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Feel great, no matter what the world throws at you.

About the book :

  • It's an 11 step, life-changing journey.

  • Coherent, comprehensive & actionable.

  • Nothing is left unanswered.

  • A new understanding of mind and ego.

  • The end of anxiety and overthinking.

  • Escape from urges and addictions.

  • Find purpose, freedom and peace.

  • End limiting beliefs & build confidence.

  • Understand who you are and life itself.

  • This is wisdom that really works.

  • Free online resources, forum & support.

  • Online course & retreats also available.

Is the Zen Jungle Roadmap for me?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

In launching the book, we had to ask ourselves “who is it for?”, the answer that came back is something that maybe you should have a think about and decide.

When we started this process, we saw that huge numbers of people were living life with anxiety, they had no peace, many weren’t sleeping and most were looking for purpose. Purpose being what life really means and what is it all for.

Since then there has been a huge realisation for us that we wanted to share with you. Wait for it. The realisation is that we have noticed that almost everyone we meet and discuss the book with wants it. Why? Because almost everyone is submerged in some sort of hamster wheel. A game of expectations, racing mind and a search for something more.

We should never have been surprised about this because we were there too, not long ago, but the reality check is that we now find almost nobody who is truly happy and truly fulfilled in their life. The common themes are overthinking and searching, but really it goes so much deeper.

People all over the world are living in some sort of strange framework of expectation. They are working hard. They are worrying about their future and that of their family. Many are also feeling sadness, loss, guilt and blame from the past. All of it taking their peace.

It has made us question “how did we get here?”, as humans and as a species on this beautiful planet. We were born theoretically free, yet almost all of us are trapped in some version of reality that simply will not allow us to breath or escape. In reality, there really is no form of freedom that most people can see or feel, even though they are often too submerged to see it.

Why does this matter? Because the roadmap was created for this very purpose. As a means of escape from a reality that none of us signed up to, and few of us are truly enjoying. Surely if there is a chance to love life, a method or a secret, that secret should be shared. Having now found it, we know it exists and we know that with a small amount of commitment, anyone at all can find peace, freedom, purpose and happiness.

Is it for you? Definitely. Was it for me? Definitely. Are we condemned to feel this way forever? No not at all. The answer has been created, the logic is simple and Hithe results are astounding. Only you know how you feel deep down, but whatever that is, just know that you are not alone and the answer is here. You are going to love the results.

Just remember, there is nothing more important than you and your life, so start now and begin to enjoy it.

Realise, Decide, Unlearn and find who you really are….

The Zen Jungle team

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