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Have you tried the masterclass?

This is how it all started

Whilst it seems so long ago now, it's not that long at all. We released the masterclass in december of 2020 in the middle of lock down after such a surprising personal journey, and it's been getting more surprising every day.

After a story of deep personal crisis and a journey that took me on a marathon of experiences, reading and awakening to deeply transform my life and save myself, writing the book was the unexpected outcome.

Having never written a book before it all happened by accident in an attempt to give myself the most effective and coherent plan to follow to finding a new perspective and connection. When the book started I didn't know what the outcome would be but in the act of writing I found everything I needed.

It's all there

So much has developed and the journey has continued but I now see that what was written in the book was so far past my understanding at the time. Much of the text was autowritten with me a biwildered spectator on my fingers as they typed all by themselves.

When complete I read it time and time again, consuming what had come from the void, and so much I didn't know at the time.

Whilst the transformational retreat has developed and become so much more direct and coherent for those who visit, everything needed is still in the masterclass. We still get feedback from those who can't join us who choose to read or listen to it. The reviews have been amazing with one I remember comparing it to the bible or bagavad gits. Not sure it's comparable but the usefulness is there I think.

Wherever you are on the journey, the book may help

The masterclass is avaialble on amazon, audible or ibooks as a paperback, audiobook or ebook. If you are looking for answers or to take steps in your journey it's well worth a try, and once your done why not visit us in person at the retreat.

The link to amazon is below

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