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10 questions that may change or even save your life

The one thing most of us now agree is that the world is changing at speed and in what appear to be unpredictable ways. Whilst some of us may see that as an adventure and a much needed change to the norm, others wonder where it's all going.

We have a clear absence of future focus or fear here at the retreat but we do pay lots of attention to the present moment, immersed in the experience of this adventure we call life seeing the rollercoaster most take of joy and suffering. In doing so we see everything through a lens that without attachment or emotion, enables us to have clear, unclouded vision.

The following 10 simple questions are the result of that vision. In absorbing them and considering what you may not have until now considered, they may offer you the same potential to see more of what may until now have been a collection of signals unseen.

These questions have been helpful in us plotting our course and finding a sustainable and independent life that prepares us for any part of the adventure that may well be to come..

  1. The following are all current media and government narratives, which do you support and believe in, and are you certain of your understanding and the information you have been given?

    1. Climate change requires action and a green transition. This includes:

      1. CO2 emissions are heating the planet

      2. Energy needs to transition to wind and solar

      3. Cattle must be culled to lower CO2

      4. Farming must be reduced to reduce nitrogen output

      5. Farm land should be rewilded to create green areas

      6. Food should be transitioned to plants and insects and away from meat

      7. All cars should be electric by 2030

      8. We should have movement and activities restricted through Carbon credits based on CO2 emissions

      9. Digital ID and currency will allow direct control of what we spend on, where we spend and how far we travel.

      10. In order to save the planet we should live in compact spaces with no need of cars and should not travel - 15 minute cities

    2. There is a need to finance and fight a war in Ukraine

    3. There is a need to finance and fight war in Israel

    4. There is a need to prepare for the threat of world war or war with Russia

    5. Covid was a pandemic and there is a threat of a more deadly one

    6. There is a need to prepare for global cyber attacks and blackouts

    7. Vaccines are safe and effective for roll out to the whole global population

    8. Immigration is unstoppable

    9. There is a need for a war against racism as most people are racist

    10. There is a need to fight for gender fluidity and pronouns

    11. Limitation of freedom and censorship are necessary for our protection

    12. UK national debt is £2.5tn debt, but spend and print more. for these causes

    13. Government and politics will solve national and global issues

  2. Do you know the purpose of digital ID and the proposed central bank digital currency and what key problems do they solve that are worth total surveillance and control?

  3. How much trust do you currently have in

    1. The healthcare system,

    2. The food supply

    3. The energy supply

    4. The water supply

    5. The future job market and AI

    6. The media

    7. The taxation system

    8. What government choose to spend on

    9. The financial system and a UK national debt of £2.5tn ($33tn in the US)

    10. The private central banks to which all national debts are owed

    11. The ability to print money indefinitely.

    12. Price inflation and rising Interest rates?

    13. The government and politicians

    14. The corporations and organisations government listens to and spends with

  4. Are any of those narratives impacting your freedom, future or the way you feel?

  5. How will AI imminently impact you, your family and the world?

  6. Are you and your children prepared for life in an AI world?

  7. Which elements of the current societal system which is underpinned by a trust in national governments, corporations and banks are you currently dependent on?

    1. Money, banking, interest rates and inflation.

    2. The job market

    3. The food supply

    4. Energy, gas and water supply

    5. Fuel supply

    6. Information and communications

    7. Security and safety

    8. The health system

  8. Having answered the above questions, do you anticipate significant changes or the potential of a crisis in any of the above dependencies coming soon? The elements of a societal collapse are as follows:

    1. Collapse of the business and job market

    2. Banking system collapse / loss of trust

    3. Hyperinflation and monetary collapse

    4. Health system collapse / loss of trust

    5. Education system collapse / loss of trust

    6. Collapse of media, information and communications infrastructure

    7. Government collapse or fundamental loss of trust

    8. Conditions that incite revolution, starvation or mass deaths

      1. Food and water supply collapse or shortages

      2. Energy supply collapse, shortages or hyperinflation

      3. Psychological collapse or hysteria

      4. Disease or mass poisoning

  9. Do you trust that someone other than you will solve any problems that arise

  10. Do you feel any need to make provision to become independent of the system now and to create community networks and communications for exchange, or will you wait to see what happens?

Visit the retreat for sessions on freedom Thursday to find your plan and your network. Being ready and independent with a community will be a whole new world, even if nothing changes or happens. If everything changes and you have no plan or preparation it will be a different kind of adventure, so the choice is up to you.

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