Our Vision : An awakened world, free of mind and ego

Zen Jungle is recruiting a small team of multi skilled people, who will share our vision and take this project global. If you would like to get involved, get early access to the book and roadmap and have a range of the required skills please apply below.

Top of the world
Zen jungle Roadmap.
A holistic masterclass in how to truly love life
A combination of wisdom that works from masters old and new, made step-by-step, simple and coherent
It is knowledge, mindset training, yoga, psychology, leading edge science, emotional intelligence, the law of attraction, spiritual awakening and more. 
It is all natural and it is the end of living an illusion and suffering.
A journey to truth, purpose, peace and happiness.
Zen Jungle is a complete ecosystem of self development and spiritual awakening.
In Zen Jungle we are building a step by step roadmap, based on a detailed book that is soon to be released. This is the only step by step roadmap of its type. It is incredibly detailed and built from a wide range of old and new sources. We know it works because we have lived it.

The roadmap will be then available as online training, on an app, through retreats and seminars and through audio courses.

Together with the roadmap are a range of supporting products that will aid our subscribers in successfully increasing presence, such as specialist aromatherapy products and CBD dinks products.

Our team will be responsible for all of the asset creation involved in the project and for the promotion and exposure of the project to a worldwide audience.


We are building a small team of great all rounders who have a passion for what we are doing. The map below shows a broad idea of our key requirements and it is our aim to represent all of the below in the minimum team size. This project will grow quickly but having been part of large teams before, we know that a tight team of passionate motivated people can change the world, and this team really will.

Who are we looking for?

To us, this is far more important than what you can do, although of course we do need the skills. The aim is to engage with you from this point to understand your passions and interests, your reasons for applying and what drives you.


We anticipate that most of our applicants will be somewhere along the path to awakening and will be looking to make a life choice that is aligned with that journey. For those with that aim, Zen Jungle is a huge opportunity to both learn and to create content that will help millions of others to love life and become free of mind created identity and ego.

Sign me up and tell me what I need to do next.

Love life, we believe everyone can...

Our mission is to help the whole of humanity to love life again, free from overthinking and re-connected to the power and peace of nature.