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What's on this week in the Jungle?

Another week in the jungle brings another packed schedule of events for you to come and unwind, let go, meet like-minded friends and enjoy the thrill of simply being! Whether you're into calming yoga nidra or food and live music is more your vibe, we've got something for everyone.

Along with our usual schedule of events, this week brings the launch of our first ever Jungle Banquet, an evening of unlimited street food with drinks flowing and live music in the bistro. This is not an event to be missed as it's the first grand opening of our bistro with a very talented local chef. Andy, known for his brand Plantneesh, will be delivering a beautiful array of sensory delights.

James Dixon, another local superstar, will also be making an appearance with his live music to accompany the food. With his raw and intimate sound and deep respect and passion for the long traditions of his instruments and music, he's the perfect addition to a night of community, laughter and celebration of the new year.

The evening will be complete with an open mic night, so join us for a jungle jamming session and release your inner musician! Whether you're a talented artist or desperate to share your karaoke enthusiasm, all are welcome to take to the stage.

Shamanic breathwork has proved to be a hit over the last few weeks, regularly selling out. So, moving forward we're offering two sessions a week on Fridays and Saturdays so you can get your fix of relaxation and epic journeying.

If breathwork is a new concept for you, don't be nervous! It's very common to feel apprehensive but the feedback is that once you try it, you'll be hooked. We're very happy to be seeing repeating visitors weekly as well as lots of new faces coming to give it a go.

Yoga Nidra is also on again this Friday at 10.30am. Popular among jungle club members, this form of yoga is also known as yogic sleep and is practiced in shavasana. Taking you to a place between being asleep and awake, this yogic practice will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, allowing you to bring a sense of relaxation to your daily life.

Our free members activities are still running daily, with Zazen and various forms of meditation on the table. With incredible benefits for reducing stress and anxiety as well as increasing happiness levels, group meditation is a great way to integrate yourself into the jungle club and connect with other people on similar journeys.

To book your classes and events, simply head to our website and claim your space. Come and join us for some jungle fun this week, we can't wait to see you!

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