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Half Day Art Retreat on Sunday 2nd June, by local artist Astrid Lans

Step into a realm where art transcends mere expression and becomes a journey into the depths of the soul. Join us for a half-day retreat that promises not just to awaken your artistic talents but to transform your understanding of creativity and its role in our human experience. This retreat is not just an event; it is a passage to discovering your innermost expressions facilitated by the incredibly talented local artist, Astrid Lans.

Astrid, with her profound connection to the mystical and her mastery in watercolour, ink, and gouache, invites you to explore themes that are as boundless as they are deep. Her art, inspired by her spiritual journey, features dragons that whisper ancient wisdom, mystical queens who walk in strength and grace, and the undeniable beauty of nature’s palette. But beyond the captivating subjects of her art, Astrid shares wisdom gained from her personal voyage through creativity. This retreat is an invitation to understand creativity as flow, an essential underpinning of the human experience that we are all part of.

Throughout this transformative half-day, Astrid will guide you through recognizing and overcoming the self-imposed limitations of "not being a creative person." She will introduce you to the concept of the frequency of colors and how artwork can be seen as frequency medicine, healing us from within. Together, you will explore how creating from a place of joy elevates your work to act as a portal to higher frequencies. This retreat is more than learning about art; it's about experiencing life through a vibrantly new lens and understanding art as a profound tool for healing, joy, and spiritual exploration.

Join us in this intimate gathering where every stroke of the brush, every blend of color, and every shared moment is a step closer to unlocking the boundless creativity that resides within you. Let's embark on this journey together, creating not just art, but a deeper connection to ourselves and the world around us.

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