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What's on this weekend.

We have a full weekend of sessions that will create space and relaxation, presence and peace together with great food for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.

Here are highlights from the schedule this weekend :


  • Shamanic Breathwork 5pm


  • Breakfast is served from 9am

  • 9:30am Zazen

  • 10am Wild Lake Swimming

  • 10:30am Shamanic Breathwork

  • Lunch is served from 12pm

  • 2pm Kriya Meditation

  • 2:30pm Transformational mindfulnes & Walk

  • 4pm Sound Ceremony

  • 5pm Jungle Jamming in the Yurt

  • Dinner Menu from 5:30pm


  • Breakfast is served from 9am

  • Sunday 9:30am Zazen Meditation

  • Sunday 10:30am Barefoot in the woods Mindfulness Walk

  • Lunch is served from 12pm

  • Sunday 1:30pm Brainsync Meditation

  • Sunday 2:30pm Yoga Nidra

  • Sunday 3:30pm Wild Swimming

  • Sunday from 3:30pm Cookout at the Lakeside Jungle Club


  • Monday 9:30am Zazen Meditation

  • Further schedule to be confirmed.

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