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Shamanic breathwork every Friday at 5pm, every Saturday morning at 10:30am. Book Now!

It's beenlovely to see the yurt full of first time breathworkers over the past weeks and the reaction to the process and effect has been nothing but excitement and amazement.

Breathwork is an exciting journey into the possibilities of consciousness itself and altered states. It also provides an amazing form of release, relaxation and presence too.

The process we follow at the retreat is simple and as the original form of breathwork it both the most effective and simple for beginners and experienced participants alike.

Each breathwork experiences is both personal and different, and the breath will take you on a unique journey each and every time you practice.

Hannah and I are both very experienced in the facilitation, with our primary function during the practice being to hold space for our guests and ensure that you get the best possible journey and experience.

As we increase the schedule at the retreat, breathwork has emerged as a clear favourite with all who attend and we are pleased to be seeing the same faces now on a weekly basis. That's why we are now running two sessions every week, so thank you for all of your support and for trying something new.

Watch out for our new friday and saturday all-in day retreats, where you can book all of the activities that are happening on the day for a reduced rate or even make a stay of it for the whole weekend. Day retreats can also give access to our new Jungle Banquet held on selected Saturday evenings and followed by open mic and or live music after dinner.

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