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How to attract true love (with vibration)

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Help! I’m always attracting the same people!

Have you ever wondered what makes you attracted to certain people? Why you seem to always accidentally go back to the same old situations and patterns?

What if I told you that the answer is really quite simple: your vibration affects the people that you are magnetised towards. The great thing, is that it’s totally possible to have harmonious relationships and a harmonious life once you know how it works. I’ll explain.

What is vibration?

The word vibration is thrown around a lot and can seem like a bit of a confusing term, but it’s actually easy to understand. All vibration is referring to, is how energy oscillates and vibrates. Absolutely everything is energy. Science boasts about this all the time.

Nothing is stagnant in this world. It all moves and changes. This is what makes our lives and experiences possible. After all, we all know that energy is in constant flux, oscillating up and down, changing and moving like the waves of the ocean or the waves of your favourite tear-jerking song. 

This includes the energy inside of us. Every one of us has our own wave form that changes as we flow through the tumultuous ups and downs of life. We are energy that vibrates when it has an experience. This vibration then attracts more experiences… you get the picture.

Like attracts like

Like vibration attracts like vibration. So if you are having experiences that feel bad, you will attract similar people places and things that make you feel bad too. It doesn’t mean they are bad, but that’s probably the experience you will have.

I’ll give you an example of how this works in action:

Have you ever had one of those days where you get up and you stub your toe. It really hurt. You feel pretty pissed off about it. Then you accidentally spill cereal milk on your work shirt. You’re then late to work, and just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, Kevin from the office accidentally trips you up in front of your boss. You’re now on the floor with a milky t-shirt stain on full view, flushed in the face and thinking what did I do to deserve this. The whole day just feels like you are tumbling down a bumpy flight of stairs with no mercy or grace to cushion your landing.

This is quite normal. All that’s happening, is you’re attracting similar vibrations, and thus experiences, to the ones you’re already having.

Only you can be the love you want to attract

The same applies to relationships and the people that we seem to magically attract into our lives. So, when you meet someone new and expect them to sweep you off your feet and play that all-encompassing role of the ‘love of your life’, you might want to consider how your own waves are jiggling, the experiences you are having and what you already feel.

Instead of desperately trying to be unconditionally loved by somebody else, you must look directly inside yourself. Nobody else will give you the experiences and feelings you want, that’s your job. That makes things a hell of a lot easier, doesn’t it?

Accept yourself first

True love is never found in somebody else. It is only found within presence, and to get to presence we have to meet ourselves exactly where we are at. Mind noise, feelings, experiences and all. It is only when we can find that perfect stillness of acceptance, we can tune in to the love we have been searching so desperately for. 

When we walk through a forest, immersed in the nature that winds all around us, we see birth and death, growth and destruction in its most raw and natural form. We don’t judge it, we think it’s beautiful. So why not feel this way about our own lives, too?

When we start to see life in this way, our cycles of push and pull, attract and repel, will begin to settle and we surrender to the journey of aligning with our true selves.

Surrender to your true self and love will follow

When we are in a state of surrender to our true self, we won’t even feel the need to search for a perfect relationship because we will already bear witness to the perfect nature of everything around us. The idea of a companion to share this love with may sound like a beautiful support in life, but it certainly won’t be a need.

‘We’re just on the same wavelength.’ People say this all the time, right? Well, the vibration of unconditional love and unity will always be the same. Two people melding together with this vibration cannot clash; your troughs are their troughs, their peaks are your peaks. Have you ever noticed that when people are really close, they’ll also say ‘we’re so in sync!’ This is why.

You will recognise your similarities more than your differences, and accept each other for who you are because you are able to accept yourself for who you are. And who you are, you’ll know to be more incredible, clever, beautiful, funny and harmonious than you could have ever imagined…

Sit back, relax, and float downstream

There is no beginning, middle or end to our journey in life or in love. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, ugly or beautiful. Just vibrations waving at each each other, saying hi.

When you slow down, accept, and float down the river of surrender, you will tune in to love. You will tune in because every river is headed towards the ocean. You will always eventually reach that vast, magical, loving ocean of everything that you are. Your true self.

The exact same self that you were before, but this time with awareness. Awareness that knows there is nothing to gain or lose, that knows every peak and trough is all the same, that knows every experience you have ever had is okay, because it was exactly that; an experience that arose and splashed back into the ocean of oneness. 

You will know that the only person you ever needed to fall in love with was yourself.

So, what are you going to choose? Are you going to tune out, or tune in and dance along to the ever-unfolding harmony of our world?

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