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We are all addicts

Many of the people who attend the retreat for transformation have been labelled a life-long addict and are looking to be free. We approach addiction in a holistic and fundamentally different way and see amazing, life-changing results.

Being labelled an addict means you adopt a whole role and personality but getting that label seems to very much depend on the means of escape you choose.

We are all addicted to repetitive loops that we have chosen as a means to escape the life we perceive we have and feel trapped in.

Some use drugs or alcohol, others chase money, relationships, freedom, travel, things, sex, social media and more but all are united by the way they are seeking to find happiness and to escape the way they currently feel about the life they feel bound into living.

This discussion looks at new ways and perspectives to create a life you don't need to escape from and thus dissolves the need of the vehicles of addiction, most of which are selectively labelled and applied to certain compulsive escape driven behaviours.

Zen Jungle offers life-changing, perspective shifting wisdom. An awakening and release from the conditioned lives we live.

We look at every limiting belief and unlock total personal transformation by helping you to let go of all of it, bringing permanent peace, freedom and happiness. A life from which you don'y need any escape.

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