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How likely is a financial collapse and are you prepared?

Firstly, it's a good moment to say that we don't do fear or speculation at Zen Jungle. Having been working to transform our inner state to peace over several years, fear just doesn't feature within us but in finding that calm we become ever more aware of the reality in which we exists without all of the polarised thoughts about it.

That means we watch the world at a distance and with only a practical eye. The question always being "what is actually happening, and is there anything we could do to prepare?". After all, better to be prepared and nothing ever happen than for changes to present themselves quickly and there is no time to plan.

With that in mind I decided to write this article as a means to bring better awareness and also to help activate those who have been in a long state of anticipation that things are about to change.

Follow the money

Whilst many of us may believe that financial collapse and even tolerating a conversation about it is all the domain of conspiracy theorists, it may be worth us doing a quick review of things financial.

Almost every day now in the media there is talk of billions and even trillions being spent by world governments as a matter of routine. Hard earned tax money is flowing all over the globe for a variety of reasons, much of it to causes we as the people didn't sanction and don't agree with or support.

In turn the national debts of almost all western countries is spiralling out of control, with the US now in excess of $32 trillion dollars in debt to private banks, which essentially means that private banks have control of and own almost all countries in the world through debt. The word trillions never feels descriptive enough either, 1 trillion being a million millions. $32 Trillion looks like £32,000,000,000,000. That's what the US owes. Almost all other western countries are in a similar situation.

Interesting then that these governments are spending so much as if they have money to burn. Whether it be billions spent on vaccines or sent to the Ukraine or Israel, it's all going somewhere other than to the people paying the taxes. The climate change plan to shift energy sources and many other initiatives including uncontrolled immigration seem to be further dark if not black holes.

But the central banks (privately owned) seem to have an endless supply of it and keep lending it all happily don't they. Or do they? The reality is that in order to feed this beast, behind the scenes money is being printed at unprecedented rates, which is interesting in and of itself in its demonstration that private organisations can simply print money at will.

The more tangible issue for all of us is that as the money is backed by limited true value, every bit extra printed reduces the value of that in your pocket. Money is a means of holding human energy, and it represents a number of working hours of human time and labour, meaning that as they print more your time and labour is becoming more and more worthless. They call this inflation but what it really means is devaluation of your energy and when coupled with government spending and debt at scale it means exponential growth in the cost of everything you buy and that there's more tax payments needed to cover the spending and the cost of debt.

Everybody is doing the debt game

It's not just the governments growing the debts, it's the people too. Money was cheap and interest rates were low, so mortgages looked easy to service, as did cheap bounceback loans and other business debt, so personal debt and business debt has spiralled.

The debt game is OK while interest rates stay low but as inflation rises, the measure used by the central banks who if you remember gave lots of loans and printed unlimited money, is as you may have guessed to raise interest rates. The more inflation the higher the rates.

So what then happens to the debt repayments? They spiral upwards. Imagine owing trillions and your interest rates rising fast.

What does is mean to print fast and spend faster with rising interest rates?

It means that the whole system both nationally and personally becomes fragile and at some point the repayments cannot be made. What happens then is foreclosure. The seizing of assets to cover the debt.

It's worth noting that the situation as it stands right now is way past serviceable debt and beyond what tax increases could achieve. The guys who own the banks that print the money are setting up for global bankruptcy, and while this may be a fairly well kept secret, it's there to be seen easily if you scratch the surface.

This means the level of fragility in the world is at the peak and that the question of if this will happen is not the one we should ask, the question of when and what will it look like is way more salient.

I haven't written this article to provide the answers, not least because I don't have any really good ones but I do believe that most are sleepwalking into an unprecedented situation without any level of planning at all and it's for their awareness I write.

The great taking

For most normal people living normal lives, the inner workings of our banking and financial systems may still be a consciously ignored mystery that they choose not to understand or feel that they never could. That perspective will only take you so far in these unique and exciting times we live in and hopefully reading this helps at least a little.

Together with my simplified explanation here, I deeply recommend that you watch and listen to this film by David Webb. It comes from someone with a verifiable history and someone who has made significant personal preparations for what may come. It is also helpful in showing the tangible nature of the prevailing situation and it raises another big question, "can you trust the central bankers?".

These are the very same central bankers who want imminently to convert all of the currency in the world to a programmable, digital currency. This is often called the central bank digital currency or CBDC. These currencies will link to a global biometric ID system and will be programmable, meaning that the bank can decide where, when and on what you spend your money, even setting time limits for its validity.

When answering the question of trust, do so after watching this video and in the knowledge that the current financial system is currently hanging on by a thread leaving almost all countries in the world beholden to the central banks. What that means in translation is that the prevailing situation that has been created leaves almost ALL of the people in the world beholden and under the control and in the end benevolence of those banks.

If the financial system collapses, what will you need to agree to in order to get the money you need for you and your family to live? David Webb explains here what those very same bankers have been doing behind the scenes to prepare for calling in their debts. Prepare or don't, it's up to you but it's well worth noticing that you do still have a great opportunity to create some independence and free yourself too.

We have been naturally guided toward both inner and outer independence, and without choosing have prepared for much of what may come. As we watch the world unfolding or maybe unravelling before our eyes our motivation for that independence only grows.

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