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The right relationship can be hard to find and how will you know you have it?

One of the biggest areas of life where most us hope to find peace is in our relationships. Finding the right partner, considering if the one you have is right for you and making decisions to change things can take over our thoughts.

This video takes a look at the process and offers new perspective and some key considerations that will help you find exactly what you're looking for.

How will I know?

One of the most unsettling parts of relationships is the idea of spending a lifetime with the same person and making the right choice of who that is. While many of us are in a relationship currently, a large proportion of us are considering if that relationship is the right one and if it will last.

Sometimes it's important to ask yourself some hard questions in order to see what is driving those choices and though it may not always be what we want to hear when submerged in the vortex of our dependency on a relationship for our happiness, it really is worth stepping right back to see the truth.

Personal transformation and relationships

The journey of personal transformation that we hold space for at the retreat is focussed on finding peace and joy in every aspect of your life. This is an internal journey and so it is not always understood how it will impact every relationship you have, be them with people, places or things but the way we relate to everything in opur lives is fundamental.

Hopefully this video helps those who need it right now...

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