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Feel great, no matter what the world throws at you.

About the book :

  • It's an 11 step, life-changing journey.

  • Coherent, comprehensive & actionable.

  • Nothing is left unanswered.

  • A new understanding of mind and ego.

  • The end of anxiety and overthinking.

  • Escape from urges and addictions.

  • Find purpose, freedom and peace.

  • End limiting beliefs & build confidence.

  • Understand who you are and life itself.

  • This is wisdom that really works.

  • Free online resources, forum & support.

  • Online course & retreats also available.

The truth about mental health, and how a healthy mind can be yours.

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

This is a moment where we must deeply reconsider what it means to be mentally healthy. Whilst this term has been much publicised, it is also hugely misunderstood. In truth, very few of us are mentally healthy, and importantly, almost all of us can be far too easily affected by the outside world.

Something changes on the outside, in our lives, in our work, in our relationships, in fact anywhere, and we move into deep overthinking, anxiety, paranoia and more.

There are so many labels for mental health, but most are totally needless and mischaracterise it. Depression, stress, overthinking and even anger management or feeling suicidal, are all essentially one single pattern, given an ever increasing number of names.

Almost all describe the relationship that you yourself are having compulsively, with the voice in your head. Our modern lives have conditioned us to believe that the voice in our head is actually who we are, and this means that we find ourselves both listening to it and taking important action based on what it says.

In addition, almost all addiction can also be traced back to this pattern of that voice being triggered and our self being compelled to take some form of action. This shows the power of the influence of that voice and how many of us are helpless to fight it. These addictions are often described as physiological, but in reality this is the symptom not the cause. Whatever you are addicted to, it requires that voice in your head to overcome your free will and the underlying self. The truth is, we are all addicted to believing and listening to it.

As we find ourselves in a moment where the outside becomes evermore crazy and where the inside starts to react and respond, it is important to learn that “the real you” is quite separate from this voice. There is you and then there is the source of this voice, which is essentially a simple and natural system at work behind the scenes.

On learning of the source, you can then change your relationship with it and overcome any reactions and responses that it would otherwise have you do. Even many of the most acute addictions can be overcome, but for most of us this process does not only dissolve addiction, it brings something far more profound.

The only true peace and freedom, is freedom from your own thoughts and that voice in your head. To be free of the noise, the expectations, the fears and the inner critic is liberation beyond belief. To be free to choose our thoughts is a gift. Freedom is not about where you are or what you can or cannot do, it is about your perception of every single moment and the reaction that you have to it within your own mind. Only then can you add joy and love.

The Zen Jungle roadmap and course, will allow you to unlearn your conditioning and to change the relationship with that voice. It will equip you for strength and take away the prison of thought that we have all now made our home.

Mental health is the correction of this one simple thing. It is not about reliving the past, or a requirement to be supported regularly by counsellors, although that works for some, it is the fundamental realisation that you and your mind voice are not one in the same. And once clear on that, it is the creation of a new dynamic between them, one where you have control.

The book is expected on the 27th November 2020. We know that it will change your life as it has our own.

Stay safe, be present and find love in all things

The Zen Jungle Team.

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