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Spirituality, a whole new ego to drive your thoughts and resistance

What are you thinking about?

For those on the transformational journey, in the the process of awakening to the reality that there is a whole universe beyond the human ideas that most of us are submerged and immersed in, it often becomes a mission to retract from the commercialised, materialistic version of life to seek a deeper connection to the whole. In doing so, comes a paradox and irony that often goes un-noticed.

In realising that the human world is a collection of subjective, very human ideas we seek to find something deeper, something more connected and something ultimately quite magical beyond the people, places and things that we accidentally came to believe were everything that mattered in life. It becomes all about a higher purpose, a meaning and the seeking of something more in life.

On this journey we learn of ego, what is often described by the popular teachers as a secondary personality, active in almost everyone and in everything we do, limiting our life experiences with self opinion, expectations, desires, fear and more. We learn to "set boundaries", to meditate, to connect with the whole and to focus on a higher, unseen force or to centre our lives on "love and light" which apparently is the centre of the "real" universe and something we should endeavour to do as much as possible.

The world beyond the ideas and labels is described as the divine and our inate being is somehow one with it, connected and "perfect". We are light, we are energy, we have chakras and they need balancing before we can feel whole. When aware of our true self and the "duality" of the shadow or ego self, we can then apparently convert ourselves back to the beginning by doing some suffering, certain rituals, getting some sound bowls and playing music together in a circle and a sea of love for everything and everyone.

Love is the centre of this new world and there is ultimate acceptance and forgiveness of all. There is a time for stillness and a time to join in unity with everything and everyone. There could be clothes to wear, a new hairstyle to maintain and yoga postures to action, with the lotus posture now our go to way of sitting while speaking very softly almost unable to be heard.

The food is now all natural too and it's often not meat or fish either. The weekly system cleanse could become a norm and fasting may even have been added in for good measure. In this world there is a new clique and we are in it. We are awakened and we understand what others don't. There are spirits and tarot cards, ancestors and past lives that can be accessed with a form of hypnotism.

Interestingly, most who we meet on this path are effectively seeking and also self declare that they are suffering because it's part of the path and it's all a personal journey that cannot be rushed or influenced, with help only available from respected masters, Gurus and those with direct lineage to masters of the past. This is historical knowledge understood by a magical few, who should be deeply revered and almost worshipped, followed and loved. Only then will dimensional access be granted and the akashic records finally seen.

There really is a world and reality beyond human ideas that's peaceful, free and connected but his is not it.

In this community we take time to explain in detail that the ego is simply an inert and simple storage system for subjective ideas, which are later triggered by the experiences that seem to relate to them. Subjective because that really is all we have. There's what's there in front of us unlabelled and mysterious and the n there's the subjective ideas we create about it, none of which are truth and all of which are polarised and self limiting in some way.

That means deas like money, cars, houses and relationships but also like rituals, love, sound bowls and spirits. That's why this collection of new spiritual ideas that many of us on this path of self development amass can only ever be that. A collection of different subjective ideas, alternatives to the norm and usually in direct disagreement with the materialistic, commercial ones that we've all been conditioned to believe in.

The rituals, the postures, the doing that is to love everyone and the ideas about the divine or the way we should look or behave are all just a new form of story added to a world that simply just is. Beautiful and meaningless until we attach an idea to it.

Ideas are everywhere and the alternative is to attach to none strongly enough to believe ANY are truth. Attachment and ego will always exist while we create and adopt the ideas of other humans, driving the reactions and behaviours, overthinking and internal thought chaos that has come to punctuate our lives.

The journey to being and not doing is the one where ALL ideas are dissolved, all human rituals and constructs are left behind including the material, commercial ones and the spiritual ones too. It's a change of path in favour of the removal of all the subjective ideas that fuel every thought, want, expectation and limitation we are experiencing day in and day out.

As those ideas fall away we are left in peace, connected and happy, unburdened by the resistance of life and the need to behave and perform in any prescribed way at all. There's just you and what is. Nowhere to be and nothing to be done.

That's where the only true peace, freedom and love are found, absent of the idea based conditions that makes what you should feel a doing not a being, conditional upon an idea your were given or adopted.

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