packs are on sale too.


With 5 lakes, ancient woodland and endless paths, the retreat is perfect for explorers. You can spend all day and get back to being a child again

Walk, Talk & Chill

It's great to find a space and connect with friends and like-minded people. The retreat brings those who seek peace and escape from drama together.

 Meditate & Find Presence

There are spaces everywhere for quiet meditation, zazen and presence. Learn to reset and become thoughtless

Firepits, Cookouts & Picnics

Firepits are everywhere. The retreat has so many spaces with large firepits for gatherings and cookouts. Join a group or book your own.

Yurt Cinema

We have two yurts at the retreat and our smaller, more cosy one can double as a cinema. Book the space or join one of the regular showings


The retreat plays host to many forms of life-changing teachings and experiences. Join shamanic breathing, mindfluness and more.

Sound & Drumming Ceremonies

Experience the power of sound for thoughtless meditation and find the peace that most of us are searching for.

Learn Zazen Meditation

Zazen is both a route to thoughtlessness and to what Zen masters would call Kensho or enlightenment. 

Lamplit procession & Bar crawl

This is walking Zazen with a difference. It's our journey down to the lakeside bar and grill starting early evening to an evening of food and drinks.

Shamanic Breathing & Journeys

This is a portal to another world and a way to experience altered states of consciousness. It's different for everone but always a favourite.

Madhatters Banquet

Coming mid summer, we will be holding a regular madhatters banquet at our 22 seat enchanted table in the woods, including all food and drinks.

Yin Yang Fire Ceremonies

Our 22m diameter twin firepit and stage, Yin Yang amphitheatre plays host to drumming, music, dance, fire and food for an unforgettable party.






Calls are a weekly event in our FREE community, where there's also free content, talks, events, like-minded people, member messaging and more.

A great way to understand how Zen Jungle will change your life is by joining this call. Whether you simply want to feel better or to recover from trauma, addiction, mental illness, to awaken and connect or improve your relationships, join us and see how your life could change, fast. Debating the online course or 7 - 14 day retreat? We cover that too and It's free.

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