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The only real fear is the fear of death

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The only real fear is the fear of death

The word "death" is one that is clouded with so much misperception, stigma and fear. Yet "death" doesn't just mean the death of the body. It also means the death of your mind created identity and who you think you are. The death of everything that isn't really you.

To die like this before the body dies is to have ultimate surrender to presence, love and freedom. The very things that everyone wants, chases, and spend their lives searching for.

Yet it's not that easy, is it? So much of humankind fears to lose our identity because it gives us a sense of security that we are "somebody" who can navigate the systems of the world, find a way to survive, and hopefully feel like we are in control.

The trouble with is, is that it never works. This sense of security is nothing but an illusion that only perpetuates our suffering. We are not in control, either, no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise.

All we really want to feel is secure and loved, but the most love we can ever feel is to stop trying to control and to instead surrender to presence... or "death". So why is it so difficult?

We fear death because we resist what is

Resistance. Our presence is shrouded with layers and layers of resistance to what is. There are many reasons why we resist what is, and unlocking those reasons make up key steps of the Zen Jungle roadmap.

But one very common reason that we resist I am going to talk about in this blog post. And that is the layers of resistance we feel after we have had experiences of abuse; of people opposing their own will onto us, controlling us and forcing us into presence, or "death".

When we have entered this state of mindless presence as a response to someone else's will, later on in our lives a subconscious fear of entering that same state of presence may manifest. This is because that state of presence and surrender feels like a threat.

Releasing ourselves from fear

After these experiences, it is our own work to release ourselves from the fear that falsely tells us that we are in danger and need to protect ourselves. The healing journey we go on in life is to remove those layers of self protection until we have the full autonomous choice to sink into presence, surrender and the receptivity to love.

This journey is not just an individual one, though. It is something that we are all unravelling on a mass scale. As the Earth stands now, we have collectively been under measures of control, authority and power for many many centuries. The level of presence and acceptance we have generally been able to feel, has been calculated by the will of those that are in power. As a result, most people face much discomfort when they attempt this presence and acceptance out of their own free will.

Once we no longer fear death, we are free

Right now, with the Earth in complete meltdown, those systems are crumbling and leaving us all in a crisis. A crisis that desires freedom, but is blocked by layers of resistance and the "fear of death", that once dissolved, will grant us the very freedom that we desire.

The only way out of this crisis in inwards. To face the uncomfortable feelings of resistance within ourselves and to overcome it by slowly, layer by layer, with every experience we go through. To allow who we think we are to die.

This is a process of gradually dismantling our walls, our defence mechanisms, our identities, roles, labels, judgements, preferences, guilt, blame and ideas that keep us locked in a prison of thought and separation.

In order to awaken, we must learn to strip back the layers of resistance that we have built from our fears of persecution.

We must allow who we think we are to die

So, let us die.

Let us die so that we can make space for the birth of a new kind of experience on this planet; where everyone is free, because everyone has the awareness that freedom is found on the inside, in the empty space where we are no longer afraid of persecution or of death.

Let us die so that none of the children that come after us have to, and that they will always recognise the love, joy, peace and bliss that waits for us on the other side of who we think we are.

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