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The power of moving your body

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

How we move our bodies

We live in a world with so many social expectations, standards and manners. All of these unspoken rules make us awkwardly shuffle around, moving our bodies in the way we’ve been told to our whole lives.

All of our movements are saved for the practical tasks of eating, cleaning or working. Perhaps the most we express ourselves is when we schedule out time for exercise (if we do). Or when we abide by social queues, giving a wave, a signal, a point here and there...

As humans we’ve developed to be so rigid in our movement, it’s no wonder so many people feel completely out of touch with themselves and their own bodies.

It’s no wonder...

It’s also no wonder so many people feel completely alienated from their inner confidence, power, and are so identified with the mind.

We’ve slowly learnt that the art of truly expressing yourself and your body, wiggling it about, stretching whenever you’re feeling a bit too stiff… any form of getting in touch with your own sensuality is downright embarrassing.

It's as if movement is only reserved for night-clubs and dance floors, where most people have to be blackout drunk and inebriated with something or another to smash through those sheer feelings of awkwardness.

Yes, sure, there are certainly times to keep to yourself and to vibe out what is appropriate and in line with the boundaries of yourself and others.

As a whole, humankind are shrouded with guilt and shame for following the impulses of the body, for the fear of being outcast and labelled as a weirdo.

Why you should move your body more!

I’m not saying when you’re next at your local supermarket, chuck down your basket and start interpretive dancing to whatever anthem is on the radio, knocking down all the soup and tripping up everyone scurrying around the aisles.

I’m not saying you should painfully break through the barriers of your own discomfort just to prove a point.

But why not create spaces for yourself, on your own, with some friends, with your favourite music... however makes you feel the most comfortable. Create a space to move about, shake your body and release all of that tension you’ve been storing in there.

It is known that stress from our minds and thoughts are stored in the body. When we are particularly stressed, or even just a little bit stressed, in fact any time we are in the mode of resistance, we hold on to our mental baggage.

This creates all sorts of knots and blocks of trapped energy that can make us feel even more exhausted. This ends up perpetuating a cycle of mental overwhelm, physical tension and more resistance unless we can find ways to release it.

There are so many ways to release trapped energy, one hugely important one, that isn’t necessarily to do with moving the body, is to practise acceptance.

Acceptance allows you to let go, relax and loosen the body, letting what has been stored, to finally be released…

Releasing the trapped energy in your body

However some of us have so much of this stored inside us, from years and years of holding on to our baggage, that we need to do a little bit more than that. We need to start moving our body.

And moving the body is a form of acceptance, as you are allowing yourself to fully feel it and listen to it. You are accepting the impulses you are getting, and you are giving yourself the space to physically honour what your body wants to do.

There are many ways you can do this, any way of physically expressing yourself is fine: you could exercise, sing, engage in breath work, try meditation, yoga…

Just use your intuition and shake that body!

One practise that really helps to release, is to simply intuitively move your body. That’s it.

You don’t need to be skilled at this, or have any sort of spiritual know-how, you don’t have to have the faintest clue about practises or techniques or any yada like that.

It’s all about just following your impulse. What body part wants to move? What wants stillness? What kind of movement is your body craving? Flowing and soothing? Jerky and direct? Chaotic mayhem?

Our bodies are intelligent.

Our bodies are so intelligent. They automatically know how to keep you alive. They produce enzymes and hormones, keep your heart beating and regulate every single system inside you without you having to take a second to think about it.

If you can give yourself the mental space to listen, you’ll develop a knack for knowing what it needs.

This is something you can’t think about too much or intellectually understand. It’s all in the art of subtly listening to what you can feel and where. It’s about moving before you have the chance to second guess and doubt your own intuition.

Give yourself that time and space to let loose and unleash all your inhibitions in a way you never have done before. I can nearly guarantee, if you start doing this regularly, you will feel more in touch with yourself, alive and more free inside your body than you have in a long, long time.

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