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£9.99 - £20

Feel great, no matter what the world throws at you.

About the book :

  • It's an 11 step, life-changing journey.

  • Coherent, comprehensive & actionable.

  • Nothing is left unanswered.

  • A new understanding of mind and ego.

  • The end of anxiety and overthinking.

  • Escape from urges and addictions.

  • Find purpose, freedom and peace.

  • End limiting beliefs & build confidence.

  • Understand who you are and life itself.

  • This is wisdom that really works.

  • Free online resources, forum & support.

  • Online course & retreats also available.

It’s time to reboot and do a full reset.

There’s often a point in life, where we realise that it simply isn’t working. We realise that it has all been going in but the answers don’t seem to be coming. It isn’t getting better.

It’s actually the most exciting moment of existence, although it often feels like the end or the lowest of the low.

This is the point where we become truly open. We stop thinking we know the answers and start to accept that things may not be working. At that moment we have a real opportunity of change. Dramatic change and a shot at true happiness and fulfilment.

We have learned so much in our lives. We have been told so much, built so many opinions, beliefs, preferences and wants but now we realise that we may be fundamentally unhappy. We’ve been optimistic for so long but the optimism is fading and is being slowly replaced by fear and a feeling of inevitability.

This is the perfect moment to receive. To receive new programming and to wipe out what is already there. Why? Because we now know it simply doesn’t work. It was never there naturally, it was there because the human world has made an illusion into something we have come to believe is actually real. We now don’t need to continue that pretence.

This is the most exciting moment of our life so far. Why? Because freedom is coming. Because now we can listen and receive a better way. The natural and real way. Happiness is now just around the corner. Welcome to a new and beautiful reality.

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