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Our Vision : An awakened world, free of mind and ego

The Zen Jungle Retreat is opening soon and we are building the team. Set in 22 Acres with 5 lakes and beautiful woodland, the retreat centre is the ideal place to find peace and undergo personal transformation guided by the masterclass.

A life-changing transformation
The Zen Jungle Masterclass is an 11 step journey to self realisation
The book, online course and now these transformational retreats are totally unique. They teach "wisdom that works" to completely transform your life., taking away overthinking, anxiety and addiction, while bringing peace, purpose and happiness. 

This is a unique combination of knowledge, mindset training, yoga, leading edge science, emotional intelligence, law of attraction, self realisation, spiritual awakening and more. 

It is all natural and will change your perspective on life, the mind and give you the ability to control what you think, when you think and if you think at all.
Zen Jungle is a complete ecosystem for self development. Life-changing learnings and now transformational retreats to awaken, on the border of Devon and Cornwall.
Our mission is to help the whole of humanity to love life, free from overthinking, re-connected to the power and peace of nature and our new retreat centre on the border of Devon and Cornwall will be our base.

The centre is growing and evolving, we require team members to build, maintain and operate this amazing park as a combined self catering log cabin holiday village and a transformational retreat centre.

This means that our needs are developing but include roles for master joiners, administrative and personal assistant, house keeping and more but with one key difference, we want the team to live and breathe the content, helping to teach and participate in guest transformation.


Master Joiners & Craftsmen
Our site is both operational and in build. We are renovating and restyling our 12 existing log cabins, which will involve re-fitting interiors, cladding and roofing, adding log burners, additional hot tubs, decking, walkways and landscaping features.

We are then building upto 24 more cabins, some on and overhanging the lakes and some elevated in the woodland. We are also adding a beautiful restaurant, bar and lakeside lounge with teaching spaces. Further lakeside outdoor lounges with fire pits and lots more will also be built and added. Everything will be handmade bespoke and from natural timber and will be specifically built to enhance the nature and environment, not to disturb or destroy it.

We need creators who will be involved at every stage and who are on their own transformational journey, so that they can connect with the whole project and be involved with the transformation of our guests.

If that's you, apply below.
Carpenter at Work
Admin & Personal Assistant
We require a skilled organiser and administrator to bring order to this beautiful project and retreat. With this in mind we are seeking someone to keep our team and the operations flowing and to make us efficient and effective.

This will include personal, administrative assistant functions, general admin such as online accounts, booking management and some reception work too. Our aim is to be as automated as possible and so to minimise repetitive admin but there will be the innevitable tasks that keep the business running.

We are looking for a great and organised all-rounder with experience in being a personal assistant and administrator. Experience with online book keeping such as quickbooks will be valuable and a high degree of computer literacy is essential for booking systems etc

If you are on the journey and this lifestyle sounds perfect to you and If this role sounds like you, please apply below.
Housekeeping & Laundry
Innitially part-time, we require a someone who LOVES and takes pride in housekeeping and laundry. We will need changeovers and intermediate cleaning during week long stays. The centre is not a hotel and as the cabins are self catering, we do not operate a daily housekeeping schedule.

Each of the 12 current cabins is cleaned twice per week and linen changed and beds made weekly and or at changeover.

The role will include all cleaning duties, laundry and ironing, with the cabin standards and replenishments totally under your control.

There will be regular guest contact and as with all other team roles, being on the journey and capable of interaction with guest during their transformation is essential.
Vacumming the Mattress
Everyone is on the same journey
As has no doubt become hugely apparent now, we are seeking to build a like-minded team. People who are on the journey to self realisation and who understand what that means.

We anticipate working with every team member to complete the masterclass process and to create a community of people who are all well suited to getting involved in all of the areas of personal transformation for our guests. People need support, they have questions and will truly value one-to-one conversations with others who are on or have completed the same journey and transformation. If this is not for you, then neither is being part of this team.
Building a community, so there's somewhere to stay.
The retreat is developing and will become a team community as well as a workplace. We are bringing together like minded people in an amazing, beautiful and natural environment. It's truly a one-off opportunity. As we grow, we will be able to accomodate the whole team on-site and will create a beautiful place to live and work, if you can call this work. So if you are interested in one of these roles but are not local to Devon or Cornwall but willing to relocate, apply anyway. Our primary concern is to find the best people and to change the world one person at a time. We can do this best by living and breathing the work here at the retreat. This is a life-changing opportunity.
Who are we looking for?

We anticipate that most of our applicants will be somewhere along the path to awakening and will be looking to make a life choice that is aligned with that journey. For those with that aim, Zen Jungle is a huge opportunity to both learn and to create something truly will help the world to love life and become free of mind created identity and ego.

Register me and tell me what I need to do next.

Love life, we believe everyone can...

Our mission is to help the whole of humanity to love life again, free from overthinking and re-connected to the power and peace of nature.